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12/20/2001  Flight 93 remains yield no evidence
United Airlines Flight 93's crash into rural Somerset County decimated all human remains so badly that investigators can't say if any of the 44 people aboard were killed before the aircraft went down, the FBI has told the county coroner. That leaves it up to the jet's cockpit voice recorder to offer support for widely held assumptions that the four hijackers began killing passengers before or during a fight for control of the jetliner. For now, federal investigators holding that recorder, one of two pieces commonly dubbed the black box, are staying mum. Investigators who recovered remains from the Shanksville-area crash site brought possible stab wounds and lacerations to the attention of FBI pathologists, Somerset County Coroner Wallace Miller said yesterday. But the FBI has responded that "the catastrophic nature of the crash and fragmentation" left them unable to draw conclusions, Miller said.
(Pittsburg Post-Gazette)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       31

9/12/2001  A blur in the sky, then a firestorm -- "It dropped all of a sudden, like a stone,'' a witness says of United Airlines Flight 93.
Kelly Leverknight was watching news of the attacks on New York and Washington when she heard the plane. It sounded like it was flying low above her home in rural Pennsylvania, moving from west to east. It was an odd enough sound that she stepped outside to have a look. "I heard the plane going over and I went out the front door and I saw the plane going down," said Leverknight, 36. "It was headed toward the school, which panicked me, because all three of my kids were there. "Then you heard the explosion and felt the blast and saw the fire and smoke." Leverknight and dozens of her neighbors raced to the Shanksville-Stonycreek School where they found their children safe. The plane, United Airlines Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco, had plunged into a reclaimed coal mine surrounded by corn fields, leaving a 200-yard swath of debris with no individual pieces bigger than 2 feet across.
(St Petersburg Times)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       28

9/11/2001  Context of '(8:54 a.m.) September 11, 2001: Flight 77 Veers Off Course'
posted: 5/14/09                   2       30

8/21/2004  9/11 Commission Report
posted: 5/14/09                   2       32

9/25/2001  United Flight 93 victims at a glance
A Boeing 757 en route from Newark, N.J., to San Francisco was carrying 37 passengers, two pilots and five flight attendants. It crashed southeast of Pittsburgh
(USA Today)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       30

1/1/1947  Controlled Demolition Inc. (Wikipedia)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       28

9/1/2005  Executive Summary Extracted from
NIST NCSTAR 1-3 (Draft) - Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster - Mechanical and Metallurgical Analysis of Structural Steel (Draft)
(National Institute of Standards and Technology)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       30

9/1/2005  NIST NCSTAR 1-4 (Draft)
Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster - Active Fire Protection Systems (Draft)
(National Institute of Standards and Technology)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       29

10/22/1956  Marvin P. Bush (Wikipedia)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       35

2/15/2005  Family Business at the Watergate
Securacom got the $8.3 million World Trade Center security contract in October 1996 and received about $9.2 million from the WTC job from 1996 (a quarter of its revenues that year) to 1998. But in 1998, the company was "excused from the project" because it could not fulfill the work, according to former manager Al Weinstein, and the electronic security work at the WTC was taken over by EJ Electric, a larger contractor
(The Washington Spectator)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       29

4/1/2009  Growth to slow down hitting hard the poor countries
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in the developing world will slow to a projected 2.1 per cent in 2009 from 5.8 per cent in 2008
(Financial Express)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       31

9/17/2007  Euro could replace dollar as top currency-Greenspan
Greenspan told weekly Stern it was "absolutely conceivable that the euro will replace the dollar as reserve currency, or will be traded as an equally important reserve currency"
posted: 5/14/09                   2       34

5/9/2007  Goodbye U.S. dollar, hello global currency
CFR chief: Monetary nationalism, sovereignty should be abandoned
(World Net Daily)
posted: 5/14/09                   4       31

5/1/2007  The End of National Currency
The world needs to abandon unwanted currencies, replacing them with dollars, euros, and multinational currencies as yet unborn
(Foreign Affairs)
posted: 5/14/09                   1       32

3/25/2009  Dollar dips on Geithner's 'loose talk'
Mr Geithner told the Council for Foreign Relations that he had not studied the proposal by Zhou Xiaochuan, Chinese central bank governor, for greater use of special drawing rights
(Financial Times)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       30

3/25/2009  Geithner 'open' to China proposal, at the Council on Foreign Relations
"We're actually quite open to that suggestion, you should see it as rather evolutionary rather building on the current architecture rather than moving us to global monetary union,"
posted: 5/14/09                   2       30

9/11/2008  Bailouts Will Push US into Depression: Manager
"We expect a depression in the United States. We expect a depression, very possibly, also in Europe," Hennecke said on "Worldwide Exchange."
posted: 5/14/09                   2       30

10/28/2008  Denmark, Iceland look again at euro as crisis takes its toll
"Icelanders are starting to have doubts about their krona. An increasing number think the only solution is to act with other countries and not in isolation"
(EU Business)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       27

2/14/2008  U.S. Northern Command, Canada Command establish new bilateral Civil Assistance Plan
The signing of this plan is an important symbol of the already strong working relationship between Canada Command and U.S. Northern Command
(North American Aerospace Defense Command)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       29

2/1/2008  Canadian Troops To Patrol US Cities As Food Riots Feared
Russian Military Analysts are reporting in the Kremlin today that the United States has, for the first time in its history, granted rights to a Foreign Army to have 'full power' over the life and death of American Citizens in their own country
(Four Winds 10)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       29

1/17/2008  Food fear beats climate change
A WORSENING global food shortage is a problem far more urgent than climate change, top Australian scientists have warned
(Adelaide Now)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       28

2/18/2008  Global food crisis on horizon, expert says
Days of big stockpiles are gone
(The Gazette)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       28

2/24/2008  Shoppers warned bigger bills on way
rising agricultural raw material prices would translate this year into sharply higher food inflation
(Financial Times)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       27

2/24/2008  High food prices may force aid rationing
The United Nation's agency responsible for relieving hunger is drawing up plans to ration food aid in response to the spiralling cost of agricultural commodities.
(Financial Times)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       28

8/10/2007  China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales
The Chinese government has begun a concerted campaign of economic threats against the United States, hinting that it may liquidate its vast holding of US treasuries if Washington imposes trade sanctions to force a yuan revaluation
(London Telegraph)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       28

10/17/2007  IMF says dollar 'overvalued'
The Fund thinks that the US current account deficit will remain close to 1.5 per cent of world output until 2012, raising the likelihood of a disorderly plunge in the dollar and protectionism growing over the next few years
(Financial Times)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       27

9/18/2007  Prepare for prolonged turmoil, says US Treasury Secretary
Mr Paulson acknowledged that bad lending practices were to blame for the present financial crisis, which has been triggered by the high number of American homeowners falling into arrears on their mortgages
(London Times)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       32

11/4/2002  Greg Palast: Chavez Continues to Stall World Bankers' Agenda, Interview by Alex Jones
posted: 5/14/09                   3       28

10/1/2001  The Globalizer Who Came In From the Cold
Joe Stiglitz: Today's Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics - The World Bank's former Chief Economist's accusations are eye-popping - including how the IMF and US Treasury fixed the Russian elections
(Greg Palast)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       28

9/18/2007  Subprime Fallout: More Companies Slammed
Fallout from credit problems in the mortgage market continued to batter various companies across the globe this week
posted: 5/14/09                   2       28
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9/18/2007  Alan Greenspan predicts falling house prices, rising inflation
He predicted that the Bank of England would struggle to keep the consumer prices index within one percentage point of the government's 2% target
(London Guardian)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       29

9/16/2007  Alan Greenspan alert on US house prices
US house prices are likely to fall significantly from their present levels, admitting that there was a bubble in the US housing market
(Financial Times)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       31

9/18/2007  Alan Greenspan warns dollar to fall victim to current account deficit
predicts that within only a few years the world will undergo a huge spike in prices
(London Telegraph)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       29

9/18/2007  Alan Greenspan warns of UK house prices drop
He warns of "difficulties" ahead for UK home owners, as rising interest rates bring house price growth to a shuddering halt
(London Telegraph)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       30

5/14/2009  The Bilderberg Group, an elite international group of politicians and other individuals of influence that convenes once a year, is to meet in Athens from today until Saturday. Guests invited to this year's gathering, which usually comprises 130 influential figures from around the world, include Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, main opposition PASOK leader George Papandreou and Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis (Kathimerini)
posted: 5/14/09                   8       34

9/17/2007  Alan Greenspan: Euro Gains As Reserve Choice
it is possible that the euro could replace the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency of choice.
(Associated Press)
posted: 5/14/09                   1       27

5/14/2009  Canadian scientist arrested for smuggling vials for Ebola research into U.S.
"At no time was the health of citizens of Canada or the U.S. at risk, as the seized materials are known to be non-infectious,"
posted: 5/14/09                   7       35

9/18/2007  Bashing Bush with Greenspan
The pedantic economist speaks plainly about his support for the Iraq war -- and liberals misquote him
(Los Angeles Times)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       26

2/25/2008  Former Fed chief Alan Greenspan says dollar peg 'needs to go'
The dollar peg forces the Gulf states to follow US monetary policy at a time when the Fed is cutting rates to ward off recession
posted: 5/14/09                   3       27

3/24/2009  Obama: No need for a 'global currency'
Australian PM voices support for the dollar, says new currency not on G20's agenda
(The Raw Story)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       27

10/16/2008  European call for 'Bretton Woods II'
Gordon Brown, Britain's prime minister, said the world should turn the financial crisis into an opportunity and reform global institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund, conceived in 1944 when western leaders met in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, and mapped out a postwar financial order
(Financial Times)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       24

10/3/2008  Sarkozy Suggests New Bretton Woods Summit Should Take Place in the U.S (IntelliBriefs)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       25

10/13/2008  Financial crisis: Banks shares plummet after bail-out deal
Shares in banks that are to be partially nationalised under Gordon Brown's £37 billion bail-out have plunged on the stock market
(London Telegraph)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       24

10/13/2008  World needs new Bretton Woods, says Brown
"We must create a new international financial architecture for the global age," adding: "We must have a new Bretton Woods -- building a new international financial architecture for the years ahead."
(Agence France-Presse)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       24

10/16/2008  Global summit should look at currencies: France
Relationships between major world currencies should be studied as part of a global overhaul of the financial system in the wake of the financial market crisis
posted: 5/14/09                   3       25

10/19/2008  ECB's Nowotny Sees Global `Tri-Polar' Currency System Evolving
European Central Bank council member Ewald Nowotny said a ``tri-polar'' global currency system is developing between Asia, Europe and the U.S. and that he's skeptical the U.S. dollar's centrality can be revived
posted: 5/14/09                   2       26

6/8/2008  NY Fed chief in push for global bank framework
Banks and investment banks whose health is crucial to the global financial system should operate under a unified regulatory framework with "appropriate requirements for capital and liquidity", according to Timothy Geithner
(Financial Times)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       25

9/25/2008  Global authority can fill financial vacuum
Even if the US's massive financial rescue operation succeeds, it should be followed by something even more far-reaching - the establishment of a Global Monetary Authority to oversee markets that have become borderless
(Financial Times)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       24

6/17/2008  Lawmakers Make Surprise Move to Keep Lockheed Fighter Alive
A House committee threw a wrench in the Obama administration's plans to end Lockheed Martin Corp.'s F-22 Raptor fighter program, voting instead to add $369 million in extra funding to keep production of the Air Force's most advanced jet alive
(Wall Street Journal)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       25

12/1/2008  Ben Bernanke says crisis 'no comparison' to Great Depression
"Well, you hear a lot of loose talk, but let me just ... say, as a scholar of the Great Depression -- and I've written books about the Depression and been very interested in this since I was in graduate school, there's no comparison"
posted: 5/14/09                   2       26

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