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1/4/2002  America The Polarized
When Congress returns to Washington, the battles will resume -- and each party will accuse the other of partisanship. Why can't they just get along?
(New York Times)
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1/1/2002  Monsanto Hid Decades Of Pollution
PCBs Drenched Ala. Town, But No One Was Ever Told
(Washington Post)
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12/6/2001  Enron Paid $55 Million For Bonuses
Just days before Enron filed for bankruptcy and laid off 4,000 people, it paid out $55 million in bonuses to about 500 employees, according to several people who had dealings with the company
(New York Times)
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10/1/2001  Neuropsychological Performance in Long-term Cannabis Users
Some cognitive deficits appear detectable at least 7 days after heavy cannabis use but appear reversible and related to recent cannabis exposure rather than irreversible and related to cumulative lifetime use
(Archives of General Psychiatry)
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7/26/2001  Two Stations, One Tabloid, One Owner
Federal regulators yesterday approved the News Corporation's acquisition of Chris-Craft Industries, paving the way for the company to gain unprecedented control over two of the main broadcast television stations in the New York market
(New York Times)
posted: 8/7/09                   0       7
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7/21/2001  F.C.C. to Waive Rules for Acquisition by Murdoch
The Federal Communications Commission has decided to approve the News Corporation 's purchase of Chris-Craft Industries and waive rules that would have forced the combined company to sell either The New York Post, WNYW-TV or WWOR-TV, according to senior government officials
(New York Times)
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7/12/2001  Reinventing Collectivism: The New Social Democracy
On every front, collectivism is in retreat. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the idea of state socialism is dead. For many people, the triumph of the market economy has legitimised the ideals of economic self-interest. Throughout the Western world, the traditional role of government is under question: the large, centralised bureaucracies of the welfare state appear to be out-of-step with an increasingly self-reliant electorate. The public’s faith in the public sector is at an all-time low. So too, we have entered an era of political disengagement. The hierarchies of organised politics have generated enormous public distrust and dissatisfaction. Indeed, it is difficult to think of a government policy that still fosters a strong sense of collective interest and collective responsibility. We are losing the battle for public mutuality. Not surprisingly, the foundations of community life are also weak. Society is experiencing exclusion at the top as well as the bottom. The trend towards walled housing estates and gated communities erodes social capital, no less than the exclusion of poor neighbourhoods. There is a thing called society but unhappily, we are losing it. This is the crisis of Left-of-Centre politics: the widespread decline in collective institutions and collective ideals. Unless this crisis is addressed, our hopes for social democracy will hollow out. We will become a cause for power, rather than a cause for a good society. While from time to time we will still win elections, we will not know what to do with our electoral success. - One of the characteristics of Information Age politics is a growing sense of self-reliance. With the spread of mass information and education, the public wants to make more of its own judgements, to take greater control of the decision making process. Across society, institutions that tell people what to do are losing support. This is true of all forms of hierarchy, whether expressed through government agencies, political parties, trade unions or churches. We have entered an era of institutional rebellion. Left-wing politics is the most prominent victim of this process. Each of our major institutions is in crisis. Trade union membership in Australia , for instance, has fallen to below 25 per cent of the workforce. The union movement has been crippled by an organisational contradiction: while economic activity has become more decentralised, it has gone down the path of amalgamations and centralised super-unions. This is one of the most ill-advised strategies in the history of Australian labour. Likewise, the old politics of statism is in decline. Contrary to the promise of the welfare state, there is not a government program for every social problem. Indeed, it is difficult to find a section of society that remains enthusiastic about the work of government. At one level, these shortcomings are entirely predictable. The state has adopted the organisational principles of the Industrial Age: hierarchies, mass production and standardisation. It is out of step with the demands of an increasingly diverse and self-reliant electorate.
(University of New South Wales)
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1/5/2001  Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations over the Last Glacial Termination
"The start of the CO2 increase thus lagged the start of the [temperature] increase by 800 ± 600 years, taking the uncertainties of the gas-ice age difference and the determination of the increases into account." (CO2 lags Temperature)
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12/10/2000  Contesting the Vote: The Overview; Supreme Court, Split 5-4, Halts Florida Count In Blow To Gore
(New York Times)
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11/8/2000  Bush And Gore Vie For An Edge With Narrow Electoral Split; Hillary Clinton Goes To Senate; Big Victory for First Lady in Contest With Lazio (New York Times)
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1/1/2000  Off the Record
What Media Corporations Don't Tell You About Their Legislative Agendas
(The Center for Public Integrity)
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12/7/1999  Monsanto employees and government regulatory agencies employees are the same people! (Peter Khaled)
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keywords: Al Gore, Biotechnology Industry Organization, Clayton Yeutter, David Beier, Dow Chemical, Dupont, Environmental Protection Agency, Food And Drug Administration, Genentech Inc, Jack Watson, Jimmy Carter, Josh King, Larry Zeph, Lidia Watrud, Linda Fisher, Luther Val Giddings, Marcia Hale, Margaret Miller, Michael Friedman, Michael Kantor, Michael Phillips, Michael Taylor, Monsanto, Pioneer Hi-bred International, Terry Medley, US Department Of Agriculture, US Department Of Commerce, US Department Of Health And Human Services, US Government Accountability Office, United States, White House, William Ruckelshaus Add New Keyword To Link

7/20/1999  MEMORANDUM
The Monsanto Investigation - "This is an analysis of the failure of EPA to investigate allegations that the Monsanto Company had falsified scientific studies on the carcinogenicity of dioxin."
(Environmental Protection Agency)
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4/1/1999  rBGH Ruled Unsafe for Canadian and European People and Cows
Canada and the European Union have banned the use of Bovine Recombinant Growth Hormone (rBGH), citing its toxicity to both cows and humans, but the US Food and Drug Administration approved rBGH use for US dairy cows
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10/23/1998  Monsanto Accused of Attempt to Bribe Health Canada for rBGH (Posilac) Approval
Veterinary scientists from Health Canada's Human Safety Division testified yesterday that they are being pressured to approve a controversial hormone intended to boost milk production in dairy cattle
(The Ottowa Citizen)
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11/3/1996  Susurluk scandal (Wikipedia)
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11/1/1996  False Advertising by Monsanto Regarding the Safety of Roundup Herbicide (Glyphosate) (Attorney General of the State of New York)
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8/2/1994  Comparing Dangers of Popular Drugs (National Institute on Drug Abuse)
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2/19/1989  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY: The Salomon Solution; A Building Within a Building, at a Cost of $200 Million
The work, which began last month at Seven World Trade Center, reflects both the adaptability of steel-framed towers and the extraordinary importance of fail-safe computer and telephone systems for the brokerage industry
(New York Times)
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5/25/1981  Ecuadoran Leader Dies In Plane Crash
President Jaime Roldos Aguilera was killed today when an Air Force plane carrying him crashed in the Andes near Ecuador's southern border with Peru, the Presidential Palace announced
(New York Times)
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11/4/1979  60 Minutes on the Swine Flu Scare of 1976 and Immunizations (1 of 2) (CBS)
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11/4/1979  60 Minutes on the Swine Flu Scare of 1976 and Immunizations (2 of 2) (CBS)
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10/20/1977  The CIA And The Media
How Americas Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up - Some of the journalists working the CIA’s side of the street “were Pulitzer Prize winners, distinguished reporters who considered themselves ambassadors-without-portfolio for their country...”
(Rolling Stone)
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3/2/1954  Arbenz Attacks Foreign Critics; Guatemalan Leader Asserts Intervention Threat Comes From Others, Not Soviet
President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman declared specifically today that the Soviet Union had not intervened, was not intervening and did not threaten to intervene in the internal affairs of Guatemala
(New York Times)
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1/29/2009  Clergy response teams to help government enforce martial law
posted: 4/30/09      
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5/22/2003  Bayer Sold HIV-Risky Meds
Says Can't Judge Mid 80s Actions By 2003 Standards And Knowledge
(CBS, Associated Press)
posted: 4/28/09                   3       9
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1/1/1994  How Aspartame is made
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2/25/2014  Annapolis police chief apologizes for citing hoax story in testimony against marijuana legalization
Testifying against bills proposed to legalize and decriminalize marijuana in the state, Annapolis Police Chief Michael Pristoop cited a hoax story that claimed 37 people had died the first day marijuana was legalized in Colorado. “The first day of legalization, that’s when Colorado experienced 37 deaths that day from overdose on marijuana,” Pristoop testified at Tuesday’s Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing. “I remember the first day it was decriminalized there were 37 deaths.” But Sen. Jamie Raskin, D-Montgomery, who has proposed a bill that would legalize, regulate and tax the drug, immediately fact-checked Pristoop. “Unless you have some other source for this, I’m afraid I’ve got to spoil the party here,” Raskin said. “Your assertion that 37 people died of a marijuana overdose in Colorado was a hoax on the DailyCurrant and the Comedy Central website.” Indeed, Pristoop was apparently referring to a story by the satirical website, which reportedly fooled some people with the headline ‘‘Marijuana overdoses kill 37 in Colorado on first day of legalization.”
(Capital Gazette)
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12/2/2013  Meet Carl Hart, the Scientist Debunking America's Myths About Drugs
Dr. Carl Hart defies all preconceptions of the word "neuropsychopharmacologist." With thick dreadlocks that dangle well below his shoulders, a penchant for studded earrings, and a gold incisor that flashes when he grins, Hart, 47, was the only black man in America to receive a Ph.D in neuroscience in 1996 upon completing his doctorate at the University of Wyoming. Though he continues to break Ivy League stereotypes as Columbia University's first tenured African-American science professor, Hart shakes the foundations of his field in a much more significant way than race: His research suggests that for the last three decades, law enforcement, politicians, and the media have been lying to Americans about the dangers of cocaine, methamphetamines, and other illegal drugs. "I have been studying drugs for 22 years," Hart said in an interview with Columbia College Today. "I am here to tell you, drugs are not the bogeyman that people said they were." Dispelling the myths surrounding drug abuse and addiction is precisely the goal of Hart's new book, High Price: A Neuroscientist's Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society. Hart's autobiography weaves personal memoir, Drug Science 101, and enlightened discussions of American racial politics into one engaging narrative. High Price is structured around Hart's own remarkable journey from an impoverished childhood on the streets of Miami's roughest neighborhoods to a professional career studying drugs in the ivory towers of academia.
(Policy Mic)
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11/25/2013  The internet mystery that has the world baffled
For the past two years, a mysterious online organisation has been setting the world's finest code-breakers a series of seemingly unsolveable problems. But to what end? Welcome to the world of Cicada 3301 - One evening in January last year, Joel Eriksson, a 34-year-old computer analyst from Uppsala in Sweden, was trawling the web, looking for distraction, when he came across a message on an internet forum. The message was in stark white type, against a black background. “Hello,” it said. “We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them, we have devised a test. There is a message hidden in this image. Find it, and it will lead you on the road to finding us. We look forward to meeting the few that will make it all the way through. Good luck.” The message was signed: "3301”. A self-confessed IT security "freak” and a skilled cryptographer, Eriksson’s interest was immediately piqued. This was – he knew – an example of digital steganography: the concealment of secret information within a digital file. Most often seen in conjunction with image files, a recipient who can work out the code – for example, to alter the colour of every 100th pixel – can retrieve an entirely different image from the randomised background "noise”.
(London Telegraph)
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11/15/2013  West Coast Evacuation Due To Fukishima Radiation Possible
Nuclear Engineer Dr. Arjun Makhijani, president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, confirmed that ocean currents are carrying the radioactive water to the West Coast. "There are several hundred tons of radioactive water that are pouring into the ocean at the site every day," Makhijani said. According to a study published in the Journal Deep Sea Research 1, it will begin arriving this March. But Makhijani says there's no need to panic. The radiation will be diluted, and levels found on the West Coast are very low and not considered dangerous so far. But the question is, will we really know?
posted: 11/19/13      
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11/12/2013  Houston Anthropologist Reveals Irrefutable Proof That Recorded History Is Wrong
Evidence Found Across the Globe of Highly Evolved Human Species from before the Ice Age, Demand Scientific Recognition of our Past that Depicts Societies of Advanced Technology and Culture Houston anthropologist, Dr. Semir Osmanagich, founder of the Bosnian Archaeology Park, the most active archaeology site in the world, declares that irrefutable scientific evidence exists of ancient civilizations with advanced technology that leaves us no choice but to change our recorded history. An examination of the age of structures across the earth reveals conclusively that they were built by advanced civilizations from over 29,000 years ago. “Acknowledging that we are witness to fundamental proof of advanced civilizations dating back over 29,000 years and an examination of their societal structures forces the World to reconsider its understanding of the development of civilization and history,” explains Dr. Semir Osmanagich. “Conclusive data at the Bosnian Pyramid site revealed in 2008 and confirmed this year by several independent labs who conducted radio carbon testing dates the site at 29,400 +/-400 years minimum.” The radiocarbon dating tests of 29,200 years +/- 400 years was done by Radiocarbon Lab from Kiew, Ukraine, on organic material found at the Bosnian Pyramid site. Physicist Dr. Anna Pazdur of Poland’s Silesian University first announced the news at a Press Conference in Sarajevo in August of 2008. Professor of Classical Archaeology from the University of Alexandria Dr. Mona Haggag called this discovery “writing new pages in European and World history.” The C14 date of 29,000 years at the Bosnian Archaeological Park was obtained from a piece of organic material retrieved from a clay layer inside the outer casing to the pyramid. It follows a sample date obtained during the 2012 dig season on material located above the concrete at 24,800 years, meaning this structure has a construction profile stretching back almost 30,000 years.
(Before It's News)
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keywords: Anna Pazdur, Archaeology, Archaeonova Institute, Art, Berlin, Bosnia, Bosnian Archaeology Park, Carbon, Dallas, Dinosaurs, European Union, Evolution, German Archaeological Institute, Germany, Giza, Gobekli Tepe, Heidelberg, Hieroglyphics, Houston, Ice Age, Kiew, Klaus Schmidt, Michal Cremo, Mona Haggag, Poland, Rockwall, Sarajevo, Semir Osmanagich, Silesian University, Stonehenge, Sun, Texas, Tim Moon, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, University Of Alexandria Add New Keyword To Link

11/10/2013  Portland's Pot Vote Could Make It A Gateway City For Maine
It's been a big year in the marijuana legalization movement. Not only did Colorado and Washington voters make marijuana legal last November, but this week Coloradans approved a ballot measure to tax marijuana sales. Also this week, Michigan voters in three cities removed penalties for possession. And in Portland, Maine, voters passed by an overwhelming margin an ordinance to legalize possession of up to 2.5 ounces. At a victory party at a Portland pub Tuesday night, activists lit up a foot-long joint and passed it around in celebration — until they were asked to put it out. Smoking pot in public is still illegal, and marijuana remains outlawed at the state and federal levels. That's why Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck says not much will change as a result of the city's vote. "State law pre-empts an ordinance of this sort, a local ordinance of any sort," he says. The other reason Sauschuck says it won't change much is because Maine is one of 13 states that has already decriminalized marijuana possession. It's just a civil offense, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.
(National Public Radio)
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10/16/2013  Mexico Bans GMO Corn Effective Immediately
A Mexico judge has placed an indefinite ban on genetically engineered corn. Effective immediately, companies like Monsanto and DuPont/Pioneer will no longer be allowed to plant or sell their corn within the country’s borders. According to Environmental Food and Justice, Judge Jaime Eduardo Verdugo J. of the Twelfth Federal District Court for Civil Matters of Mexico City wrote that the genetically engineered corn posed ”the risk of imminent harm to the environment.”
(Eco Living)
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9/14/2013  World's top climate scientists confess: Global warming is just QUARTER what we thought -- and computers got the effects of greenhouse gases wrong
Leaked report reveals the world has warmed at quarter the rate claimed by IPCC in 2007 -- Scientists accept their computers may have exaggerated - A leaked copy of the world’s most authoritative climate study reveals scientific forecasts of imminent doom were drastically wrong. The Mail on Sunday has obtained the final draft of a report to be published later this month by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the ultimate watchdog whose massive, six-yearly ‘assessments’ are accepted by environmentalists, politicians and experts as the gospel of climate science. They are cited worldwide to justify swingeing fossil fuel taxes and subsidies for ‘renewable’ energy. Yet the leaked report makes the extraordinary concession that over the past 15 years, recorded world temperatures have increased at only a quarter of the rate of IPCC claimed when it published its last assessment in 2007. Back then, it said observed warming over the 15 years from 1990-2005 had taken place at a rate of 0.2C per decade, and it predicted this would continue for the following 20 years, on the basis of forecasts made by computer climate models. But the new report says the observed warming over the more recent 15 years to 2012 was just 0.05C per decade - below almost all computer predictions. The 31-page ‘summary for policymakers’ is based on a more technical 2,000-page analysis which will be issued at the same time. It also surprisingly reveals: IPCC scientists accept their forecast computers may have exaggerated the effect of increased carbon emissions on world temperatures – and not taken enough notice of natural variability.
(UK Daily Mail)
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9/8/2013  Science confirms: Politics wrecks your ability to do math
Everybody knows that our political views can sometimes get in the way of thinking clearly. But perhaps we don’t realize how bad the problem actually is. According to a new psychology paper, our political passions can even undermine our very basic reasoning skills. More specifically, the study finds that people who are otherwise very good at math may totally flunk a problem that they would otherwise probably be able to solve, simply because giving the right answer goes against their political beliefs. The study, by Yale law professor Dan Kahan and his colleagues, has an ingenious design. At the outset, 1,111 study participants were asked about their political views and also asked a series of questions designed to gauge their “numeracy,” that is, their mathematical reasoning ability. Participants were then asked to solve a fairly difficult problem that involved interpreting the results of a (fake) scientific study. But here was the trick: While the fake study data that they were supposed to assess remained the same, sometimes the study was described as measuring the effectiveness of a “new cream for treating skin rashes.” But in other cases, the study was described as involving the effectiveness of “a law banning private citizens from carrying concealed handguns in public.” The result? Survey respondents performed wildly differently on what was in essence the same basic problem, simply depending upon whether they had been told that it involved guns or whether they had been told that it involved a new skin cream. What’s more, it turns out that highly numerate liberals and conservatives were even more – not less — susceptible to letting politics skew their reasoning than were those with less mathematical ability.
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9/3/2013  Motivated Numeracy and Enlightened Self-Government
Dan M. Kahan, Yale University, Law School; Harvard University, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics -- Ellen Peters, Ohio State University, Psychology Department; Decision Research; University of Oregon -- Erica Cantrell Dawson, Cornell University -- Paul Slovic, Decision Research; University of Oregon, Department of Psychology - Abstract: Why does public conflict over societal risks persist in the face of compelling and widely accessible scientific evidence? We conducted an experiment to probe two alternative answers: the “Science Comprehension Thesis” (SCT), which identifies defects in the public’s knowledge and reasoning capacities as the source of such controversies; and the “Identity-protective Cognition Thesis” (ICT) which treats cultural conflict as disabling the faculties that members of the public use to make sense of decision-relevant science. In our experiment, we presented subjects with a difficult problem that turned on their ability to draw valid causal inferences from empirical data. As expected, subjects highest in Numeracy — a measure of the ability and disposition to make use of quantitative information — did substantially better than less numerate ones when the data were presented as results from a study of a new skin-rash treatment. Also as expected, subjects’ responses became politically polarized — and even less accurate — when the same data were presented as results from the study of a gun-control ban. But contrary to the prediction of SCT, such polarization did not abate among subjects highest in Numeracy; instead, it increased. This outcome supported ICT, which predicted that more Numerate subjects would use their quantitative-reasoning capacity selectively to conform their interpretation of the data to the result most consistent with their political outlooks. We discuss the theoretical and practical significance of these findings.
(Social Science Research Network)
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8/1/2013  Administration says it's serious about privacy, defends NSA programs
The Obama administration says it takes privacy criticisms over its surveillance programs seriously while defending them to Congress and the U.S. public. Obama met Thursday with a bipartisan group of lawmakers -- both critics and supporters -- to discuss surveillance activities of the National Security Agency. Also, NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander was on Capitol Hill to answer House lawmakers' questions in a classified briefing before the August recess, The Hill reported. "Today's meeting was constructive and the President committed that he and his team would continue to work closely with the Congress on these matters in the weeks and months ahead," the White House said in a statement. "We will continue to work through the August recess on proposals to improve transparency and strengthen privacy protections to further build the confidence of the American public in our nation's counterterrorism programs," the lawmakers said in a joint statement.
(United Press International)
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3/15/2012  The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)
The spring air in the small, sand-dusted town has a soft haze to it, and clumps of green-gray sagebrush rustle in the breeze. Bluffdale sits in a bowl-shaped valley in the shadow of Utah’s Wasatch Range to the east and the Oquirrh Mountains to the west. It’s the heart of Mormon country, where religious pioneers first arrived more than 160 years ago. They came to escape the rest of the world, to understand the mysterious words sent down from their god as revealed on buried golden plates, and to practice what has become known as “the principle,” marriage to multiple wives. Today Bluffdale is home to one of the nation’s largest sects of polygamists, the Apostolic United Brethren, with upwards of 9,000 members. The brethren’s complex includes a chapel, a school, a sports field, and an archive. Membership has doubled since 1978—and the number of plural marriages has tripled—so the sect has recently been looking for ways to purchase more land and expand throughout the town. But new pioneers have quietly begun moving into the area, secretive outsiders who say little and keep to themselves. Like the pious polygamists, they are focused on deciphering cryptic messages that only they have the power to understand. Just off Beef Hollow Road, less than a mile from brethren headquarters, thousands of hard-hatted construction workers in sweat-soaked T-shirts are laying the groundwork for the newcomers’ own temple and archive, a massive complex so large that it necessitated expanding the town’s boundaries. Once built, it will be more than five times the size of the US Capitol. Rather than Bibles, prophets, and worshippers, this temple will be filled with servers, computer intelligence experts, and armed guards. And instead of listening for words flowing down from heaven, these newcomers will be secretly capturing, storing, and analyzing vast quantities of words and images hurtling through the world’s telecommunications networks. In the little town of Bluffdale, Big Love and Big Brother have become uneasy neighbors. The NSA has become the largest, most covert, and potentially most intrusive intelligence agency ever.
posted: 10/4/13                   0       6
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8/1/2011  The Informants ~ The FBI has built a massive network of spies to prevent another domestic attack. But are they busting terrorist plots--or leading them?
JAMES CROMITIE WAS A MAN of bluster and bigotry. He made up wild stories about his supposed exploits, like the one about firing gas bombs into police precincts using a flare gun, and he ranted about Jews. "The worst brother in the whole Islamic world is better than 10 billion Yahudi," he once said. A 45-year-old Walmart stocker who'd adopted the name Abdul Rahman after converting to Islam during a prison stint for selling cocaine, Cromitie had lots of worries—convincing his wife he wasn't sleeping around, keeping up with the rent, finding a decent job despite his felony record. But he dreamed of making his mark. He confided as much in a middle-aged Pakistani he knew as Maqsood. "I'm gonna run into something real big," he'd say. "I just feel it, I'm telling you. I feel it." Maqsood and Cromitie had met at a mosque in Newburgh, a struggling former Air Force town about an hour north of New York City. They struck up a friendship, talking for hours about the world's problems and how the Jews were to blame. It was all talk until November 2008, when Maqsood pressed his new friend. "Do you think you are a better recruiter or a better action man?" Maqsood asked. "I'm both," Cromitie bragged. "My people would be very happy to know that, brother. Honestly." "Who's your people?" Cromitie asked. "Jaish-e-Mohammad." Maqsood said he was an agent for the Pakistani terror group, tasked with assembling a team to wage jihad in the United States. He asked Cromitie what he would attack if he had the means. A bridge, Cromitie said.
(Mother Jones)
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4/3/2011  How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs
As the violence spread, billions of dollars of cartel cash began to seep into the global financial system. But a special investigation by the Observer reveals how the increasingly frantic warnings of one London whistleblower were ignored - On 10 April 2006, a DC-9 jet landed in the port city of Ciudad del Carmen, on the Gulf of Mexico, as the sun was setting. Mexican soldiers, waiting to intercept it, found 128 cases packed with 5.7 tons of cocaine, valued at $100m. But something else – more important and far-reaching – was discovered in the paper trail behind the purchase of the plane by the Sinaloa narco-trafficking cartel. During a 22-month investigation by agents from the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the Internal Revenue Service and others, it emerged that the cocaine smugglers had bought the plane with money they had laundered through one of the biggest banks in the United States: Wachovia, now part of the giant Wells Fargo. The authorities uncovered billions of dollars in wire transfers, traveller's cheques and cash shipments through Mexican exchanges into Wachovia accounts. Wachovia was put under immediate investigation for failing to maintain an effective anti-money laundering programme. Of special significance was that the period concerned began in 2004, which coincided with the first escalation of violence along the US-Mexico border that ignited the current drugs war. Criminal proceedings were brought against Wachovia, though not against any individual, but the case never came to court. In March 2010, Wachovia settled the biggest action brought under the US bank secrecy act, through the US district court in Miami. Now that the year's "deferred prosecution" has expired, the bank is in effect in the clear. It paid federal authorities $110m in forfeiture, for allowing transactions later proved to be connected to drug smuggling, and incurred a $50m fine for failing to monitor cash used to ship 22 tons of cocaine.
(London Guardian)
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2/14/2011  My credit card had a 79.9% APR
Toni Riss had a credit card with a 79.9% interest rate. The 58-year-old woman from Texas thought she struck gold when she found the First Premier card, which is aimed specifically at consumers with poor credit. "I had an accident on a motorcycle, went through bankruptcy to pay for medical expenses and my credit went to hell in a hand basket, so I was looking for credit cards for people with bad credit" Riss said. They granted her a card with a $300 limit -- typical for new customers -- and a starting rate of 29.9%, which Riss said she considered decent given her credit score. But about six months after opening the card -- at the end of 2009 -- she received an unwelcome surprise in the mail. "I about had a heart attack when I got a disclosure notice saying that my starting rate of 29.9% was going up to 79.9%," said Riss. "It was ludicrous. Talk about a highway robbery." At that same time, First Premier Bank launched a new credit card with the sky-high 79.9% rate. The card proved popular with consumers, said First Premier Bankcard CEO Miles Beacom, but the performance was bad: "A lot of the people ran up the card, defaulted and went directly to charge off."
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2/10/2011  Michael Pawlyn: Using nature's genius in architecture (TED)
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2/2/2011  All-Time Record: Wall Street Compensation Hits $135 Billion
Wall Street was on the ropes just 25 months ago. Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Bros., Bank of America, Wachovia, maybe Morgan Stanley; Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase were wounded. GE could not role over its commercial paper. European banks required cash infusions from our central bank. Just in the wake of a report highlighting Wall Street’s narrow, selfish imbecilities, we are treated to the stunning realization that the captains of the sinking liner are today enjoying the all-time record payoff for surviving with massive transfusions. The payout of $135 billion to employees of Wall Street firms in 2010 is equivalent to the total market value of both Bank of America and Citigroup. Imagine– in two years.
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2/1/2011  Public Funding of Presidential Elections
Published in August 1996 (updated February 2011) Contents Introduction What is Public Funding? When and How Did it Begin? How Does Public Funding Work? Primary Matching Funds General Election Funding Expenditure Limits for Publicly Funded Candidates Convention Funding What is the FEC's Role? Eligibility for Public Funds Repayments of Public Funds How Can I Support My Candidate? How Can I Obtain Copies of Reports? How Can I Get More Information?
(Federal Election Commission)
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1/31/2011  Clinton Ambassador Meeting: Unprecedented Mass Meeting Of Top Envoys
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is convening an unprecedented mass meeting of U.S. ambassadors. The top envoys from nearly all of America's 260 embassies, consulates and other posts in more than 180 countries will be gathering at the State Department beginning on Monday. Officials say it's the first such global conference. The gathering comes at a time of crisis in Egypt that could reshape dynamics in the Middle East, fallout from leaked diplomatic documents and congressional calls for sweeping cuts in foreign aid.
(Associated Press)
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1/20/2011  Did The Sun Rise 2 Days Early In Greenland? Global Warming May Be Cause
Vampires aren't the only ones who worry about the sun rising. After living in complete darkness for a chunk of winter, one might think Greenland citizens would be happy to finally see sunlight. But instead, the first sight of sun sent residents of Ilulissat, a town on the western coast, into a panic, with good reason -- the sun supposedly rose two days early. According to LiveScience, Ilulissat is about three degrees north of the Arctic Circle -- where the sun doesn't set during summer solstice, and the sun doesn't rise on winter solstice. In other words, people living near this region experience winters without any sunlight. Ilulissat normally sees its first sunrise on January 13th -- this year, the sun allegedly rose on January 11th instead.
(Huffington Post)
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1/17/2011  Strange Claim: The Sun Rose 2 Days Early in Greenland
Residents of a town on the western coast of Greenland may have seen the sun peek over the horizon 48 hours earlier than its usual arrival on Jan. 13, sparking speculation, and disagreements, over possible causes. The town of Ilulissat sits just above the Arctic Circle, meaning its residents had been without any sunlight for a good chunk of the winter, and traditionally they'd expect to see their "first sunrise" on Jan. 13. News that the sun had peeked over the horizon on Jan. 11 appeared online in British and German-language publications and it appears to trace back to a story by the Greenland broadcasting company KNR that quotes residents who noticed the change. [Image Gallery: Sunrises and Sunsets] Of about half a dozen scientists contacted, most were unaware of the report, which was circulating on the Internet. They offered a number of hypothetical explanations, including an illusion caused by an atmospheric effect and conflicting opinions about whether global warming might be to blame for melting along the edges of Greenland's ice sheet. With less ice, Greenland's elevation may take a dip such that the sun would have less distance to travel before appearing over the horizon.
(Live Science)
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1/7/2011  Too much fluoride in water, government says -- High levels causing spots on teeth; recommended limit to be lowered
Fluoride in drinking water — credited with dramatically cutting cavities and tooth decay — may now be too much of a good thing. Getting too much of it causes spots on some kids' teeth. A reported increase in the spotting problem is one reason the federal government will announce Friday it plans to lower the recommended levels for fluoride in water supplies — the first such change in nearly 50 years. About 2 out of 5 adolescents have tooth streaking or spottiness because of too much fluoride, a surprising government study found recently. In some extreme cases, teeth can even be pitted by the mineral — though many cases are so mild only dentists notice it. Health officials note that most communities have fluoride in their water supplies, and toothpaste has it too. Some kids are even given fluoride supplements. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is announcing a proposal to change the recommended fluoride level to 0.7 milligrams per liter of water. And the Environmental Protection Agency will review whether the maximum cutoff of 4 milligrams per liter is too high.
(Associated Press)
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1/1/2011  Vaccination Risk Awareness Network homepage
Our website is designed to provide you with more information about risks and potential side-effects of vaccines, to get support if you or someone you know may have suffered adverse reactions from vaccines, and to foster a multi-disciplinary approach to child and family health. - VRAN — Vaccination Risk Awareness Network — is a not-for-profit educational society. Formed in response to growing parental concern regarding the safety of current vaccination programs in Canada, VRAN serves as a public information and resource group, and is committed to protecting children from the known risks of vaccines currently in use and those being developed for future use in Canada by informing parents of the components of vaccines, side effects, and possible long-term health effects. VRAN is a national organization with members across Canada, many of whom have children who have suffered a broad spectrum of vaccine reactions, neuroimmune injuries, including death from vaccine reactions. VRAN publishes a quarterly, highly informative newsletter with updates of the latest news and research on the vaccine issue from around the world. VRAN‘s mandate is to empower families to make educated, voluntary, and informed decisions about vaccination, to support people in their right to health freedom, and to maintain and further the individual’s freedom from enforced medication. A growing number of health care practitioners, both physicians and practitioners of alternative medicine, support our mandate to provide parents and legal guardians with full disclosure of the risks associated with vaccines before the decision to vaccinate is made.
(Vaccination Risk Awareness Network)
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