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12/12/2007  Credit Crisis Prompts Fed to Roll Back Rates Again
In announcing the cut, the Federal Reserve signaled its concern that the credit crisis may be damaging the broader economy. The Dow fell nearly 300 points.
(New York Times)
posted: 7/29/09                   0       7

12/10/2007  Coming in From the Cold: CIA Spy Calls Waterboarding Necessary But Torture Former Agent Says the Enhanced Technique Was Used on Al Qaeda Chief Abu Zubaydah
"The next day, he told his interrogator that Allah had visited him in his cell during the night and told him to cooperate,"
posted: 5/21/09                   5       25

12/9/2007  Correlation Falsification: The Missing Global Warming-CO2 Link
Since 1850 -- the period climate alarmists cite as proof of this unholy connection -- if you look at temperature and CO2 fluctuations on a year-over-year basis, there appears to be absolutely no correlation between the two items.
posted: 5/19/10                   0       2
keywords: Al Gore, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Climate Change, George W Bush, Mauna Loa, United States, University Of California Add New Keyword To Link

12/9/2007  Hill Briefed on Waterboarding in 2002
In Meetings, Spy Panels' Chiefs Did Not Protest, Officials Say
(Washington Post)
posted: 5/11/09                   1       18

12/7/2007  NAFTA Superhighway Mid Continental Corridor is under way
The American Presidential candidates are discussing the existence of what is contained in the Manitoba Speech from the Throne and the Albertan North American Trade Corridors map. Americans concerned about their country losing sovereignty in a North American Union are circulating YouTubes contrasting the reality of the Speech, and Map, to the words of those denying the Superhighways' existence. Though our political system differs, Canadians will do well to watch the influence of these contributions from Canada as Americans select their next president. Will the person selected be following the denial policy of President Bush or charting a different course?
(The Canadian)
posted: 11/9/10                   0       2

12/6/2007  Beware of Cap and Trade Climate Bills
Cap and trade bills are nothing short of a government re-engineering of the American economy
(The Heritage Foundation)
posted: 6/29/09                   1       15

12/5/2007  What's Wrong With Fusion Centers
Executive Summary - New institutions like fusion centers must be planned in a public, open manner, and their implications for privacy and other key values carefully thought out and debated. And like any powerful institution in a democracy, they must be constructed in a carefully bounded and limited manner with sufficient checks and balances to prevent abuse. Unfortunately, the new fusion centers have not conformed to these vital requirements.
(American Civil Liberties Union)
posted: 5/18/09                   2       23

12/4/2007  "Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Arctic
Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don’t - Is it a coincidence that these same organizations, from Norway to the Rockefeller Foundation to the World Bank are also involved in the Svalbard seed bank project? According to Prof. Francis Boyle who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 enacted by the US Congress, the Pentagon is ‘now gearing up to fight and win biological warfare’ as part of two Bush national strategy directives adopted, he notes, ‘without public knowledge and review’ in 2002. Boyle adds that in 2001-2004 alone the US Federal Government spent $14.5 billion for civilian bio-warfare-related work, a staggering sum.
(Global Research)
posted: 4/27/10                   0       8
keywords: Adolf Hitler, Africa, Africa's Seed Systems, Akinwumi Adesina, Arctic Ocean, Bank Of America, Barents Sea, Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates, Bioversity International, Brasil Ecodiesel, Brazil, Brazilian Coffee Institute, Canada, Cary Fowler, China, Consultative Group On International Agriculture Research, David Rockefeller, Denmark, Dreamworks Animation, Dupont, Dwight Eisenhower, Epicyte, Eugenics, European Union, Ford Foundation, Forrest Hill, Genetic Use Restriction Technology, Genetically Modified Organisms, George Harrar, Germany, Global Crop Diversity Trust, Golden Rice, Gordon Conway, Green Revolution, Harvard University, Henry Wallace, India, Indian Department Of Agricultural Research, International Maize And Wheat Improvement Center, JP Morgan Chase, Japan, Jorio Dauster, Joseph De Vries, Kenya, Lewis Coleman, Mamphela Ramphele, Mangala Rai, Maurice Strong, Mexico, Microsoft, Monsanto, Nadya Shmavonian, Nazi, Nelson Rockefeller, North Pole, Northrop Grumman Corp, Norway, Norwegian University Of Life Sciences, Pentagon, Peter Matlon, Philippines, Pioneer Hi-bred Seed Company, Population Council, Robert Mcnamara, Rockefeller Foundation, Roy Steiner, South African, South Korea, Strive Masiyiwa, Svalbard, Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Switzerland, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Syngenta Foundation, Syria, UN Development Program, UN Food And Agriculture Organization, US Congress, US Department Of Agriculture, US Department Of State, United Nations, United States, United States Agency For International Development, Warren Buffett, World Bank, UN World Health Organization Add New Keyword To Link

12/4/2007  Credit crisis: Long road to recovery
It's six months into the credit crunch and investors are still shaken. Businesses and households should get ready to hunker down in '08
posted: 6/5/09                   0       24

12/3/2007  National Intelligence Estimate
Iran: Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities
posted: 5/14/09                   3       26

12/3/2007  NIE Report: Iran Halted Nuclear Weapons Program Years Ago
posted: 5/14/09                   3       26

12/3/2007  NIE Report: Iran Halted Nuclear Weapons Program Years Ago
In a stunning reversal of Bush administration conventional wisdom, a new assessment by U.S. intelligence agencies concludes Iran shelved its nuclear weapons program over four years ago
posted: 5/27/09                   3       24

12/1/2007  Highway To Hell? Ron Paul's worked up about U.S. sovereignty.
Ron Paul wants you to be scared. There's a conspiracy in the land—what he calls a "conspiracy of ideas"—to give up America's sovereignty. It's a shadowy scheme that begins with the NAFTA "superhighway," a road as wide as several football fields that will link Mexico, the United States and Canada. "They don't talk about it and they might not admit it," Paul said at the CNN-YouTube presidential debate last week. He didn't say exactly who "they" are, but perhaps one can guess. "They're planning on [taking] millions of acres … by eminent domain," warned the prickly libertarian. But elected government officials aren't acting alone. There's "an unholy alliance of foreign consortiums and officials from several governments" pushing the idea, Paul wrote in October 2006. "The ultimate goal is not simply a superhighway, but an integrated North American Union—complete with a currency, a cross-national bureaucracy, and virtually borderless travel within the Union." Only it's not true. The main purveyor of this broad conspiracy theory is Jerome Corsi, coauthor of "Unfit for Command," the book that helped Swift Boat John Kerry's presidential ambitions. His latest offering is "The Late Great U.S.A.: The Coming Merger With Mexico and Canada," which became a best seller on The New York Times's business list this summer. Corsi plays on growing nationalist fears. He sees a scenario in which a North American Union is born and shares a currency, the "amero." Even some right-wing standard-bearers regard the fears as over-blown. Jed Babbin, editor of the conservative newspaper Human Events, says: "I guess there are people who believe in [the plan for a North American Union]. But there are people who believe in Bigfoot." "The evidence is out there," says Corsi. Like all good conspiracies, the NAFTA superhighway is a strange stew of fact and fiction, fired by paranoia. There is a big road planned. It's called the Trans-Texas Corridor. The idea was unveiled in 2002 by GOP Gov. Rick Perry. And it's true the corridor was originally designed to be 1,200 feet wide, including a highway for vehicles, railway lines, petroleum pipes, electricity and water lines and broadband fiber optics. (It's since been scaled back slightly.) A considerable swath of Texas land, perhaps as much as a half-million acres, will be taken by eminent domain.
posted: 11/9/10                   0       3

11/17/2007  Merck drug company vaccines admits injecting cancer viruses
This stunning censored interview conducted by medical historian Edward Shorter for WGBH public television (Boston) and Blackwell Science was cut from The Health Century due to its huge liability--the admission that Merck drug company vaccines have traditionally been injecting cancer viruses (SV40 and others) in people worldwide
posted: 8/27/09                   0       10

11/16/2007  Katrina Update: Poor People Lose Again
When Hurricane Katrina hit, poor people in Louisiana and Mississippi bore the brunt of it — they lived in the most vulnerable areas and structures, and they were in the worst position to escape the storm and deal with the aftermath. When Congress voted relief money, it specified that half of it was to go to help low-income victims. Guess what? As Leslie Eaton reports in today’s Times, Mississippi has spent $1.7 billion in federal grant money, and most of that has gone to programs that have benefited big businesses and well-off individuals. Only $167 million, or about 10 percent, so far has gone on programs dedicated to the poor. It’s a scandal, or it should be.
(New York Times)
posted: 11/9/10                   0       2

11/14/2007  Get Kids Vaccinated Or Else, Parents Told
Pr. George's Threatens Legal Action
(Washington Post)
posted: 8/3/09                   0       7

11/13/2007  Military chief says Russia not obliged to protect world from U.S. (NOVOSTI)
posted: 5/6/09                   2       14

11/13/2007  U.S. missile shield in Europe aimed against Russia -army chief
Washington wants to place a radar in the Czech Republic and 10 missile interceptors in Poland, purportedly to counter a missile threat from Iran and other "rogue" states. Moscow has responded angrily to the plans, saying the European shield would destroy the strategic balance of forces and threaten Russia's national interests.
posted: 5/6/09                   2       14

11/9/2007  CHEMTRAILS: Is U.S. Gov't. Secretly Testing Americans 'Again'?
KSLA News 12 had the sample tested at a lab. The results: A high level of barium, 6.8 parts per million, (ppm). That's more than three times the toxic level set by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA.
(KSLA 12)
posted: 6/17/09                   2       19

11/6/2007  Que. provincial police spent $7 million on Montebello summit: One of a number of police and security forces ensuring protection at the Montebello summit bringing together North American leaders this year, the Quebec provincial police spent over $7 million on the event alone CanWest News Service has learned.
One of a number of police and security forces ensuring protection at the Montebello summit bringing together North American leaders this year, the Quebec provincial police spent over $7 million on the event alone CanWest News Service has learned. On Aug. 20 Prime Minister Stephen Harper, U.S. President George W. Bush and Mexican President Felipe Calderon convened in the Quebec town some 80 kilometres east of Ottawa for a two-day summit as part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership. The initiative aims to deepen the integration of Canada, Mexico and the United States. Security was both tight and expensive, especially as a three-metre high fence was raised to surround Chateau Montebello where the meetings took place, to keep hundreds of protesters away. A number of local, provincial and federal police forces participated in the security effort on land, water and in the air, and for just one of them the bill climbed over $7 million according to an audit obtained by CanWest News Service through Quebec's access to information legislation. Figures for the others are not yet available. According to documents obtained from the audit bureau of the Surete du Quebec, $7,192,635 was spent by the provincial police force to help secure the event, most of it to make sure enough manpower was available. A total of $4,589,965 went to cover overtime during the summit and another $1,416,303 covered lodging, transportation and catering costs.
posted: 11/9/10                   0       2

11/3/2007  Fox and Friends' Brian Kilmeade openly calls for US support for acts of terrorism
such as car bombings - in Tehran
posted: 6/25/09      
1       14

10/30/2007  UN Director General: Food Riots Would Not Be A Surprise
Rising food prices are likely to force developing countries to follow Russia’s example and impose retail price controls to avoid social unrest
posted: 6/17/09                   4       17

10/27/2007  New credit crunch looms
There are concerns that a $75bn (£37bn) rescue operation put together by US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson to stabilise the sub-prime market is intended to mask the scale of the crisis
(London Telegraph)
posted: 6/5/09                   1       24

10/22/2007  Glenn Beck on the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory, discusses Bill Maher's hecklers with James Meigs of Popular Mechanics and Michael Shermer of The Skeptics Society (FOX)
posted: 6/11/09      
3       23

10/19/2007  Bill Maher vs Audience on 9/11 Truth (We Are Change)
posted: 6/11/09      
2       24

10/18/2007  America's Climate Security Act of 2007 (Wikipedia)
posted: 6/26/09                   1       16

10/16/2007  Vicente Fox book admits North American scheme
'Toward a single continental economic union, modeled on the European example'
(World Net Daily)
posted: 5/19/09                   3       33

10/15/2007  Conservative Crackpot Funded An Inconvenient Truth Lawsuit
Stewart Dimmock, the UK man who filed suit against An Inconvenient Truth, received financial support from the New Party, a small political group funded almost entirely by Cloburn Quarry Limited, a mining company run by New Party chairman Robert Durward
posted: 7/17/09                   0       8

10/14/2007  Revealed: the man behind court attack on Gore film
Fuel and mining magnate backed UK challenge to An Inconvenient Truth
(London Guardian)
posted: 7/17/09                   0       9

10/12/2007  U.K. Judge Rules Gore's Climate Film Has 9 Errors
Teachers, Burton concluded, could show the film but must alert students to what the judge called errors
(Washington Post)
posted: 7/17/09                   0       9

10/11/2007  TSA Begins Testing New Airport Scanners
"Millimeter Wave" Machine Uses Radio Waves, Not Radiation; Alternative To Pat-Downs - The scans take 1.8 seconds, and it takes about a minute for the image to appear on a computer screen in a separate location.
posted: 1/23/10                   0       14

10/9/2007  Court Identifies Eleven Inaccuracies in Al Gore’s 'An Inconvenient Truth'
The Film is a political work and promotes only one side of the argument. 2.) If teachers present the Film without making this plain they may be in breach of section 406 of the Education Act 1996 and guilty of political indoctrination. 3.) Eleven inaccuracies have to be specifically drawn to the attention of school children.
(News Busters)
posted: 7/17/09                   0       10

10/8/2007  Vicente Fox hints about a North American Union on Larry King Live (CNN)
posted: 5/19/09      
4       27

10/4/2007  Are U.S. troops being force-fed Christianity? A watchdog group alleges that improper evangelizing is occurring within the ranks
The aim is "to show there is a pattern and practice of constitutionally impermissible promotions of religious beliefs within the Department of Defense."
(Christian Science Monitor)
posted: 5/19/09                   4       25

10/1/2007  GQ Icon: Colin Powell He was pushed aside in the run-up to war, but as he tells Walter Isaacson, he, too, bears some of the blame
"Yes, there are a few dangerous nuts in Brooklyn and New Jersey who want to blow up Kennedy Airport and Fort Dix. These are dangerous criminals, and we must deal with them. But come on, this is not a threat to our survival! The only thing that can really destroy us is us. We shouldn't do it to ourselves, and we shouldn't use fear for political purposes—scaring people to death so they will vote for you, or scaring people to death so that we create a terror-industrial complex."
posted: 5/5/10                   0       4

10/1/2007  Prime Minister Harper officially endorses North American Union with Council of Foreign Relations visit
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's appearance at the New York City based Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) on 25 September 2007, was an official endorsement and expression of solidarity on the North American Union agenda. Harvard University educated CNN Veteran anchor Lou Dobbs, has further confirmed the official endorsement of the Stephen Harper Minority Conservative government on North American Union, or "New America". Mr. Harper has been apparently directed by the principal funders of the Conservative Party of Canada, which are ideologically linked to the CFR, to assimilate Canada into a new "Fortress North America" which is controlled by the U.S. political-military-industrial complex by no later than 2010. Indeed, the Stephen Harper government has been reported to be in the process of getting various Canadian government departments and agencies to "harmonize", with U.S. governmental agencies, to expedite the assimilation of Canada into the neo-conservative vision of a "Fortress North America".
(The Canadian)
posted: 11/9/10                   0       3

10/1/2007  Pros and Cons Regarding a "North American Union"
If it hadn’t happened in my own backyard, I might have missed it. Humbling, but true. It’s been reported by other news sources by now, but since it did occur so close to home I’ll share my angle…. Inasmuch as I’ve been following the actions of globalists for almost thirty years, it may surprise that I’ve only taken to writing with regularity fairly recently. The reason for this is that their machinations of late have become more audacious and their effects apparent (i.e., the Amnesty bill, the Mexican trucking “experiment” and the SPP, Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, all of which have been unpopular with the majority of Americans, but have strangely taken shape anyway – or come damn close).
posted: 11/9/10                   0       2
keywords: Bill Ritter, Canada, China, Ciudad Acuña, Colorado, Del Rio, Denver, Diana Degette, Ed Perlmutter, Evaristo Lenin Perez, Great Plains International Conference, Joe Kiely, John Hickenlooper, John Salazar, Ken Salazar, Limon, Marilyn Musgrave, Mexico, Nebraska, New Mexico, North American Union, North Dakota, Nuevo Laredo, Oklahoma, Ports-to-plains Trade Corridor, Randy Neugebauer, Security And Prosperity Partnership Of North America, South Dakota, Terrorists, Texas, US Congress, US Department Of Transportation, United States, Washington DC, Wayne Allard Add New Keyword To Link

9/26/2007  Gary Hart: Unsolicited Advice to the Government of Iran
Presuming that you are not actually ignorant enough to desire war with the United States, you might be well advised to read the history of the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine in Havana harbor in 1898 and the history of the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964. Having done so, you will surely recognize that Americans are reluctant to go to war unless attacked. Until Pearl Harbor, we were even reluctant to get involved in World War II. For historians of American wars the question is whether we provoke provocations. Given the unilateral U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, you are obviously thinking the rules have changed. Provocation is no longer required to take America to war. But even in this instance, we were led to believe that the mass murderer of American civilians, Osama bin Laden, was lurking, literally or figuratively, in the vicinity of Baghdad.
(Huffington Post)
posted: 9/24/10                   0       2

9/21/2007  Canadian dollar reaches parity with U.S.
The Canadian dollar reached parity with the U.S. dollar on Thursday for the first time since November 1976
(Associated Press)
posted: 5/18/09                   3       23

9/19/2007  Iraqis angry at Blackwater shooting
US security firm Blackwater says it acted "lawfully and appropriately" after its convoy was "violently attacked by armed insurgents" in Baghdad earlier this week
posted: 8/27/09                   0       10

9/18/2007  Alan Greenspan Admits The Federal Reserve Is Above The Law and Answers To No One (PBS)
posted: 5/4/09      
2       16

9/18/2007  Alan Greenspan predicts falling house prices, rising inflation
He predicted that the Bank of England would struggle to keep the consumer prices index within one percentage point of the government's 2% target
(London Guardian)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       29

9/18/2007  Alan Greenspan warns dollar to fall victim to current account deficit
predicts that within only a few years the world will undergo a huge spike in prices
(London Telegraph)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       29

9/18/2007  Alan Greenspan warns of UK house prices drop
He warns of "difficulties" ahead for UK home owners, as rising interest rates bring house price growth to a shuddering halt
(London Telegraph)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       30

9/16/2007  Alan Greenspan alert on US house prices
US house prices are likely to fall significantly from their present levels, admitting that there was a bubble in the US housing market
(Financial Times)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       31

9/14/2007  Bill Maher
"Crazy people who still think the government brought down the Twin Towers in a controlled explosion," the comedian jabbed, "have to stop pretending that I'm the one who's being naive."
(We Are Change)
posted: 6/11/09      
2       20

9/14/2007  Confessions of an “ex” Peak Oil Believer
In the 1950’s the Soviet Union faced ‘Iron Curtain’ isolation from the West. The Cold War was in high gear. Russia had little oil to fuel its economy. Finding sufficient oil indigenously was a national security priority of the highest order. Scientists at the Institute of the Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Geological Sciences of the Ukraine Academy of Sciences began a fundamental inquiry in the late 1940’s: where does oil come from? In 1956, Prof. Vladimir Porfir’yev announced their conclusions: ‘Crude oil and natural petroleum gas have no intrinsic connection with biological matter originating near the surface of the earth. They are primordial materials which have been erupted from great depths.’ The Soviet geologists had turned Western orthodox geology on its head. They called their theory of oil origin the ‘a-biotic’ theory—non-biological—to distinguish from the Western biological theory of origins. If they were right, oil supply on earth would be limited only by the amount of hydrocarbon constituents present deep in the earth at the time of the earth’s formation. Availability of oil would depend only on technology to drill ultra-deep wells and explore into the earth’s inner regions. They also realized old fields could be revived to continue producing, so called self-replentishing fields. They argued that oil is formed deep in the earth, formed in conditions of very high temperature and very high pressure, like that required for diamonds to form. ‘Oil is a primordial material of deep origin which is transported at high pressure via ‘cold’ eruptive processes into the crust of the earth,’ Porfir’yev stated. His team dismissed the idea that oil is was biological residue of plant and animal fossil remains as a hoax designed to perpetuate the myth of limited supply. - While the American oil multinationals were busy controlling the easily accessible large fields of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran and other areas of cheap, abundant oil during the 1960’s, the Russians were busy testing their alternative theory. They began drilling in a supposedly barren region of Siberia. There they developed eleven major oil fields and one Giant field based on their deep ‘a-biotic’ geological estimates. They drilled into crystalline basement rock and hit black gold of a scale comparable to the Alaska North Slope. They then went to Vietnam in the 1980s and offered to finance drilling costs to show their new geological theory worked. The Russian company Petrosov drilled in Vietnam’s White Tiger oilfield offshore into basalt rock some 17,000 feet down and extracted 6,000 barrels a day of oil to feed the energy-starved Vietnam economy. In the USSR, a-biotic-trained Russian geologists perfected their knowledge and the USSR emerged as the world’s largest oil producer by the mid-1980’s. Few in the West understood why, or bothered to ask.
(F William Engdahl)
posted: 6/22/10                   0       2
keywords: Alaska, Alfred Wegene, British Petroleum, California, China, Cold War, Colin Campbell, Dick Cheney, Dr J F Kenney, Exxon Mobil, F William Engdahl, Frank Press, Germany, Gulf Of Guinea, Gulf Of Mexico, Halford Mackinder, India, International Energy Agency, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Marion King Hubbert, Matt Simmons, Middle East, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Military, Moscow, Nigeria, North Sea, Peak Oil, Pentagon, Petrosov, Royal Dutch Shell, Russia, Russian Academy Of Sciences, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco, Siberia, Sweden, Texaco, Texas, Ukraine, Ukraine Academy Of Sciences, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, Vladilen Krayushkin, Vladimir Porfir'yev, Washington DC, White House, Yukos Oil Add New Keyword To Link

9/11/2007  9/11 demolition theory challenged
An analysis of the World Trade Center collapse has challenged a conspiracy theory surrounding the 9/11 attacks
posted: 6/11/09                   2       21

9/11/2007  EPA Releases List of High-Volume Chemicals
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released the first set of Hazard Characterizations on 101 High Production Volume (HPV) chemicals. These characterizations are based on EPA’s scientific review of the screening-level hazard, or toxicity, data that was submitted by the U.S. chemical industry through EPA’s HPV Challenge Program or other information previously collected by the agency. The HPV Challenge Program challenged companies to provide the public with basic health and safety data on chemicals that are manufactured in excess of a million pounds a year. The hazard characterizations include a summary of the data submitted, EPA’s evaluation of the quality and completeness of the data, and an assessment of the potential hazards that a chemical or chemical category may pose. EPA will combine this information with human and environmental exposure information collected from EPA’s Inventory Update Reporting to develop a risk characterization and, based on that review, determine if additional action is needed to ensure the safety of the HPV chemicals’ manufacture and use.
(Web Wire)
posted: 11/7/10                   0       3

9/11/2007  Fear Factor
The recent release of the new Bin Laden video has sparked some controversy over its authenticity. Collateral takes a look at the old bin laden video and questions it's origins.
(Woodshop Films)
posted: 4/4/11      
0       3

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