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9/19/2013  Climate Report Struggles With Temperature Quirks
Scientists working on a landmark U.N. report on climate change are struggling over how to address a wrinkle in the meteorological data that has given ammunition to global-warming skeptics: The heating of Earth's surface appears to have slowed in the past 15 years even though greenhouse gas emissions keep rising. For years, skeptics have touted what looks like a slowdown in surface warming since 1998 to cast doubt on the scientific consensus that humans are cooking the planet by burning coal, oil and natural gas. Scientists and statisticians have dismissed the purported slowdown as a statistical mirage, arguing among other things that it reflects random climate fluctuations and an unusually hot year picked as the starting point for charting temperatures. They also say the data suggests the "missing" heat is simply settling — temporarily — in the ocean. But as scientists study the issue, the notion of a slowdown has gained more mainstream attention, putting pressure on the authors of the new U.N. report to deal with it. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report is expected to assert that global warming is continuing. It is also expected to affirm with greater certainty than ever before the link between global warming and human activity.
(Associated Press)
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9/9/2013  U.S. Attorneys Say Marijuana Memo Won't Affect Their Anti-Pot Work
In my Forbes column last week, I cited reasons to doubt the Justice Department's newfound respect for state marijuana laws—in particular, its fork-tongued record on medical marijuana. Tom Angell of Marijuana Majority notes several recent comments from U.S. attorneys that reinforce the case for skepticism. The gist of their reaction to Deputy Attorney General James Cole's August 29 memo, which was widely interpreted as a green light for legalization in Colorado and Washington, is that they plan to proceed pretty much as before. Here is what a spokeswoman for Melinda Haag, the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of California, had to say (emphasis added here and later): The office is evaluating the new guidelines and for the most part it appears that the cases that have been brought in this district are already in compliance with the guidelines. Therefore, we do not expect a significant change. That is pretty telling, since Haag's crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries has been one of the most aggressive in the country, featuring the closure of city-supported outlets in San Francisco and a forfeiture action aimed at shutting down Oakland's Harborside Health Center, the state's largest dispensary. In a February 2011 letter to Oakland's city attorney, Haag declared, "We will enforce the [Controlled Substances Act] vigorously against individuals and organizations that participate in unlawful manufacturing and distribution activity involving marijuana, even if such activities are permitted under state law."
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8/29/2013  EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack -- Rebels and local residents in Ghouta accuse Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan of providing chemical weapons to an al-Qaida linked rebel group.
Dale Gavlak assisted in the research and writing process of this article, but was not on the ground in Syria. Reporter Yahya Ababneh, with whom the report was written in collaboration, was the correspondent on the ground in Ghouta who spoke directly with the rebels, their family members, victims of the chemical weapons attacks and local residents. Gavlak is a MintPress News Middle East correspondent who has been freelancing for the AP as a Amman, Jordan correspondent for nearly a decade. This report is not an Associated Press article; rather it is exclusive to MintPress News. Ghouta, Syria — As the machinery for a U.S.-led military intervention in Syria gathers pace following last week’s chemical weapons attack, the U.S. and its allies may be targeting the wrong culprit. Interviews with people in Damascus and Ghouta, a suburb of the Syrian capital, where the humanitarian agency Doctors Without Borders said at least 355 people had died last week from what it believed to be a neurotoxic agent, appear to indicate as much. The U.S., Britain, and France as well as the Arab League have accused the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for carrying out the chemical weapons attack, which mainly targeted civilians. U.S. warships are stationed in the Mediterranean Sea to launch military strikes against Syria in punishment for carrying out a massive chemical weapons attack. The U.S. and others are not interested in examining any contrary evidence, with U.S Secretary of State John Kerry saying Monday that Assad’s guilt was “a judgment … already clear to the world.”
(Mint Press News)
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4/27/2013  Former CIA officer: 'Absurd' to link uncle of Boston suspects, Agency
Retired CIA officer Graham Fuller confirmed to Al-Monitor Saturday that his daughter was previously married to an uncle of the suspects in the Boston Marathon attacks, but called rumors of any links between the uncle and the Agency "absurd." Graham Fuller's daughter, Samantha A. Fuller, was married to Ruslan Tsarnaev (now Tsarni) in the mid-1990s, and divorced in 1999, according to North Carolina public records. The elder Fuller had retired from the agency almost a decade before the brief marriage. "Samantha was married to Ruslan Tsarnaev (Tsarni) for 3-4 years, and they lived in Bishkek for one year where Samantha was working for Price Waterhouse on privatization projects," Fulller, a former CIA officer in Turkey and vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council, told Al-Monitor by email Saturday. "They also lived in our house in [Maryland] for a year or so and they were divorced in 1999, I believe." "I, of course, retired from CIA in 1987 and had moved on to working as a senior political scientist for RAND," Fuller continued.
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4/19/2013  Boston Bomb Suspect’s Dad Tells Him to Surrender, Warns 'Hell Will Break Loose' if Son Dies
The father of suspected Boston Marathon bomber called on his son today to give up peacefully, but warned the U.S. that if his son is killed “all hell will break loose.” Anzor Tsarnaev spoke to ABC News from his home in the Russian city of Makhachkala as Boston police carried out an intense dragnet for his son Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, survived a running gun battle with police during the night that left an MIT security officer dead and a Boston cop badly wounded. His older brother died in the shootout. The father said he spoke to his sons by phone earlier this week. “We talked about the bombing. I was worried about then,” Anzor Tsarnaev said. He said his sons reassured him, saying, “Everything is good, Daddy. Everything is very good.” The elder Tsarnaev insisted that his sons were innocent, but said he would appeal to his son to “surrender peacefully.” “Give up. Give up. You have a bright future ahead of you. Come home to Russia,” the dad said. The father warned, however, “If they killed him, then all hell would break loose.”
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4/18/2013  Is Obama Covering Up Saudi Role In Boston Bombings?
War On Terror: Could it be happening again? Could a Saudi terror cell be behind another major U.S. attack? And could the Saudi government be trying to sink the investigation? After 9/11, the Saudi ambassador demanded the evacuation of dozens of Saudi nationals, including bin Laden kin, before the FBI could properly question them. He got his wish, even though 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis and others had ties to the plot. Eerily similar high-level intervention is taking place in the Boston bombings case. Consider this timeline: Jan. 14, 2013: President Obama meets in the Oval Office with Saudi minister of interior. Jan. 16: Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano signs "arrangement" with Saudi minister bestowing "trusted traveler" status on Saudi student visitors, shortcutting normal security screening procedures. April 15: Saudi college student Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi is seen near the Boston marathon finish line with two other Saudis. He's tackled after fleeing the scene of one of the bombings. Authorities question him.
(Investors Business Daily)
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4/17/2013  CNN SOURCE: Everyone Went Silent For 15 Minutes After We Screwed Up The Boston Marathon Report
CNN suffered a public shaming after erroneously reporting Wednesday that an arrest had been made in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings. According to a source at CNN, the network was the first to report that a suspect had been identified. Anchor John King sent in a report around 1 p.m. that a source "briefed" on the investigation had told King a positive identification had been made. CNN Washington bureau chief Sam Feist approved that report, according to the source. According to the source, who was reviewing internal email logs, Fran Townsend was the first at the network to say that an arrest had been made. "As I think everyone knows, we really f—ed up. No way around it," the source said. The source said that the network's email network went quiet for a 15-minute period shortly after the retraction — "so people [were] either being more cautious or getting yelled at."
(Business Insider)
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4/17/2013  FBI cancels press conference amid conflicting reports
Surveillance video from the Lord & Taylor store on Boylston Street is proving to be a vital break in the Marathon bombing case, but the FBI has canceled a press conference in a day riddled with conflicting reports about a suspect caught on camera but no arrest announced. In another twist, City Council President Stephen Murphy told the Associated Press tonight that police "may be on the verge of arresting someone and that's good." But he backed off his statement to the AP, saying he "has not been briefed" and that his comments were based on media reports. “I was made aware today by media sources that there was a video from Lord & Taylor that showed a suspect leaving a duffel bag,” Murphy told the Herald. "I was recounting that (to the AP)." The Lord & Taylor store set up the cameras in the 1980s to combat thieves who would park on Boylston and do hit-and-run robberies. Still, authorities from the FBI to Boston police denied any arrest, with BPD tweeting: "Despite reports to the contrary there has not been an arrest in the Marathon attack."
(Boston Herald)
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4/16/2013  Fox News: Authorities guarding man at local hospital
The deadly bombing at the Boston Marathon that killed at least three and injured 176 is believed to be an act of terrorism, senior White House officials told Fox News. Two explosions tore through the finish line of the world-famous race just before 3 p.m., going off simultaneously as throngs of onlookers watched runners complete the 26.2-mile trek. The timing of the blasts immediately sparked suspicions of a deliberate act. "When multiple devices go off, that's an act of terrorism," a senior administration official told Fox News, just moments after President Obama delivered a statement to the nation and did not use the word "terror." Authorities searched an apartment in the nearby Boston suburb of Revere as part of the investigation into the explosions. saw federal, state and local law enforcement entering the building late Monday night and early Tuesday morning. Sources confirmed to that the apartment being searched in connection to the bombings is on the fifth floor of the building.
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1/23/2013  Scientists to resume work with lab-bred bird flu
International scientists who last year halted controversial research with the deadly bird flu say they are resuming their work as countries adopt new rules to ensure safety. The outcry erupted when two labs — in the Netherlands and the U.S. — reported they had created easier-to-spread versions of bird flu. Amid fierce debate about the oversight of such research and whether it might aid terrorists, those scientists voluntarily halted further work last January — and more than three dozen of the world's leading flu researchers signed on as well. On Wednesday, those scientists announced they were ending their moratorium because their pause in study worked: It gave the U.S. government and other world health authorities time to determine how they would oversee high-stakes research involving dangerous germs.
(Associated Press)
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1/22/2013  'Naked' airport scans could undergo revamp
Canadian airports are still using the so-called naked full body scan images being removed from airports in the United States because the three-dimensional images are considered too revealing. But that could eventually change, said Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) spokesman Mathieu Larocque. CATSA is currently testing automated target recognition software on the scanners, he said. "It essentially generates just a stick man image … that will highlight an area of the body that could need more inspection, like the ankle, for example, or the elbow," said Larocque, who is based in Ottawa. "We don't have a specific timeline for potential deployment, but this is something that we’re looking at," he said.
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1/11/2013  California school practiced new lockdown drill minutes before shooting
Minutes before a gunman walked into a California high school, students and teachers had been practicing what to do if the school came under an attack. "Just 10 minutes before it happened, our teachers were giving us protocol because of what happened in Connecticut," Oscar Nuno, a student at Taft High School said. A 16-year-old student armed with a shotgun walked into his first period science class Thursday and opened fire, wounding a classmate he claimed had bulled him. Video surveillance shows the suspect entering the building through a side door. He fired two more rounds at students, reportedly missing a second target, as they fled the class, and then faced a well-liked teacher Ryan Heber, reported. "I don't want to shoot you," he told Heber as the teacher tried to convince the student to put down the gun. Police credit Heber with causing enough of a distraction to allow a majority of the students to escape the classroom through a back door unharmed.
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1/6/2013  Sandy Hook School Massacre Timeline
The following timeline of the December 14 mass killing of 20 children and 8 adults in Newtown Connecticut attempts to demonstrate how the event was presented to the public by corporate news media. The chronological assemblage of coverage is not comprehensive of all reports published on the incident but rather seeks to verify how the storyline was to a substantial degree constructed by federal and state law enforcement authorities and major media around the theory that 20-year-old Adam Lanza was the sole agent in the massacre. This scenario became an established reality through the news media’s pronounced repetition of the lone gunman narrative and meme. This proposed scenario significantly obscured the fact that police encountered and apprehended two additional shooting suspects on the school’s grounds within minutes of the crime. These suspects remain unaccounted for by authorities but the roles they may have played arguably correlate with the shifting information presented by authorities and major news media on injuries and weapons vis-à-vis the mass carnage meted out in the school. While the certain detainment of additional suspects was pointed to by alternative news media, including Natural News, Infowars, Veterans Today and Global Research in the days following the tragedy, the untenable lone gunman narrative has become firmly established in the public psyche via an overwhelming chorus of corporate media reports and interpretations.
(Memory Hole Blog)
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12/21/2012  Click, print, shoot: Guns made on 3D printers
Downloading a gun's design plans to your computer, building it on a three-dimensional printer and firing it minutes later. No background checks, no questions asked. Sound far-fetched? It's not. And that is disquieting for gun control advocates. Rep. Steven Israel, D-NY, said the prospect of such guns becoming reality is reason enough for the renewal of the Undetectable Firearms Act, which makes illegal the building of guns that can't be detected by X-ray or metallic scanners. That law expires at the end of 2013.
(Associated Press)
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12/17/2012  After Divorce, Lanzas Had Joint Custody Of Adam
Divorce records on file in Stamford Superior Court show the parents of suspected Sandy Hook school shooter Adam Lanza had joint custody of their son and that Lanza's father paid alimony that kept him and his mother financially comfortable. Nancy and Peter Lanza's divorce was finalized in September 2009 when Adam was 17. He turned 18 the following April. Peter Lanza paid Nancy yearly alimony totaling $240,000 in 2010, $265,000 in 2011 and $289,800 in 2012, records indicate. The couple cited irreconcilable differences. Sign Up For Traffic Text Alerts Adam Lanza's primary residence was with his mother, according to the divorce decree. They lived in a Newtown home that Peter Lanza quitclaimed to Nancy. Peter was solely responsible for the cost of college for Adam and brother Ryan. He also was responsible for buying Adam a car.
(Hartford Courant)
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12/14/2012  Gunman kills 20 kids, 6 adults at Connecticut elementary school ~ A man shoots and kills 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.
NEWTOWN, Conn. — A gunman massacred 20 children and six adults at a suburban elementary school here Friday morning before killing himself in what appeared to be the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, authorities said. Sources said Adam Lanza, 20, earlier killed his mother at home and then drove her Honda to Sandy Hook Elementary School equipped with firearms that were registered to one or both of his divorced parents.
(Los Angeles Times)
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12/14/2012  Police Chase Suspect(s) Through Sandy Hook Woods
Who Are Two Shooters Captured?
(Associated Press)
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12/14/2012  Twelve facts about guns and mass shootings in the United States
When we first collected much of this data, it was after the Aurora, Colo. shootings, and the air was thick with calls to avoid “politicizing” the tragedy. That is code, essentially, for “don’t talk about reforming our gun control laws.” Let’s be clear: That is a form of politicization. When political actors construct a political argument that threatens political consequences if other political actors pursue a certain political outcome, that is, almost by definition, a politicization of the issue. It’s just a form of politicization favoring those who prefer the status quo to stricter gun control laws. Since then, there have been more horrible, high-profile shootings. Jovan Belcher, a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, took his girlfriend’s life and then his own. In Oregon, Jacob Tyler Roberts entered a mall holding a semi-automatic rifle and yelling “I am the shooter.” And, in Connecticut, at least 27 are dead — including 18 children — after a man opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
(Washington Post)
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11/12/2012  Where FEMA fails, Occupy Sandy delivers storm relief
The Occupy Wall Street movement, nearly forgotten after a brief but global flourish a year ago, has found a new mission delivering emergency aid to Sandy-stricken residents of New York and New Jersey. In what is arguably the movement's finest hour, hundreds of grassroots volunteers came together and went to work in the immediate aftermath of Sandy's fury, coordinating relief efforts and delivering supplies to desperate residents even as the official government response to the disaster lagged woefully behind. The day after Sandy blew through the tri-state area, Occupiers established an operational base in St. Jacobi Church in Brooklyn. Using their renowned social media savvy and relying upon the fierce determination of volunteers, Occupy Sandy began collecting donations by the truckload and distributing them among some of the storm's neediest victims. Canned and cooked food, water, medicine, clothing, shoes, blankets, tools, flashlights, batteries, pet food, construction materials and other essentials have been handed out in large quantities.
(Digital Journal)
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2/17/2012  FBI foils alleged suicide bomb attack on U.S. Capitol
The FBI has arrested a suspect who was en route to the U.S. Capitol allegedly to detonate a suicide bomb, USA TODAY's Kevin Johnson reports. Update at 4:50 p.m. ET: A bail hearing has been set for 29-year-old Amine El Khalifi of Alexandria, Va., an unemployed Moroccan who authorities said is in the United States illegally. He arrived when he was 16 and overstayed his visitor's visa. According to a counterterrorism official, El Khalifi "expressed interest in killing at least 30 people and considered targeting a building in Alexandria and a restaurant, synagogue and a place where military personnel gather in Washington before he settled on the Capitol after canvassing that area a couple of times," the Associated Press writes. During the year-long investigation, El Khalifi detonated explosives at a quarry in the capital region with undercover operatives. He is not believed to be affiliated with al-Qaeda, officials said. - According to a counterterrorism official, El Khalifi "expressed interest in killing at least 30 people and considered targeting a building in Alexandria and a restaurant, synagogue and a place where military personnel gather in Washington before he settled on the Capitol after canvassing that area a couple of times," the Associated Press writes. During the year-long investigation, El Khalifi detonated explosives at a quarry in the capital region with undercover operatives. He is not believed to be affiliated with al-Qaeda, officials said.
(USA Today)
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1/19/2012  2012 GOP caucus count unresolved
THE RESULTS: Santorum finished ahead by 34 votes MISSING DATA: 8 precincts’ numbers will never be certified PARTY VERDICT: GOP official says, ‘It’s a split decision’ Rick Santorum – Final total: 29,839 Change: -168 Mitt Romney – Final total: 29,805 Change: -210 It’s a tie for the ages. There are too many holes in the certified totals from the Iowa caucuses to know for certain who won, but Rick Santorum wound up with a 34-vote advantage. Results from eight precincts are missing — any of which could hold an advantage for Mitt Romney — and will never be recovered and certified, Republican Party of Iowa officials told The Des Moines Register on Wednesday. GOP officials discovered inaccuracies in 131 precincts, although not all the changes affected the two leaders. Changes in one precinct alone shifted the vote by 50 — a margin greater than the certified tally.
(Desmoines Register)
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1/1/2012  AN AP INVESTIGATION : Pharmaceuticals Found in Drinking Water
Drugs in the drinking water - Tests have detected minute concentrations of pharmaceuticals in the drinking water supplies of at least 46 million people in two dozen major American metropolitan areas, an Associated Press investigation has found. The federal government does not regulate prescription drugs in water.
(Associated Press)
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6/26/2011  Fort Calhoun Nuclear Flood Emergency: Hours from core damage
The makeshift flood berm "holding floodwaters from" Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Plant collapsed at 1:30 this morning and the plant is now operating on emergency generators as workers try to restore electricity after water surrounded the plant's main electrical transformers. The auxiliary building at Ft. Calhoun, listed among the nation's 14 most dangerous nuclear plants, was surrounded by water after the berm failure according to a Nuclear Regulatory Commission letter. (See Special Report: Nuclear flood threat: 1100 troops, 25,000 homes flooded, NRC chief onsite (vid)," Dupré, D. June 25, 2011) The NRC letter stated that if water enters the auxiliary building, there could have been a station blackout with core damage in hours. A berm holding the flooded Missouri River back from Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station, 20 miles north of Omaha, Nebraska, collapsed early Sunday, but federal regulators said they were monitoring the situation and there was no danger according to AP.
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4/25/2011  Drug-bashing RI Republican charged with drug use
Robert Watson, a high-ranking Republican state legislator in Rhode Island, is in hot water after being charged with driving under the influence of marijuana and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Drug charges alone would be bad enough for a public official, but Watson, Rhode Island's House minority leader, is still remembered for his controversial anti-drug, anti-gay and anti-immigrant remarks. In February, Watson said the Rhode Island legislature had their priorities right "if you are a Guatemalan gay man who likes to gamble and smokes marijuana."
(The Raw Story)
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1/26/2011  House votes for repeal of public-paid campaigns: Lawmakers say system is broken
Saying it has become an obsolete waste of money, the House on Wednesday voted to end the taxpayer-funded presidential campaign finance system that has fallen out of favor over the past decade as candidates have chosen to ignore it. The bill steps back from the 1970s-era dream of publicly financed campaigns. More than $600 million could be saved over the next decade by ending the system that channels taxpayer dollars to presidential candidates who agree to abide by fundraising and spending limits. Republicans said the 239-160 vote was just a recognition of how broken the system has become, particularly after Barack Obama reversed a campaign pledge and opted out of the primary and general election matching funds in 2008. “It was President Obama who killed it and made a mockery of public financing of campaigns,” said Rep. Aaron Schock, Illinois Republican. Despite his decision to opt out in 2008, Mr. Obama on Tuesday announced that he opposed the Republicans’ bill. He said the system should be fixed rather than ended, and predicted that corruption would grow with the end of publicly financed presidential campaigns.
(Washington Times)
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12/22/2010  BEWARE: The Real Terrorists are Upping Their Chatter
Remember the buzzword chatter? When our criminal government kept the sheeple on the razor's edge of fear because they'd say that chatter levels coming from Al-Qaeda were increasing? Well, today, in this article, I'm going to openly fear monger to you, because the chatter by the real terrorists, the ruling elite, is getting louder and more urgent -- prompting me to warn you that it seems like a terror attack is coming soon. All the signs are here. Clearly desperate for public approval and budget justifications, the government has recently made several bogus terror arrests of entrapped FBI patsies. Perhaps they thought the public would give them some political props for thwarting their own staged events. However, they're beginning to realize that the general public has a bad case of "boy who cried wolf" syndrome where these glorious victories in the ongoing war on terror don't carry much effect anymore with people struggling to pay bills. Therefore, the regular folks must be reminded that the wolf can still bite. Three recent stories seem to indicate a higher than normal level of urgency about an impending attack. The first was the report from Iraq that "intelligence" gathered from the recent round-up of militants revealed a threat of an attack inside the U.S. and Europe during the Christmas season.
(Activist Post)
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10/25/2010  Air Force manual describes shadowy cyberwar world
A new Air Force manual for cyberwarfare describes a shadowy, fast-changing world where anonymous enemies can carry out devastating attacks in seconds and where conventional ideas about time and space don't apply. - Responsibility for civilian and government cybersecurity is less clear. Congress is debating between giving more power to the Homeland Security Department or the White House and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Homeland Security and the National Security Agency announced this month they would cooperate to strengthen the nation's cybersecurity. Much of the 62-page manual is a dry compendium of definitions, acronyms and explanations of who reports to whom. But it occasionally veers into scenarios that sound more like computer games than flesh-and-blood warfare. Enemies can cloak their identities and hide their attacks amid the cascade of data flowing across international computer networks, it warns.
(Washington Post)
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9/27/2010  Was San Bruno Explosion a Plane Crash?
A number of reports suggest that the "natural gas pipeline explosion" Sept. 9 that killed seven, injured 50 and leveled 40 homes in San Bruno CA may have involved a plane crash or a missile. If so, there is a massive cover-up taking place. On 09-10-10 at 11:06 A.M. a huge jet, resembling Air force One flew over San Jose. At 11:29 A.M. an F-18 flew over, and at 12:46 P.M. an AC -130 gunship (with the side gun turrets) followed. The F-18's engines were roaring like a freight train. The F-18 appeared to be carrying large fuel tanks and ordinance. Being shortly before 9-11, I thought, "here comes another false flag incident." Above is a photo of the F-18 as it flew over. Below is a photo showing the ordinance these jets can carry. It is not unusual to see an F-18 fly overhead here. It is very unusual for them to be heavily laden with weapons. It had its landing gear down, as you can see, and was headed north (towards Moffett Federal air base, Travis Air Force base, and San Francisco). These are all within thirty miles of San Bruno, where the pipeline allegedly exploded.
(Henry Makow)
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9/21/2010  ‘Proven’ deceptive or clueless on activist spying, PA official ‘hides’
Four days after Pittsburgh paper posts 'State's homeland security chief goes in hiding' story, ex-Army colonel still MIA - The head of Pennsylvania's Office of Homeland Security said last week that his office was not involved in the tracking of peaceful political activists and has reportedly "gone into hiding" now that his statement has been contradicted. Recently publicized documents show that an intelligence company hired by the state's Homeland Security office monitored the Tea Party, Students for a Democratic Society, anti-drilling groups, and other activist groups.
(The Raw Story)
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9/13/2010  Congress Mulls Stiff Crypto Laws
The encryption wars have begun. For nearly a decade, privacy mavens have been worrying that a terrorist attack could prompt Congress to ban communications-scrambling products that frustrate both police wiretaps and U.S. intelligence agencies. Tuesday's catastrophe, which shed more blood on American soil than any event since the Civil War, appears to have started that process. Some politicians and defense hawks are warning that extremists such as Osama bin Laden, who U.S. officials say is a crypto-aficionado and the top suspect in Tuesday's attacks, enjoy unfettered access to privacy-protecting software and hardware that render their communications unintelligible to eavesdroppers. In a floor speech on Thursday, Sen. Judd Gregg (R-New Hampshire) called for a global prohibition on encryption products without backdoors for government surveillance.
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9/3/2010  Devices detonated at Discovery gunman's home
A gunman who burst into the Discovery Communications headquarters with explosive devices strapped to his body and took three people hostage on Wednesday was armed with starter pistols, Montgomery County Police said Thursday. The two weapons in gunman James J. Lee's possession were starter pistols, and not handguns as police previously thought, Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger said at a press conference Thursday afternoon. Starter pistols are incapable of firing bullets. Authorities also found four explosive devices during a search of Lee's home in the 2500 block of Kimberly Street in Wheaton on Thursday morning. Those devices were successfully detonated.
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5/17/2010  Matthews: Obama Needs to 'Nationalize' Oil Industry!
On Monday's Hardball a visibly angry Matthews demanded Obama go after BP: "Why doesn't the President go in there, nationalize an industry and get the job done for the people?" and pointed out that in China they would have a much harsher response to BP: "They execute people for this. Major industrial leaders that commit crimes like this." Matthews even took aim at the entire capitalist system, as over video of the oil slick, he sarcastically mocked: "Everybody says 'Capitalism is great. Unbridled free enterprise is great.' Look at it! This is great, isn't it?!"
(News Busters)
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5/10/2010  EPA Approves BP’s Use of Questionable Chemicals to Break Up Oil
BP resumed spraying dispersants [1] into the Gulf of Mexico today, according to The Associated Press. The company started using the chemicals a week after the spill first occurred, but had halted their use in order to test their environmental impact. As we've reported, the chemicals -- which are intended to thin out the oil -- contain harmful toxins of their own [2]. Their exact makeup is kept secret, but they do contain a compound "associated with headaches, vomiting and reproductive problems at high doses." They're also called dispersants for a reason. The chemicals break up the oil and then disperse it, so instead of having the oil collect at the surface, dispersed droplets of oil can spread more quickly and in more directions. This means the droplets linger longer in the water, collecting on the seabed and harming the ecosystem offshore
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5/3/2010  Sheriff Scott at scene of NYC car bomb; SUV's registered owner sold it
The official tells The Associated Press that the Connecticut owner questioned Sunday about what happened to the SUV says he sold the 1993 Nissan Pathfinder to a stranger.
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12/12/2009  AP IMPACT: Science Not Faked, but Not Pretty
Climate scientist e-mails show effort to not share data, pettiness, but no fakery - E-mails stolen from climate scientists show they stonewalled skeptics and discussed hiding data — but the messages don't support claims that the science of global warming was faked, according to an exhaustive review by The Associated Press. The 1,073 e-mails examined by the AP show that scientists harbored private doubts, however slight and fleeting, even as they told the world they were certain about climate change. However, the exchanges don't undercut the vast body of evidence showing the world is warming because of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. The scientists were keenly aware of how their work would be viewed and used, and, just like politicians, went to great pains to shape their message. Sometimes, they sounded more like schoolyard taunts than scientific tenets. The scientists were so convinced by their own science and so driven by a cause "that unless you're with them, you're against them," said Mark Frankel, director of scientific freedom, responsibility and law at the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He also reviewed the communications. - Frankel saw "no evidence of falsification or fabrication of data, although concerns could be raised about some instances of very 'generous interpretations.'" Some e-mails expressed doubts about the quality of individual temperature records or why models and data didn't quite match. Part of this is the normal give-and-take of research, but skeptics challenged how reliable certain data was. The e-mails were stolen from the computer network server of the climate research unit at the University of East Anglia in southeast England, an influential source of climate science, and were posted online last month. The university shut down the server and contacted the police. The AP studied all the e-mails for context, with five reporters reading and rereading them — about 1 million words in total. One of the most disturbing elements suggests an effort to avoid sharing scientific data with critics skeptical of global warming. It is not clear if any data was destroyed; two U.S. researchers denied it. - One e-mail that skeptics have been citing often since the messages were posted online is from Jones. He says: "I've just completed Mike's (Mann) trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (from 1981 onward) and from 1961 for Keith's to hide the decline." Jones was referring to tree ring data that indicated temperatures after the 1950s weren't as warm as scientists had determined. The "trick" that Jones said he was borrowing from Mann was to add the real temperatures, not what the tree rings showed. And the decline he talked of hiding was not in real temperatures, but in the tree ring data which was misleading, Mann explained. Sometimes the data didn't line up as perfectly as scientists wanted. David Rind told colleagues about inconsistent figures in the work for a giant international report: "As this continuing exchange has clarified, what's in Chapter 6 is inconsistent with what is in Chapter 2 (and Chapter 9 is caught in the middle!). Worse yet, we've managed to make global warming go away! (Maybe it really is that easy...:)." But in the end, global warming didn't go away, according to the vast body of research over the years.
(Associated Press)
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8/15/2009  'Death panel' is not in the bill... it already exists
Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin has come under fire for her Facebook post accusing President Obama and the Democrats of including a "death panel" provision the health care bill
(American Thinker)
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5/14/2009  Obama will continue Bush-era military tribunals
Breaking a key promise from his campaign, President Barack Obama is expected to announce Friday the return of military commission trials for a small number of terrorism suspects
(The Raw Story)
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1/22/2009  Obama chooses Middle East Envoy George Mitchell
Since leaving the U.S. Senate fifteen years ago, Mitchell has helped broker a peace agreement in war-torn Northern Ireland, spearheaded a Clinton Administration committee on Middle East peace and investigated steroid use in baseball. Forging a resolution to the simmering Israeli-Palestinian conflict may be his most formidable challenge yet.
(Time Magazine)
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1/10/2009  Martial Law, the Financial Bailout, and the Afghan and Iraq Wars
The excuse for bypassing normal legislative procedures was the existence of an emergency. But one of the most reprehensible features of the legislation, that it allowed Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to permit bailed-out institutions to use public money for exorbitant salaries and bonuses, was inserted by Paulson after the immediate crisis had passed. - It is worth noticing that, ever since the 1950s, dubious events--of the unpublic variety I have called deep events--have marked the last months before a change of party in the White House. These deep events have tended to a) constrain incoming presidents, if the incomer is a Democrat, or alternatively b) to pave the way for the incomer, if he is a Republican.
(The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus)
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8/25/2008  Alex Jones
' How I've Got Involved...' (2 of 2)
(Prison Planet)
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5/20/2008  Public/Private Partnerships: Government-Sanction Monopolies
During the first years of the Clinton Administration in the early 1990s, there was much fanfare about a new policy to “reinvent government.” It was sold as a way to make government more efficient and less costly. It would, said its proponents, “bring business technologies to public service.” Pro-business, anti-big government conservatives were intrigued. The backbone of the plan was a call for “public/private partnerships” (PPPs). That sounded like their kind of program. Government, they said, would finally tap the tremendous power of the entrepreneurial process and the force of the free market into making government more effective and efficient. It sounded so revolutionary and so American. Today that “reinvention” has evolved into the policy known as Sustainable Development and much of it has been embraced by the “free-trade” movement which advocates open borders, free trade zones and one-size fits all regulations and currencies and the use of public/private partnerships. Many of the biggest proponents of the policy are conservative and libertarian think tanks. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was the first of the “free trade” policies to use the concept of public/private partnerships as a major tool to drive policy. The program was sold simply as a means to expand markets for American industry and agriculture beyond U.S. borders into Canada and Mexico, thereby offering American business and workers “better jobs, better wages and more exports.” However, NAFTA has brought about much more than unencumbered trade. It is creating great change in the economic order of the nation. - It is little understood by the general public how public/private partnerships can be used, not as a way to diminish the size of government, but in fact, to increase its power. These bonds between government and private international corporations are a double—edged sword. They come armed with government’s power to tax, enforce policy or enforce eminent domain. At the same time, the private corporations use their wealth and extensive advertising budgets to entrench the policy into our national conscience.
(Canadian Free Press)
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5/1/2008  DC Madam Predicted She Would Be Suicided
"Rape, beating, maiming, disfigurement and more than likely murder disguised in the form of just another jailhouse accident or suicide would await me," Palfrey wrote - Time Magazine curiously quick to re-affirm suicide story
(Prison Planet)
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1/1/2008  Destruction of Evidence from Ground Zero at the World Trade Center
The Destruction of Evidence from Ground Zero at the World Trade Center following the events of September 11, 2001, occurred, even though the criminal code requires that crime scene evidence be kept for forensic analysis. FEMA had steel recovered from the building rubble destroyed or shipped overseas before a serious investigation could take place. However, the Associated Press reported in a February 26, 2004, update that not only did the FBI ban the removal of crime scene evidence "after 13 agents stole WTC rubble," but also stated that "'All relevant evidence connected with the WTC crime scene was properly retrieved, catalogued and maintained.'"
(Source Watch)
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12/22/2007  Obama's views have changed with time
When he ran for the Senate, Obama called the act a "shoddy and dangerous law" that should be replaced. After he took office, the Senate considered an update that Obama criticized as only a modest improvement and one that was inferior to other alternatives. Still, Obama ended up voting for that renewal and update of the Patriot Act.
(USA Today)
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9/29/2006  Woodward: Kissinger Advising Bush
Henry Kissinger has been advising President Bush and Vice President Cheney about Iraq, telling them that "victory is the only meaningful exit strategy," author and journalist Bob Woodward said.
(Washington Post)
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7/3/2006  US government funds social network snooping: Citizens under scrutiny
The US government is funding research into social networking sites and how to gather and store personal data published on them, according to the New Scientist magazine. At the same time, US lawmakers are attempting to force the social networking sites themselves to control the amount and kind of information that people, particularly children, can put on the sites.
(The Register)
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1/1/2006  Terrorism and Western Statecraft: Al-Qaeda and Western Covert Operations After the Cold War
Abstract: Al-Qaeda is conventionally portrayed as a monolithic, hierarchicalorganization whose activities -- coordinated by the network‟s leader Osama bin Laden -- are the source of international terrorism today. Al-Qaeda is considered a radicaltendency within the broader Islamist Salafi movement, legitimizing its terroristoperations as a global Islamist jihad against Western civilization. Al- Qaeda‟s terroristactivity today is considered “blowback” from long finished CIA and w estern covertoperations in Afghanistan.The conventional wisdom is demonstrably false. After the Cold War, Westernconnections with al-Qaeda proliferated around the world, challenging mainstreamconceptions of al- Qaeda‟s identity. Western covert operation s and military- intelligence connections in strategic regions show that “al - Qaeda” is a network whose raison d’etre and modus operandi are inextricably embedded in a disturbingconglomerate of international Western diplomatic, financial, military and intelligencepolicies today. US, British and Western power routinely manipulates al-Qaedathrough a complex network of state-regional and human nodes. Such manipulationextended directly to the 9-11 hijackers, and thus to the events of 9-11 itself.
(Nafeez Ahmed)
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7/8/2005  Netanyahu: Advance warning reports 'absolutely false': AP story said Israeli embassy tipped off before yesterday's attack
Reports that he received prior warning about yesterday's deadly London terror attacks "have no basis in reality," former Prime Minister Benjamin Netantyahu told WorldNetDaily this morning. "Absolutely not. The reports are entirely false," said Netanyahu, still in London on a trip to address a corporate investment conference yesterday at the Great Eastern hotel near the site of one of the blasts.
(World Net Daily)
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3/24/2005  What Trumps What in the White House?
President Bush's hasty embrace of federal intervention in the Terri Schiavo case -- followed by yesterday's partial retreat -- has some folks trying to ascertain the relative importance to the White House of such factors as the "culture of life," state's rights, activist judges, the gun culture, global catastrophes and brute political calculation. Here's how one reader put it in my Live Online discussion yesterday: "Now we learn that the Republicans have a trumping order of issues. The sanctity of marriage trumps the rights of gays and state's rights, but the 'culture of life' trumps the sanctity of marriage and state's rights. . . .
(Washington Post)
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5/20/2003  Pentagon Hopes to ID People by Way They Walk
Watch your step! The Pentagon is developing a radar-based device that can identify people by the way they walk, for use in a new antiterrorist surveillance system. Operating on the theory that an individual's walk is as unique as a signature, the Pentagon has financed a research project at the Georgia Institute of Technology that has been 80 to 95 percent successful in identifying people. If the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, orders a prototype, the individual "gait signatures" of people could become part of the data to be linked together in a vast surveillance system the Pentagon agency calls Total Information Awareness.
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