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6/25/2010  Burned girl a symbol of Roma hate and hope
Natalka Kudrikova is a bright-eyed, three-year-old girl recovering from the severe burns she suffered when far-right extremists threw a Molotov cocktail into her home. - According to the prosecutor, the attack was planned for the 120th anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birth. Court experts confirmed swastikas and other Nazi memorabilia were found in the defendants' homes.
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keywords: Adolf Hitler, Czech Republic, David Vaculik, Eugenics, Euroma, European Roma Rights Centre, European Union, Extremists, Holocaust, Hungary, Ivo Muller, Jan Fischer, Jaromir Lukes, Masaryk University, Miroslav Mares, Natalka Kudrikova, Nazi, Romani People, Slovak National Party, Slovakia, Vaclav Cojocaru, Vitkov, Workers' Party, Workers' Social Justice Party, World War II Add New Keyword To Link

6/22/2010  Connecticut heads up Google Wi-Fi probe
Earlier on Monday French government officials announced that a review of data collected there revealed that e-mail addresses and passwords were recorded by Google, although as Search Engine Land's Danny Sullivan points out, the nature of Google's collection means that anything sent over an unsecured wireless connection could have been collected. Google has argued that the data that was collected was "fragmented" because Street View cars were moving and the equipment used to record data was changing wireless channels several times a second. It has also said that it collected data inadvertently, and the company's intent will be a key part of the legal battle between Google, the state investigations, and a series of lawsuits.
posted: 6/22/10                   0       23

6/22/2010  Judge blocks Gulf offshore drilling moratorium
A federal judge in New Orleans has blocked a six-month moratorium on new deepwater drilling projects that was imposed in response to the massive Gulf oil spill. - Hornbeck Offshore Services of Covington, La., claims in a lawsuit that the government arbitrarily imposed the moratorium without any proof that the operations posed a threat. Hornbeck, which ferries people and supplies to offshore rigs, says it could cost Louisiana thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in lost wages. "This is an unprecedented industrywide shutdown. Never before has the government done this," plaintiffs attorney Carl Rosenblum said during a two-hour hearing Monday.
(Associated Press)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       20
keywords: Alabama, Alaska, Barack Obama, Bayou LA Batre, Big Oil, Bob Riley, British Petroleum, Carl Rosenblum, Darryl Willis, Deepwater Horizon, Exxon Valdez, Guillermo Montero, Gulf Of Mexico, Hornbeck Offshore Services, Kenneth Feinberg, London, Martin Feldman, Mobile, National Fish And Wildlife Foundation, New Orleans, Steve Newman, Tony Hayward, Transocean, US Department Of Justice, US Department Of The Interior, United Kingdom, United States, White House Add New Keyword To Link

6/2/2010  Iran 'restricting euro transactions'
As the stagnant European economy weighs heavily on the euro forcing it into a downward spiral, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) unveils a major plan for converting 45 billion of its euro reserves into dollar and gold ingots.
(Press TV)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       12
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6/7/2010  Another Gulf oil spill: Well near Deepwater Horizon has leaked since at least April 30
A nearby drilling rig, the Ocean Saratoga, has been leaking since at least April 30, according to a federal document. While the leak is decidedly smaller than the Deepwater Horizon spill, a 10-mile-long slick emanating from the Ocean Saratoga is visible from space in multiple images gathered by, which monitors environmental problems using satellites. Federal officials did not immediately respond when asked about the size of the leak, how long it had been flowing, or whether it was possible to plug it.
(Alabama Live)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       15
keywords: Alabama, Big Oil, Deepwater Horizon, Gulf Of Mexico, Henry Fair, Industrial, Louisiana, Mary Landry, National Response Center, Ocean Saratoga, Skytruth, Southwings, Taylor Energy CO, Tom Hutchings, US Coast Guard, United States Add New Keyword To Link

6/8/2010  CONFIRMED: Aerial Video Shows Second Leaking Rig Near The Deepwater Horizon
Earlier we published speculation from satellite analytics group SkyTruth that there may be a second leak in the Gulf. A freelance pilot and photographer confirmed these rumors and a possible coverup. Photographer J Henry Fair says the new photos show an oil plume originating from the Ocean Saratoga rig, which is operated by Diamond Offshore. A work ship in the foreground appeared to be applying dispersants to the oil. A larger rig in the background may be discharging another leak. - A NOAA spokeswoman said "scientists are looking into the leak." Meanwhile, Coast Guard rep Zachary Zubricki tells us "this is not a story."
(Business Insider)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       15
keywords: Alabama, Big Oil, Deepwater Horizon, Diamond Offshore, Gary Krenek, Gulf Of Mexico, Hurricane Ivan, National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration, Ocean Saratoga, Skytruth, Taylor Energy, Times Picayune, US Coast Guard, United States, Zachary Zubricki Add New Keyword To Link

6/18/2008  Urgent: House Democrats call for nationalization of refineries
House Democrats responded to President's Bush's call for Congress to lift the moratorium on offshore drilling. This was at an on-camera press conference fed back live. Among other things, the Democrats called for the government to own refineries so it could better control the flow of the oil supply.
posted: 6/22/10                   0       3

5/17/2010  Matthews: Obama Needs to 'Nationalize' Oil Industry!
On Monday's Hardball a visibly angry Matthews demanded Obama go after BP: "Why doesn't the President go in there, nationalize an industry and get the job done for the people?" and pointed out that in China they would have a much harsher response to BP: "They execute people for this. Major industrial leaders that commit crimes like this." Matthews even took aim at the entire capitalist system, as over video of the oil slick, he sarcastically mocked: "Everybody says 'Capitalism is great. Unbridled free enterprise is great.' Look at it! This is great, isn't it?!"
(News Busters)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       6

6/2/2010  Obama uses Gulf oil spill for energy agenda push
"The catastrophe unfolding in the Gulf right now may prove to be a result of human error -- or corporations taking dangerous shortcuts that compromised safety," Obama said in remarks at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. "But we have to acknowledge that there are inherent risks to drilling four miles beneath the surface of the Earth -- risks that are bound to increase the harder oil extraction becomes. Just like we have to acknowledge that an America run solely on fossil fuels should not be the vision we have for our children and grandchildren."
posted: 6/22/10                   0       10

5/27/2010  Obama cancels Gulf drilling projects
Takes responsibility for response, works to clean up mineral agency - Mr. Obama said his administration has been trying to clean up that agency, the Minerals Management Service. MMS' chief, Elizabeth Birnbaum, an Obama nominee, quit her post Thursday just before Mr. Obama held a press conference. Mr. Obama was not sure whether Ms. Birnbaum resigned or was asked to leave.
(Washington Times)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       7

6/6/2010  BP buys Google, Yahoo search words:Is it to keep people from real news on Gulf oil spill disaster?
In their most tenacious effort to control the ‘spin’ on the worst oil spill disaster in US history, BP has purchased sponsored links at the top of internet search engines, Google and Yahoo. The top listed links direct people to BP's official company website for news and information on the catastrophe. BP spokesman Toby Odone confirmed to ABC News that the oil giant had in fact bought internet search terms. The words ‘oil spill’, 'BP oil spill', 'Deepwater Horizon' and 'oil spill response' are among several other related search terms that all lead to the top listed sponsored links purchased by BP.
posted: 6/22/10                   0       15

5/26/2010  BP Used Riskier Method to Seal Well Before Blast
Several days before the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, BP officials chose, partly for financial reasons, to use a type of casing for the well that the company knew was the riskier of two options, according to a BP document.
(New York Times)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       7
keywords: Adrian Rose, Andrew Gowers, Big Oil, British Petroleum, Deepwater Horizon, Douglas Brown, Greg Mccormack, Gulf Of Mexico, Halliburton, Jason Mathews, Minerals Management Service, New Orleans, Nick J Rahall II, Schlumberger, Transocean, US Coast Guard, US Congress, United States, University Of Texas Add New Keyword To Link

4/12/2010  Robbins Umeda LLP Announces an Investigation of the Acquisition of Boots & Coots, Inc. by Halliburton Co.
(Wall Street Journal)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       5

6/3/2010  Units make history with Air Force's first homeland defense ORI
Three units representing each component of the Air Force made history here May 16 through 23 when they successfully completed the first homeland defense operational readiness inspection.
(U.S. Northern Command)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       9

6/14/2010  Feds under pressure to open US skies to drones
Unmanned aircraft have proved their usefulness and reliability in the war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq. Now the pressure's on to allow them in the skies over the United States. - Last year, the FAA promised defense officials it would have a plan this year. The agency, which has worked on this issue since 2006, has reams of safety regulations that govern every aspect of civilian aviation but is just beginning to write regulations for unmanned aircraft.
(Associated Press)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       18

9/19/2001  Profiting From Disaster? When The Stocks Fell, $5 Million Profit Was Made
Sources tell CBS News that the afternoon before the attack, alarm bells were sounding over unusual trading in the U.S. stock options market. An extraordinary number of trades were betting that American Airlines stock price would fall. The trades are called "puts" and they involved at least 450,000 shares of American. But what raised the red flag is more than 80 percent of the orders were "puts", far outnumbering "call" options, those betting the stock would rise.
posted: 6/22/10                   0       3

6/15/2010  WeAreChangeLA Organizer Faces Terrorist Charge
WeAreChangeLA’s lead organizer Bruno Bruhwiler is being targeted as aterrorist threat. It all began when Bruno was sitting in the audience at a civil hearing for another WACLA member. The Judge literally did not like Bruno’s involuntary facial expressions, and ordered him out of the courtroom.
(We Are Change)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       16
keywords: 9/11, 9/11 First Responders, Bruno Bruhwiler, California, Fealgood Foundation, Los Angeles, Oath Keepers, Police, Terrorists, United States, We Are Change Add New Keyword To Link

6/15/2010  Internet 'kill switch' proposed for US
A new US Senate Bill would grant the President far-reaching emergency powers to seize control of, or even shut down, portions of the internet. - The legislation says that companies such as broadband providers, search engines or software firms that the US Government selects "shall immediately comply with any emergency measure or action developed" by the Department of Homeland Security. Anyone failing to comply would be fined. That emergency authority would allow the Federal Government to "preserve those networks and assets and our country and protect our people," Joe Lieberman, the primary sponsor of the measure and the chairman of the Homeland Security committee, told reporters on Thursday. Lieberman is an independent senator from Connecticut who meets with the Democrats.
(CNet News)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       24

6/15/2010  Mexico To Limit US Dollar Cash Transactions To Combat Crime
Mexico's Finance Minister Ernesto Cordero said Tuesday the government will seek to limit cash transactions in U.S. dollars as an anti-money laundering measure aimed at fighting organized crime. Mexico receives more than $10 billion a year in suspicious dollar flows, Cordero said at a press conference. The new rules, some of which will take effect during the next 90 days, will limit dollar bank deposits, the payment of loans and services, as well as foreign exchange transactions to between $1,500 and $7,000 a month, depending on the profile of the client, he said.
(Wall Street Journal)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       18

6/18/2010  Violence Reaches New Peak In Mexican Drug War
Over the past two weeks, hundreds of people have been gunned down in Mexico as drug violence continues to escalate. The surge in killings comes as President Felipe Calderon is ramping up efforts to win more public support for the drug war. Calderon said this week that the bloody offensive against the drug cartels isn't just his war but is an effort to make Mexico safe for all law-abiding citizens. More than 23,000 people have died in drug-related violence since Calderon took office 3 1/2 years ago. Outbursts of gunfire are common. It seems that nowhere in the country is immune.
(National Public Radio)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       20
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1/1/2002  Oil Fields Are Refilling... Naturally -- Sometimes Rapidly
There Are More Oil Seeps Than All The Tankers On Earth - Deep underwater, and deeper underground, scientists see surprising hints that gas and oil deposits can be replenished, filling up again, sometimes rapidly. Although it sounds too good to be true, increasing evidence from the Gulf of Mexico suggests that some old oil fields are being refilled by petroleum surging up from deep below, scientists report. That may mean that current estimates of oil and gas abundance are far too low. Recent measurements in a major oil field show "that the fluids were changing over time; that very light oil and gas were being injected from below, even as the producing [oil pumping] was going on," said chemical oceanographer Mahlon "Chuck" Kennicutt. "They are refilling as we speak. But whether this is a worldwide phenomenon, we don't know." - "For example, Ian MacDonald at Texas A&M has published some remarkable satellite photographs of oil slicks which go for miles in the Gulf of Mexico in areas where no oil production is occurring." Before this research in oil basins began, she added, "changes in reservoired oils were not suspected, so no reliable data exists on how widespread the phenomenon might be in the Gulf Coast or elsewhere."
posted: 6/22/10                   0       3

9/26/1995  Geochemist Says Oil FieldsMay Be Refilled Naturally
COULD it be that many of the world's oil fields are refilling themselves at nearly the same rate they are being drained by an energy-hungry world? - "It could be," Dr. Whelan said, "that at some sites, particularly where there is a lot of faulting in the rock, a reservoir from which oil is being pumped might be a steady-state system -- one that is replenished by deeper reserves as fast as oil is pumped out." Extensive fault systems like those along the California coast might offer such a geological environment, she said. - "Hubbard was pretty much correct about the trend of United States production, which has been declining during the last two decades," Dr. Ahlbrandt said, "but he extended that forecast to the world, and that was wrong. World production has not yet peaked, although many experts believe it will start declining in about 2015 or 2020."
(New York Times)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       3

2/2/2009  Opinion: The Evidence for Limitless Oil and Gas
Everybody seems to believe in Hubbert's Peak Oil Theory. Why do you believe in this theory? Within this article I present fairly convincing evidence that Peak Oil is a theory based on a false premise - that oil is a finite resource. "The suggestion that petroleum might have arisen from some transformation of squashed fish or biological detritus is surely the silliest notion to have been entertained by substantial numbers of persons over an extended period of time." Sir Fred Hoyle FRS - It is notable that the whole of Hubbert's Theory of Peak Oil rests completely on the assumption that oil is biogenic in origin. Therefore oil is a finite resource. Simply everyone believes this, because everyone believes that this is a proven fact. I have also read that this Biogenic Theory directly contradicts and offends the Second Law of Thermodynamics. I became suspicious, so I searched all over the internet for substantiative proof -- and particularly the research articles in Google Scholar. - In the end, I have to agree that the Russian Abiotic Theory of Oil Formation - backed up by all its evidence, is far more likely to be the true explanation. And there appears to be little or no conclusive evidence to prove the Western Biotic Theory of Oil.
(Digital Journal)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       3
keywords: A A Giardini, Abiotic Oil, Alexander Von Humboldt, Big Oil, Charles Melton, Dmitri Mendeleev, Fred Hoyle, Marcellin Berthalot, Marion King Hubbert, Mikhailo Lomonosov, Nikolai Kudrayvtsev, Organization Of The Petroleum Exporting Countries, Peak Oil, Richard Heinberg, Russia, Ukraine, United States, Wikipedia Add New Keyword To Link

5/22/1920  Thomas Gold was an Austrian-born astrophysicist, a professor of astronomy at Cornell University, a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and a Fellow of the Royal Society (London).
Two papers were published in 1948 discussing the "Steady State theory" as an alternative to the Big Bang: one by Gold and Bondi, the other by Hoyle. In their seminal paper, Gold and Bondi asserted that although the universe is expanding, it nevertheless does not change its look over time; it has no beginning and no end. - Anthony Tucker of The Guardian remarked that Gold's discovery paved the way for Stephen Hawking's groundbreaking research into black holes. - Gold theorized that since petroleum and its component hydrocarbons were present across the entire universe, there was no reason to believe "that on Earth they must be biological in origin".[33] Gold proposed that fossil fuels were trapped inside the core of the Earth in randomized molecular form nearly 4.5 billion years ago. Over time, the extreme heat of the core "sweated" the rocks that contained these molecules, pushing them up through the porous layers of the Earth.
posted: 6/22/10                   0       3
keywords: Abiotic Oil, Adolf Hitler, Alaska, Asia, Austria, Big Oil, Cambridge, Caribbean, Carl Sagan, Christer Akerman, Cornell University, Frank Drake, Fred Hoyle, Gas Research Institute, Geoffrey Glasby, Geological Survey Of Sweden, Germany, Harry Messel, Harvard University, International Astronomical Union, John Castaño, Lake Siljan, London, Mexico, National Academy Of Sciences, National Aeronautics And Space Administration, Nazi, Paul Philp, Peak Oil, Persian Gulf, Puerto Rico, Royal Astronomical Society, Royal Society, Russia, Siberia, Stephen Hawking, Steven Soter, Sweden, Switzerland, Texas, Thomas Gold, US Congress, United Kingdom, United States, Urals, Vattenfall, Venezuela, Vienna Add New Keyword To Link

9/14/2007  Confessions of an “ex” Peak Oil Believer
In the 1950’s the Soviet Union faced ‘Iron Curtain’ isolation from the West. The Cold War was in high gear. Russia had little oil to fuel its economy. Finding sufficient oil indigenously was a national security priority of the highest order. Scientists at the Institute of the Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Geological Sciences of the Ukraine Academy of Sciences began a fundamental inquiry in the late 1940’s: where does oil come from? In 1956, Prof. Vladimir Porfir’yev announced their conclusions: ‘Crude oil and natural petroleum gas have no intrinsic connection with biological matter originating near the surface of the earth. They are primordial materials which have been erupted from great depths.’ The Soviet geologists had turned Western orthodox geology on its head. They called their theory of oil origin the ‘a-biotic’ theory—non-biological—to distinguish from the Western biological theory of origins. If they were right, oil supply on earth would be limited only by the amount of hydrocarbon constituents present deep in the earth at the time of the earth’s formation. Availability of oil would depend only on technology to drill ultra-deep wells and explore into the earth’s inner regions. They also realized old fields could be revived to continue producing, so called self-replentishing fields. They argued that oil is formed deep in the earth, formed in conditions of very high temperature and very high pressure, like that required for diamonds to form. ‘Oil is a primordial material of deep origin which is transported at high pressure via ‘cold’ eruptive processes into the crust of the earth,’ Porfir’yev stated. His team dismissed the idea that oil is was biological residue of plant and animal fossil remains as a hoax designed to perpetuate the myth of limited supply. - While the American oil multinationals were busy controlling the easily accessible large fields of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran and other areas of cheap, abundant oil during the 1960’s, the Russians were busy testing their alternative theory. They began drilling in a supposedly barren region of Siberia. There they developed eleven major oil fields and one Giant field based on their deep ‘a-biotic’ geological estimates. They drilled into crystalline basement rock and hit black gold of a scale comparable to the Alaska North Slope. They then went to Vietnam in the 1980s and offered to finance drilling costs to show their new geological theory worked. The Russian company Petrosov drilled in Vietnam’s White Tiger oilfield offshore into basalt rock some 17,000 feet down and extracted 6,000 barrels a day of oil to feed the energy-starved Vietnam economy. In the USSR, a-biotic-trained Russian geologists perfected their knowledge and the USSR emerged as the world’s largest oil producer by the mid-1980’s. Few in the West understood why, or bothered to ask.
(F William Engdahl)
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keywords: Alaska, Alfred Wegene, British Petroleum, California, China, Cold War, Colin Campbell, Dick Cheney, Dr J F Kenney, Exxon Mobil, F William Engdahl, Frank Press, Germany, Gulf Of Guinea, Gulf Of Mexico, Halford Mackinder, India, International Energy Agency, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Marion King Hubbert, Matt Simmons, Middle East, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Military, Moscow, Nigeria, North Sea, Peak Oil, Pentagon, Petrosov, Royal Dutch Shell, Russia, Russian Academy Of Sciences, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco, Siberia, Sweden, Texaco, Texas, Ukraine, Ukraine Academy Of Sciences, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, Vladilen Krayushkin, Vladimir Porfir'yev, Washington DC, White House, Yukos Oil Add New Keyword To Link

10/11/2005  Mystery still surrounds Earth’s oil supply
Scientists trade theories on how petroleum arises - If abiogenic petroleum sources are indeed found to be abundant, it would mean Earth contains vast reserves of untapped petroleum and, since other rocky objects formed from the same raw material as Earth, that crude oil might exist on other planets or moons in the solar system, scientists say. Both processes for making petroleum likely require thousands of years. Even if Earth does contain far more oil than currently thought, it's inevitable that reserves will one day run out. Scientists disagree sharply, however, on when that will occur. And some say a global crisis could begin as soon as increasing demand is greater than supply. Some analysts argue that such a scenario might play out in years rather than decades.
posted: 6/22/10                   0       2
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9/12/2009  Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas, Swedish Researchers Find
Researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm have managed to prove that fossils from animals and plants are not necessary for crude oil and natural gas to be generated. The findings are revolutionary since this means, on the one hand, that it will be much easier to find these sources of energy and, on the other hand, that they can be found all over the globe. - According to Vladimir Kutcherov, the findings are a clear indication that the oil supply is not about to end, which researchers and experts in the field have long feared. He adds that there is no way that fossil oil, with the help of gravity or other forces, could have seeped down to a depth of 10.5 kilometers in the state of Texas, for example, which is rich in oil deposits. As Vladimir Kutcherov sees it, this is further proof, alongside his own research findings, of the genesis of these energy sources – that they can be created in other ways than via fossils. This has long been a matter of lively discussion among scientists.
(Science Daily)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       3

1/28/2005  No Free Lunch, Part 3 of 3: Proof
All this proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the biological mechanism of oil formation can be reproduced in the lab. So we can be sure of one thing: that the biological theory of oil formation has been proven as much as it is expected and necessary for a scientific theory. That means that you can't explain the rising oil prices as the result of a scientific conspiracy involving setting up a hoax called "the biological theory of oil formation." If the biogenic theory is not a hoax, it means that it is likely that oil is, after all, a limited resource. We should all consider the consequences of this fact. - In closing, we turn to the eminent Australian astrobiologist and geologist, Dr. Jonathan Clarke. Dr. Clarke has produced a list of 16 observations which must be explained by the abiotic hypothesis before it can be seriously considered. We ask that abiotic supporters use this as a checklist, and please do not bother us again until you have successfully addressed each and every one of these points. - We fully agree with Dr. Clarke: the geological evidence does not support the abiogenic hypothesis.
(From the Wilderness)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       2
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7/11/2005  Fear and Irrationality in the Oil Patch
Profit-taking and stock prices rise and fall, but fears seem to be unfounded. Is the oil shortage real? Facts are hard to come by, and philosophical arguments rage. - The “Peak Oil” argument is based on the concept that oil is a limited “fossil” fuel, and that the supply will decline and the price will rise dramatically as demand outstrips supply – long before we actually run out of it. However, oil is not disappearing right away. The United States continues to fill its reserve wells, and some apparently-drained oil fields are refilling at a faster rate than expected. (Ref.) How? This is also hotly debated among the abiotic oil and biotic generation of oil theorists. Whatever the cause, the planet appears not to be running out of this form of energy resource in the immediate future.
(Pure Energy Systems News)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       1

11/1/2005  CNBC hosts 'Deep Oil vs. Peak Oil' debate
Author of 'Black Gold Stranglehold' to battle author of opposing book
(World Net Daily)
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11/13/2008  Endless Oil?
Radical Russian researchers say we are looking for oil in all the wrong places. - Kutcherov points to a handful of productive oil fields in Vietnam and elsewhere that lay in hard rock such as granite. Traditional theory says oil shouldn't be present there. Certain wells in the Gulf of Mexico have produced more oil than expected. The abiotic crowd says they are slowly being refilled from a deeper source. - To prove that abiotic oil is possible, in 2002 Kutcherov superheated calcium carbonate, water and iron in a pressure chamber and then cranked it up to produce 30,000 times atmospheric pressure, simulating the conditions present in the earth's mantle. Sure enough, about 1.5% of the material converted into hydrocarbons, according to results in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Most of it was methane and other gases, but about 10% was heavier oil components.
posted: 6/22/10                   0       1
keywords: Abiotic Oil, Alexander Kitchka, Barry Jay Katz, Big Oil, Chevron, Climate Change, Cornell University, Dimitri Mendeleev, Geoffrey Glasby, Gulf Of Mexico, Peak Oil, Royal Institute Of Technology, Russia, Sweden, Texas, Thomas Gold, Ukraine, Ukrainian National Academy Of Sciences, United States, Vietnam, Vladimir Kutcherov Add New Keyword To Link

6/14/2010  Data Show Big Exposure for Banks in Euro Zone
French and German banks continued to hold the greatest exposure to euro-zone countries facing market pressures at the end of last year, underscoring their interest in restoring investor confidence in the region. - Data released Sunday by the Bank for International Settlements showed that banks based in the 16 countries that use the euro accounted for $1.58 trillion, or 62%, of all internationally active banks' exposures to residents of Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. - That included $727 billion of exposure to Spain, $402 billion to Ireland, $244 billion to Portugal and $206 billion to Greece, with about half of the Greek ...
(Wall Street Journal)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       15

5/10/2008  Oil Peak and the Renewable Abiotic Petroleum
Are we saved from the "post industrial stone age"? - Russian researchers say they have found oil fields believed to be exhausted after one century of exploitation, and actually soaked with fuel at the border between Georgia and Azerbaijan, but also one well in Grozny (the capital of Chechnya). Similar cases would have been signaled in the Carpathian area and South America. Of course, American researchers, too, sustain the theory. They cite the Eugene Island 330 oilfield of Louisiana as proof that oil fields refill themselves (even if Google images of the site are not available...). Eugene Island 330's oil production has been in decline for the past 25 years, but tests made in the last decade would show that oil had comparable levels with those from the last decades. The arguments are weak. Oil found in basement rocks can be located in the case of highly fractured source rocks, when liquid oil is poured in the depth. Thus, they are not the source, but a collector basin.
posted: 6/22/10                   0       1

6/16/2010  State Board of Pharmacy reclassifies marijuana
To implement S.B. 728, Board makes marijuana a Schedule II drug - The Board reviewed scientific and medical literature and heard testimony from experts and members of the public before voting to move marijuana into Schedule II. This action is consistent with Oregon’s assertion that marijuana does have an acceptable medical use. The Board reviewed scientific and medical literature and heard testimony from experts and members of the public before voting to move marijuana into Schedule II. This action is consistent with Oregon’s assertion that marijuana does have an acceptable medical use.
(Oregon Board of Pharmacy)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       16
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2/6/2010  Opinion: Deep Oil, Deep Power and Deep Pockets
Is oil running out or not and is Peak Oil a true phenomenon? In this article I examine the dubious reasons for the promotion of The Peak Oil myth and the interplay between power, profit and money. - Evidence for the Russia Oil Formation Theory also abounds. Off the coast of New Orleans -- in the South Eugene oil fields is an example. Several of these wells -- in 300 ft of water -- were found to be refilling themselves with oil. Further investigation showed that they were refilling from below and not from the sides or above.
(Digital Journal)
posted: 6/18/10                   0       6

8/27/2009  Four crucial resources that may run out in your lifetime
On the rebuttal side, there are people promoting the idea that oil isn't a fossil fuel, created by dead biomass buried beneath the Earth's surface. The Russian theory of "abiotic oil" that became popular in the 1950s claims that oil is produced from a monstrous reserve of hydrocarbons in the Earth's primordial core. Oil is created in the Earth's incredibly hot mantle layer, and pushed up into the crust, where gargantuan reserves are available to us if we just drill deep enough. But it's a scientifically unproven theory, promoted in recent times most strongly by one man, Thomas Gold, an astronomer who died in 2004. And the responding arguments for biogenic oil, from Petroleum Geologists, are very strong. So it looks fairly clear that sometime in the next few decades, oil production is going to start to fall, just as global demand is rising. Prices are forecast to skyrocket, and the effect on societies worldwide will reflect just how important fossil fuels are to us. Apart from oil control wars - which many would say we're already witnessing in the middle east - we can expect the industrial world to be turned on its head, starting with the economy and ending with a complete lifestyle revolution where food production, among other things, is brought right back into the backyard.
(Giz Mag)
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6/16/2010  BP oil spill planet killer
Millions of listeners heard on the popular Coast to Coast Am radio show recently that the BP oil spill is a planet killer. Talk show host Ian Punnett welcomed two guests, Jim Bell during the second hour and Minister Lindsey Williams in the 3rd hour, for a discussion on the Gulf oil crisis as well as alternative energy. In the second hour, Minister Lindsey Williams, who once served as a chaplain for the oil companies operating in Alaska, shared what he claimed to be the "real story" behind the Gulf oil crisis. He explained that, in the 1970's, Russia drilled over 40,000 feet into the ground and discovered abiotic oil, i.e. oil which replenishes itself via an as-yet-unknown natural chemical process. The off-shore drilling done by BP in the Gulf of Mexico, Williams said, was their attempt to create a similar super-deep well and access this same abiotic oil. However, according to his sources, BP insiders and U.S. Government officials the pressure from this pocket of abiotic oil in the Gulf was so great that it burst all the safety valves on the floating platform.
(American Chronicle)
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12/17/1999  Pushing at the limits of credulity
The basis for Gold's assertion that hydrocarbons on earth are primordial comes from studies of meteorites and spectroscopic examination of interstellar space, both of which contain hydrocarbons produced inorganically. In the Gold model, hydrocarbons become incorporated and trapped within accreting planetary lithospheres, occasionally seeping to the surface where, in the case of the earth, they are oxidised to carbon dioxide and water. According to Gold, the carbon dioxide inventory of the earth's atmosphere and the water in its oceans is formed largely by this mechanism. The abiogenic theory of hydrocarbons rests on five assumptions. Brevity prevents a detailed analysis, but two of them, that the earth has undergone only partial (as opposed to wholesale) internal melting and that rocks at depth contain pore spaces, were last contentious in the 1950s....
(Times Higher Education)
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1/24/2006  White House Received Dire Warnings Pre-Katrina
Newly released documents show the White House and other officials received more dire warnings than previously thought about Hurricane Katrina's potential impact. One Homeland Security report predicted hours before the storm hit that New Orleans would likely be submerged by flooding for weeks, and even months. - Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairwoman Susan Collins said today that one failure was a lack of follow up to a 2004 government exercise in Louisiana involving a make-believe storm called Hurricane Pam. That exercise exposed many of the problems that eventually occurred during Hurricane Katrina. But Collins noted that the drill was repeatedly delayed. - Still other witnesses said the Hurricane Pam exercise, which projected more than 60,000 deaths from the storm, added to the urgency with which officials responded to Katrina, encouraging far more people to evacuate than had been predicted. The committee hopes to finish its investigation in March.
(National Public Radio)
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3/30/2010  Huge Petroleum Find In Gulf of Mexico
Offers more support for theory that earth contains massive reserves - Last week, Royal Dutch Shell PLC announced the discovery of 100 million barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico at a depth more than 25,000 feet below the seabed, in 7,217 feet of water, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. - One of the continuing fallacies of peak oil theory is that there is a reliable way to know how much undiscovered oil remains yet in the earth. Peak-oil theorists are typically fossil-fuel advocates who believe that since there were only a limited number of fossils, the oil produced from those fossils must also be limited. Abiotic oil theory postulates that oil is formed on a constant basis deep within the mantle of the earth, requiring no deterioration of biological material to produce the oil.
(Jerome Corsi)
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6/11/2010  Iran sanctions as good as 'used tissue'
The nuclear standoff on Iran is bound to deepen, aggravated by new United Nations sanctions on the Islamic republic and the United States digging in its heels against an alternative diplomatic plan that was designed to defuse tensions. - Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva accused the Security Council of acting out of "obstinacy" in accepting the US-drafted sanctions, "instead of bringing Iran to the table", the official Agencia Brasil news agency quoted Lula as saying. The Security Council had "thrown away a historic opportunity to negotiate calmly over the Iranian nuclear program".
(Asia Times)
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6/16/2010  Obama Adds To Iran Sanctions
The penalties were aimed at entities tied to Iran's nuclear and missile program, including one bank, five front companies, 22 energy and insurance concerns, and two individuals and four groups tied to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. The move was important primarily for its symbolic significance: It was intended to signal other countries that the United States would build vigorously on the UN sanctions, and wanted other countries to do the same. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, announcing the sanctions at the White House, said that to be effective "we need to have in place a concerted international approach. This is not something the United States can do alone."
(Los Angeles Times)
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6/16/2010  Iran warns of tough response to international inspection of ships
Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani said if the United States or "other reckless countries" plan to inspect Iranian planes and ships, they should be aware that Iran will respond in kind as regards their ships in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Last Wednesday, the UN Security Council approved a fourth round of economic sanctions against Iran over its controversial nuclear program, including restrictions on the country's shipping. The resolution includes the inspection of Iranian ships. Referring to new anti-Iran laws that were purportedly being drafted by the European Union and the United States, Larijani said the Iranian parliament "calls on the government to not lessen the level of uranium enrichment below 20 percent since these countries have violated the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and refused to provide 20-percent enriched fuel for Tehran's research reactor."
(RIA Novosti)
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6/16/2010  Iran Warns to Retaliate against West's Cargo Inspection
Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Wednesday stressed that Tehran will take retaliatory measures in case Iran-bound air and ship cargoes come under inspection by the West. - Larijani blasted US President Barack Obama's remarks against Iran, and underscored that hypocritical moves against the Iranian nation will be against their interests. Inspection of Iranian cargos is part of the punitive measures cited in a US-sponsored resolution approved by the UN Security Council on June 9. The resolution requires the inspection of ships or planes headed to or from Iran if suspected cargo is aboard. The new sanctions target at least three entities managed by the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL).
(Fars News Agency)
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6/5/2010  BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill
The chief executive of BP sold £1.4 million of his shares in the fuel giant weeks before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill caused its value to collapse. - Since he disposed of 223,288 shares on March 17, the company’s share price has fallen by 30 per cent. About £40 billion has been wiped off its total value. The fall has caused pain not just for BP shareholders, but also for millions of company pension funds and small investors who have money held in tracker funds.
(London Telegraph)
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6/7/2010  'The Rig's on Fire! I Told You This Was Gonna Happen!'
Tony Buzbee, a lawyer representing 15 rig workers and dozens of shrimpers, seafood restaurants, and dock workers, says he has obtained a three-page signed statement from a crew member on the boat that rescued the burning rig's workers. The sailor, who Buzbee refuses to name for fear of costing him his job, was on the ship's bridge when Deepwater Horizon installation manager Jimmy Harrell, a top employee of rig owner Transocean, was speaking with someone in Houston via satellite phone. Buzbee told Mother Jones that, according to this witness account, Harrell was screaming, "Are you fucking happy? Are you fucking happy? The rig's on fire! I told you this was gonna happen."
(The Atlantic)
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6/17/2010  Cracks Show BP Was Battling Gulf Well as Early as February
It took 10 days to plug the first cracks, according to reports BP filed with the Minerals Management Service that were later delivered to congressional investigators. Cracks in the surrounding rock continued to complicate the drilling operation during the ensuing weeks. Left unsealed, they can allow explosive natural gas to rush up the shaft. - On Feb. 13, BP told the minerals service it was trying to seal cracks in the well about 40 miles (64 kilometers) off the Louisiana coast, drilling documents obtained by Bloomberg show. Investigators are still trying to determine whether the fissures played a role in the disaster.
posted: 6/17/10                   0       28

6/7/2010  B.C. premier, Indigo CEO among delegates at `secret' Bilderberg conference
Several Canadians, including B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell and Indigo Books (TSX:IDG) CEO Heather Reisman, were among the delegates invited to the Bilderberg 2010 conference in Spain last weekend.
(Winnipeg Free Press)
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6/2/2010  Bilderberg 2010: Plutocracy with palm trees
The shadowy global elite is meeting in Sitges – and Charlie Skelton is there, hoping for a new spirit of CamCleggian openness - Police are already stretching their red stripy tape around the hotel, and zipping up and around the local roads in their squad cars, sniffing for trouble. I'm really hoping there's none to find. The Spanish are promising a beach party and an "awareness camp", with political discussion forums and meditation zones.
(London Guardian)
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6/8/2010  The Bilderberg Group Is Real
Generations of conspiracy theorists have built elaborate theories about the Bilderberg Group, a secret meeting of world leaders where they discuss their agenda for ruling the world. It's weird, then, to see so much discussion about last weekend's meeting of the Bilderberg Group in Spain in some seriously mainstream places.
(The Stranger)
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