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7/21/2012  £13tn hoard hidden from taxman by global elite
Study estimates staggering size of offshore economy; Private banks help wealthiest to move cash into havens - A global super-rich elite has exploited gaps in cross-border tax rules to hide an extraordinary £13 trillion ($21tn) of wealth offshore -- as much as the American and Japanese GDPs put together -- according to research commissioned by the campaign group Tax Justice Network. James Henry, former chief economist at consultancy McKinsey and an expert on tax havens, has compiled the most detailed estimates yet of the size of the offshore economy in a new report, The Price of Offshore Revisited, released exclusively to the Observer. He shows that at least £13tn -- perhaps up to £20tn -- has leaked out of scores of countries into secretive jurisdictions such as Switzerland and the Cayman Islands with the help of private banks, which vie to attract the assets of so-called high net-worth individuals. Their wealth is, as Henry puts it, "protected by a highly paid, industrious bevy of professional enablers in the private banking, legal, accounting and investment industries taking advantage of the increasingly borderless, frictionless global economy". According to Henry's research, the top 10 private banks, which include UBS and Credit Suisse in Switzerland, as well as the US investment bank Goldman Sachs, managed more than £4tn in 2010, a sharp rise from £1.5tn five years earlier.
(London Guardian)
posted: 7/24/12                   0       20
keywords: Bank Of International Settlements, Big Oil, Brendan Barber, Cayman Islands, Credit Suisse, Financial Crisis, G20, Goldman Sachs, International Monetary Fund, James Henry, Japan, John Christensen, Mckinsey, Monaco, Nigeria, Philip Green, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Tax Havens, Tax Justice Network, Topshop, UK Uncut, Ubs, United Kingdom, United States Add New Keyword To Link

3/2/2011  Why the Dollar's Reign Is Near an End
For decades the dollar has served as the world's main reserve currency, but, argues Barry Eichengreen, it will soon have to share that role. Here's why--and what it will mean for international markets and companies. - The single most astonishing fact about foreign exchange is not the high volume of transactions, as incredible as that growth has been. Nor is it the volatility of currency rates, as wild as the markets are these days. Instead, it's the extent to which the market remains dollar-centric. Consider this: When a South Korean wine wholesaler wants to import Chilean cabernet, the Korean importer buys U.S. dollars, not pesos, with which to pay the Chilean exporter. Indeed, the dollar is virtually the exclusive vehicle for foreign-exchange transactions between Chile and Korea, despite the fact that less than 20% of the merchandise trade of both countries is with the U.S. Chile and Korea are hardly an anomaly: Fully 85% of foreign-exchange transactions world-wide are trades of other currencies for dollars. What's more, what is true of foreign-exchange transactions is true of other international business. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries sets the price of oil in dollars. The dollar is the currency of denomination of half of all international debt securities. More than 60% of the foreign reserves of central banks and governments are in dollars.
(Wall Street Journal)
posted: 3/4/11                   0       14

9/18/2010  Quakers, anti-war rallies on alert list
Taxpayer-funded bulletins listed meetings of Tea Partiers, Quakers and Pittsburgh anti-war activists as potential security threats. A year's worth of bulletins released Friday by the governor's office shows the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response warned state Homeland Security officials about events as far away as the Sinai and as easy to predict as looking at a calendar. The reports ignited controversy earlier this week when opponents of Marcellus gas drilling learned that gas companies had received the "Pennsylvania Intelligence Bulletin" listing their planned participation in public hearings as part of a warning about potential terrorist threats to public infrastructure.
(Pittsburg Tribune-Review)
posted: 9/21/10                   0       8
keywords: 9/11, Abortion, Afghanistan, American Friends Service Community, Arizona, Brandywine Peace Community, Chesapeake Energy, Chile, Ed Rendell, Extremists, G20, Gary Tuma, Immigration, Ireland, Johnson & Johnson, Kenneth Miller, Lisa Baker, Michael Perelman, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Privacy, Quakers, Tea Party, Terrorists, Turkey, US Department Of Homeland Security, United States, Workers Of The World, Ymca Add New Keyword To Link

9/17/2010  Europeans Push Global Tax to Fund Poverty-Reduction, Climate Change Causes
A group of 60 nations will meet next week at the United Nations to push for a tax on foreign currency transactions as a way to generate revenue to meet global poverty-reduction goals, including “climate change” mitigation. Spearheaded by European Union countries, the so-called “innovative financing” proposal envisages a tax of 0.005 percent (five cents per $1,000), which experts estimate could produce more than $30 billion a year worldwide for priority causes.
(CNS News)
posted: 9/21/10                   0       7

7/21/2010  Making the economy more just
by Katrina vanden Heuvel - Congress has passed the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, but the task of transforming our economy into one of shared and sustainable prosperity has only just begun. Structural reform will come not through the sweep of a single piece of legislation but with new, innovative economic models that better reflect the democratic values of this country. The good news is that some of these transformative ideas are already taking root. Here are five ways to build a more just economy that Americans are experimenting with across the country. The answer is 'B' Corporations are compelled to pursue a single objective: maximize profit. In fact, a company can be sued for following goals that veer from that statutory obligation. That's why Maryland State Sen. Jamie Raskin sponsored the Benefit Corporation legislation that was signed into law this spring. It gives businesses the option to register as a "B corporation," an entity legally obligated to maximize both shareholder value and advance a common public purpose such as cleaner air, open space or affordable housing. The B corporation's stated public goal is vigorously monitored by independent, third-party groups. It's a new business model with social consciousness in its DNA. B corporation legislation has also been passed in Vermont, and it is being considered in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and Colorado.
(Washington Post)
posted: 9/27/10                   0       2

7/2/2010  Canadian Civil Liberties Group Mulls Lawsuit as Details of Mass Arrests, Unprecedented Powers at G2O Come to Light Riot-police-peace
The Canadian Civil Liberties Association says it is looking into suing the Toronto police department following mass arrests at the G20 summit last week. It is now estimated that 1,000 people, including many journalists, were arrested. On Thursday, protest rallies were held in Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg against the brutal police crackdown. Civil liberties advocates are also up in arms after it emerged that the Toronto police were secretly given new and unprecedented powers of arrest in the lead-up to the G20. We hear from David Vassey, the first person arrested under a new law in Toronto that allowed police to detain anyone near the site of the G20 summit if they failed to identify themselves.
(Democracy Now)
posted: 7/3/10                   0       20
keywords: Bill Blair, Canada, Canadian Civil Liberties Association, David Vassey, Detainees, G20, Montreal, Police, Privacy, Toronto, Winnipeg Add New Keyword To Link

6/29/2010  G20 Toronto Police Rape Threats + Strip Searched
Amy Miller

posted: 7/2/10      
0       18
keywords: Amy Miller, Canada, Detainees, G20, Police, Sexual Abuse, Toronto Add New Keyword To Link

6/7/2010  G8/G20 security costs could reach $900-million
Supplementary estimates released by Parliament Tuesday indicate federal government will spend $654-million on security on top of the $179-million announced in March, for a total of $833-million. The total figure greatly exceeds some published media estimates of the overall costs.
(UK Globe & Mail)
posted: 6/17/10                   0       22
keywords: Alternative Media, Canada, Canadian Department Of National Defence, Canadian Public Safety Department, Chris Mccluskey, Free Speech, G20, G8, Huntsville, Olympics, Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Toronto, Vancouver, Vic Toews Add New Keyword To Link

5/28/2010  Geithner tells Europe to emulate China on growth
US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Thursday Europe should follow China's lead and boost growth since US consumers can no longer support the global economy alone.
(Agence France-Presse)
posted: 6/1/10                   0       19

5/15/2010  CFR Meeting: Zbigniew Brzezinski Fears Global Political Awakening
"For the first time in all of human history, mankind is politically awakened. That's a total new reality. Total new reality. It has not been so for most of human history, until the last 100 years. And in the course of the last 100 years, the whole world has become politically awakened. And no matter where you go, politics is a matter of social engagement and most people know what is generally going on -- GENERALLY going on -- in the world, and are consciously aware of inequities, inequalities, lack of respect, exploitation."
(Council on Foreign Relations)
posted: 3/10/11      
0       5

5/8/2010  An Updated List of Goldman Sachs Ties to the Obama Government Including Elena Kagan
From 2005 to 2008, according to USA Today and other sources, Kagan served as a member of the Research Advisory Council of the Goldman Sachs Global Markets Institute.
(Fire Dog Lake)
posted: 5/23/10                   0       23

4/26/2010  Global Governance Today
Jean-Claude Trichet, President, European Central Bank, New York - It was an unexpected crisis -- largely unexpected in its dimension and in its global nature -- even if it was clear that a number of academics; a number of central banks, I have to say; and also, a number of at his own institution very, very clearly -- the BIS -- had signaled that we were living in a world of general under appreciation of risks in the financial markets. And I have to say I was, myself, on record for having said that quite a time before the first turbulences erupted. But that being said, what we have observed is really something which was very big -- bigger than was expected. And with a number of features that were really also unique. - “A set of rules, institutions, informal groupings and cooperation mechanisms that we call “global governance”.
(Council on Foreign Relations)
posted: 5/2/10       0       21
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4/25/2010  US prepares to push for global capital rules
The G20 communiqué on Friday said: “We recommitted to developing by end-2010 internationally agreed rules to improve both the quantity and quality of bank capital and to discourage excessive leverage.”
(Financial Times)
posted: 5/13/10                   0       20

12/2/2009  EFF sues feds for info on social-network surveillance / EFF sues CIA, DOJ, others over Facebook surveillance
The Electronic Frontier Foundation sued the CIA, the US Department of Defense, Department of Justice and three other government agencies on Tuesday for allegedly refusing to release information about how they are using social networks in surveillance and investigations.
(CNet News)
posted: 5/29/10                   0       8

10/24/2009  Twitter anarchist raided under 'riot' laws
In a guns-drawn raid on October 1, FBI agents and police seized boxes of dubious "evidence" from the Queens, New York, home of Elliott Madison
posted: 10/25/09                   0       15

8/18/2009  Restrictions anger G-20 protest planners
Anger is rising among demonstrators denied permits to protest next month's Group of 20 economic summit
(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)
posted: 8/27/09                   0       15

8/16/2009  Police launch 'Flying Saucer' CCTV camera
Police used a remote-controlled "flying saucer" to monitor the BNP's Red, White and Blue festival in Codnor, Derbyshire, where anti-fascist protesters have assembled
(London Telegraph)
posted: 8/27/09                   0       16

7/16/2009  Max Keiser takes offense to Goldman Sachs story (1 of 2) (France 24)
posted: 7/21/09      
0       15

7/15/2009  Foreign Policy Address at the Council on Foreign Relations by Hillary Rodham Clinton
“We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.”
(Department of State)
posted: 7/20/09                   0       16

7/10/2009  Medvedev Shows Off Sample Coin of New 'World Currency' at G-8
Dmitry Medvedev illustrated his call for a supranational currency to replace the dollar by pulling from his pocket a sample coin of a "united future world currency."
posted: 7/17/09                   0       12

7/8/2009  Swiss to stop UBS handing over data in U.S. tax row
Switzerland has vowed to prevent UBS from handing over client information to U.S authorities, in an attempt to defend bank secrecy, saying a tax case targeting its main bank is souring diplomatic ties
posted: 7/8/09                   0       10
keywords: Doris Leuthard, G20, Hans-rudolf Merz, Internal Revenue Service, Switzerland, Ubs, United States, US Department Of Justice Add New Keyword To Link

6/10/2009  London police officers investigated amid water torture claims
officers "are understood to have pushed the suspects' heads into buckets of water in a bid to force them to reveal the locations of drugs."
posted: 6/10/09                   4       30

6/8/2009  Top Chinese banker Guo Shuqing calls for wider use of yuan
The head of China's second-largest bank has said the United States government should start issuing bonds in yuan, rather than dollars, in the latest indication of the increasing importance of the Chinese currency
(London Telegraph)
posted: 6/8/09                   4       28

6/6/2009  Russia: New world reserve currency a decade away
Moscow's finance minister says China's Yuan the 'shortest path' to new world reserve; predicts 'new major currency unions' not soon to emerge
(The Raw Story)
posted: 6/7/09                   2       30

5/18/2009  Brazil and China eye plan to axe dollar
will work towards using their own currencies in trade transactions rather than the US dollar
(Financial Times)
posted: 5/19/09                   2       33

5/15/2009  Bilderberg blackout, media more obsessed with Hoggs moat costs
"We have been told by senior government officials that covering the event could cost us our jobs. Greece is in the depths of a major recession and I cannot afford to lost my job"
(London Daily News)
posted: 5/15/09                   5       39

5/10/2009  G20 police 'used undercover men to incite crowds'
MP demands inquiry into Met tactics at demo
(London Guardian)
posted: 5/11/09                   3       34

4/20/2009  Obama proposes US loan $100 billion to International Monetary Fund
The president made the request in several letters to Democratic and Republican congressional leaders Monday, pointing out that the fund didn’t require an extra financial outlay from the U.S.
(The Raw Story)
posted: 6/4/09                   2       21

4/19/2009  G20: additional funding will benefit Western European banks
tripling of the IMF's resources to $750 billion and an increase of $100 billion in the multilateral development banks' lending capacity
(Banking Business Review)
posted: 6/4/09                   4       20

4/16/2009  Police, protest and the surveillance society
On the eve of the G20 summit in London five young people were arrested in the Plymouth area under the Terrorism Act
(London Guardian)
posted: 5/6/09                   4       14

4/6/2009  China's Yuan Ambitions: Currency swap agreements are part of a larger plan to extend the Chinese currency's role in global trade.
China is playing a growing role in discussions over solutions to current economic problems. Much of the talk has focused on money -- whether Premier Wen Jiabao's concerns about the value of China's U.S. treasury investments, or the People's Bank of China's paper floating the idea of a de-dollarized international monetary system. Up to now, one limit to China's ability to contribute to global monetary reform has been its own currency policy, particularly the fact that the yuan is not convertible. However, now there are tentative signs that's starting to change. Beijing has signed currency swap agreements with six central banks: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Belarus and most recently Argentina. These swaps permit those central banks to sell yuan to local importers in those countries who want to buy Chinese goods. This is particularly useful for importers struggling to obtain trade finance as a result of the financial crisis. As such, it's consistent with China's desire to participate in the Group of 20's efforts to support trade financing. China has long wanted its currency to play a more important role in the global financial system. These swap arrangements come in the context of that broader policy aim. The broader policy goal also has a more practical function in reducing currency exposure and transaction costs for Chinese exporters. The rise in the yuan's value relative to the dollar in early 2008 was a reason why some Chinese exporters went bankrupt. The ability to settle trade in yuan would reduce this risk in the future.
(Wall Street Journal)
posted: 3/12/11                   0       3

4/3/2009  The G20 moves the world a step closer to a global currency
The world is a step closer to a global currency, backed by a global central bank, running monetary policy for all humanity
(London Telegraph)
posted: 6/5/09                   2       21

4/1/2009  G20: Gordon Brown woos China with offer of greater voting powers (London Guardian)
posted: 5/7/09                   2       22

3/26/2009  UN panel touts new global currency reserve system
A UN panel of expert economists pressed Thursday for a new global currency reserve scheme to replace the volatile, dollar-based system and for coordinated steps by rich countries to stimulate their economies
(Agence France-Presse)
posted: 6/5/09                   2       22

3/24/2009  Geithner Plan Will Rob US Taxpayers: Stiglitz
The U.S. government is basically using the taxpayer to guarantee against downside risk on the value of these assets, while giving the upside, or potential profits, to private investors
posted: 7/8/09                   0       10

3/24/2009  They watch Obamanation grow in unbridled power
Americans Largely Silent as Their Nation is Systematically Destroyed
(Canadian Free Press)
posted: 5/23/09                   4       24

3/24/2009  US defends dollar as reserve currency
Both Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said that they would not allow the dollar to be stripped of the premier status as suggested by Beijing
(The Raw Story)
posted: 5/19/09                   4       28

3/23/2009  China ready to discuss new reserve currency at G20 summit
"We believe it is necessary to consider the IMF's role in this process and also define the possibility and the need to adopt measures allowing for Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) to become an internationally recognized super-reserve currency," Russia's proposal read
posted: 5/14/09                   2       24

3/19/2009  IMF poised to print billions of dollars in 'global quantitative easing'
The International Monetary Fund is poised to embark on what analysts have described as "global quantitative easing" by printing billions of dollars worth of a global "super-currency" in an unprecedented new effort to address the economic crisis.
(London Telegraph)
posted: 2/23/10                   1       1

3/17/2009  At G20, Kremlin to Pitch New Currency
calling for the creation of a supranational reserve currency to be issued by international institutions as part of a reform of the global financial system
(The Moscow Times)
posted: 5/14/09                   1       25

3/16/2009  'Jury's out' on future of Europe, EU doyen says
"It's clear that the world will not be the same after September 2008"
(EU Observer)
posted: 5/10/09                   1       19

3/13/2009  IMF poised to print billions of dollars in 'global quantitative easing'
The International Monetary Fund is poised to embark on what analysts have described as "global quantitative easing" by printing billions of dollars worth of a global "super-currency" in an unprecedented new effort to address the economic crisis
(London Telegraph)
posted: 6/23/09                   2       15

3/10/2009  Bernanke: Regulatory Overhaul Needed to Prevent Future Global Financial Shocks
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke has urged an overhaul of U.S. financial regulation aimed at smoothing out cyclical booms and busts in financial markets, signaling that the process of broadening government controls might translate to added oversight authority for the Fed
(Council on Foreign Relations)
posted: 6/17/09                   3       18

3/3/2009  France, Germany Want Global Black List for Tax Havens
In the future, no country, no institution and no financial product should be allowed to remain beyond regulation
(Deutsche Welle)
posted: 6/15/09                   4       21

3/1/2009  Sean Hannity & Dick Morris: Conspiracy Theorists were Right! (FOX)
posted: 6/17/09      
5       23

2/5/2009  New World Order
On the regulatory front, the path to a new global approach is pretty clear. Last spring the leaders of the G-7, a club of wealthy nations, agreed to create a "college of supervisors" to more closely coordinate regulation of multinational banks. - Yet regulators around the world were already jointly setting bank-capital standards before the current crisis hit. A lot of good that did us. So there is also much talk about the need for a new architecture--"a new Bretton Woods" was a phrase that echoed around Davos--to rein in global financial flows.
(Time Magazine)
posted: 5/4/09                   3       14

11/12/2008  Paulson changes tack on financial rescue
Consumer-finance sector will get help, but mortgage asset plan's shelved - But in a striking admission, Paulson said that buying up mortgage assets "is not the most effective way" to use government funding. Purchasing these so-called "toxic" assets was once the cornerstone of the rescue plan for financial markets and was almost the entire focus of Congress when the package was being debated before its enactment. But almost as soon as Treasury received the money, it decided that giving capital to banks in return for preferred stock was a better use of the funds.
(Wall Street Journal)
posted: 5/4/09                   1       21

3/10/2008  Jersey agrees to pass tax evasion data to UK
Move comes amid G20 focus on offshore havens - OECD drawing up list of uncooperative countries
(London Guardian)
posted: 6/15/09                   1       22

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