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5/12/2009  Recession Is Over According to Financial Experts
Improving Housing Market, Leading Economic Indicators Makes Experts Optimistic
posted: 5/14/09                   4       34
keywords: Barclays, Barry Knapp, Charles Schwab, Financial Crisis, Great Depression, Housing Bubble, Houston, Liz Ann Sonders, Los Angeles, National Association Of Realtors, Pat Lashinksy, Phoenix, Tampa, United States, Ziprealty Add New Keyword To Link

5/12/2009  Report: Iran deploys missile batteries in Persian Gulf
According to the report, the Iranians stationed surface-to-air missiles and surface-to-sea missiles as part of the deployment
posted: 7/6/09                   0       8
keywords: Fisher Institute For Air And Space Strategic Studies, Iran, Israel, United States, Uzi Rubin, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Add New Keyword To Link

5/12/2009  Swine flu rivals 1957 Asian flu pandemic
Scientists are trying to find out whether swine flu will transform and become more deadly as it spreads to the Southern Hemisphere
(Press TV)
posted: 5/12/09                   5       30

5/12/2009  The Electronic Police State
2008 National Rankings - Most of us are aware that our governments monitor nearly every form of electronic communication. We are also aware of private companies doing the same.
posted: 5/12/09                   6       29

5/12/2009  The Electronic Police State -- 2008 National Rankings -- Raw Data (CryptoHippie)
posted: 5/12/09                   3       35

5/12/2009  The rich, shadowy Bilderberg group
This year's session is set to start this Thursday in Vouliagmeni, Greece, just south of Athens
(The Explainer)
posted: 5/12/09                   4       35

5/12/2009  Tillman's parents want general's record reviewed
parents of slain Army Ranger and NFL star Pat Tillman voiced concerns Tuesday that the general who played a role in mischaracterizing his death could be put in charge of military operations in Afghanistan
(Associated Press)
posted: 5/13/09                   4       35

5/12/2009  Vincente Fox Encouraged About U.S Cooperation in Drug War
he is encouraged by the Obama administration's acceptance of some responsibility for the intense drug violence ravaging Mexico, but he's skeptical about whether it will lead to concrete U.S. actions
(Associated Press)
posted: 5/19/09      
4       28

5/12/2009  Youtube censors US journalist
Radio and internet journalist Alex Jones has been censored by the internet giant Youtube with the removal of the "Alex Jones Channel" from the site
(London Daily News)
posted: 5/12/09                   6       28

5/11/2009  Charlie Veitch vs. Armed Police at USA Embassy London
posted: 5/15/09      
3       33

5/11/2009  Did newly announced top Afghan general run Cheney's assassination wing?
the Joint Special Operations Command, the snake-eating, slit-their-throats "black ops" guys who captured Saddam Hussein and targeted Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi
(The Raw Story)
posted: 5/13/09                   4       33

5/11/2009  Green Shoots or Greatest Depression?
the fundamentals of the economy remain unsound
(Lew Rockwell)
posted: 5/11/09                   5       32

5/11/2009  Jesse Ventura On Larry King Live
"I was waterboarded" [during training]
posted: 5/13/09      
4       31

5/11/2009  Noam Chomsky: Does Obama recycle George W. Bush's plans? What are the perspectives of NATO expansion? Is U.S. policy in Afghanistan escalating the war in the region? (Russia Today)
posted: 5/11/09                   4       28

5/11/2009  Noam Chomsky: Obama recycles George W. Bushs plans (Russia Today)
posted: 5/11/09      
6       29

5/11/2009  Now, the Obama conspiracy theory
A new documentary by Alex Jones, The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off, takes the idea of conspiracy to new heights, or new depths, depending on whether you believe it or not
(The East African)
posted: 5/13/09                   6       31

5/11/2009  Obama's Shortlist For Supreme Court: Napolitano Added
Before her Obama appointment, Napolitano served as governor of Arizona, as well as Arizona attorney general
(Huffington Post)
posted: 5/13/09                   6       27

5/11/2009  Pakistani President Zardari: World must confront 'cancerous' Taliban (NBC)
posted: 6/23/09      
2       16

5/11/2009  Plans for British homes to have "smart meters"
All homes in Britain are to have "smart meters" installed by 2020 to record energy use, under plans announced by the government on Monday
posted: 5/12/09                   2       29

5/11/2009  Ron Paul On Fox Business "...runaway Inflation is hurrendous" (FOX)
posted: 5/12/09      
3       34

5/11/2009  Semiautomatic rifles a 'hazard'; seizures are up
Easy to get, they're a danger to public, police, York says
(National Sentinel)
posted: 5/13/09                   5       26

5/11/2009  Somali pirates guided by London intelligence team, report says
Document obtained by Spanish radio station says 'well-placed informers' in constant contact by satellite telephone
(London Guardian)
posted: 5/12/09                   4       28

5/11/2009  UK plans smart meter revolution to cut energy cost
Every household in Britain should by 2020 be able to cut its energy bills and carbon footprint using "smart meters" and handheld devices to control energy use closely
posted: 6/1/09                   3       23

5/10/2009  Boeing developing Phantom Ray fighter-sized combat UAV
Boeing's Airborne Laser project might be on shaky ground as the Pentagon reassess its budget, but that isn't stopping the company from pushing the flying-death market forward
posted: 5/12/09                   3       28

5/10/2009  Brain scanning may be used in security checks
Distinctive brain patterns could become the latest subject of biometric scanning after EU researchers successfully tested technology to verify ­identities for security checks
(London Guardian)
posted: 5/12/09                   4       28

5/10/2009  G20 police 'used undercover men to incite crowds'
MP demands inquiry into Met tactics at demo
(London Guardian)
posted: 5/11/09                   3       34

5/10/2009  Memos shed light on CIA use of sleep deprivation
Though widely perceived as more effective and less objectionable than other interrogation methods, memos show it's harsher and more controversial than most realize. And it could be brought back
(Los Angeles Times)
posted: 5/11/09                   5       33

5/10/2009  Pakistani President: Osama Bin Laden is dead (NBC)
posted: 5/11/09      
5       34

5/10/2009  Pakistani president: Osama bin Laden is dead
Asif Ali Zadari suggested that Osama bin Laden might be dead, saying that U.S. and Pakistani intelligence agencies had been unable to detect any sign of the world's most wanted man since an audio recording of his voice was released in March
(The Raw Story)
posted: 5/11/09                   6       36

5/10/2009  Senators Urge Obama to Block Release of New Detainee Abuse Photos
"The release of these old photographs of past behavior that has now been clearly prohibited will serve no public good, but will empower al-Qaeda propaganda operations, hurt our country's image, and endanger our men and women in uniform"
(The Public Record)
posted: 5/11/09                   6       32

5/10/2009  Sky Map
Astronomy App for Android - Kevin Serafini, software engineer on the Sky Map team
posted: 5/12/09      
5       33
keywords: Google Add New Keyword To Link

5/10/2009  Swine Flu Complications Kill Man In US
A third swine flu victim has died in the United States, after suffering apparent complications of the H1N1 influenza virus
(Sky News)
posted: 5/11/09                   5       34

5/10/2009  Swine flu death toll tops 50
The death toll from swine flu topped 50 as Costa Rica reported its first fatality from the virus and Japan and Norway joined a growing list of nations with confirmed cases
(Agence France-Presse)
posted: 5/11/09                   5       32

5/9/2009  1944 Red House Report Revealed: The secret report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich the EU
US Military Intelligence report EW-Pa 128 is as chilling now as the day it was written in November 1944
(UK Daily Mail)
posted: 5/11/09                   7       32
keywords: European Union, Germany, Heinrich Himmler, I G Farben, Krupp, Max Faust, Messerschmitt, Nazi, Red House Report, United Kingdom, United States, Volkswagen Add New Keyword To Link

5/9/2009  DOJ Budget Details High-Tech Crime Fighting Tools: New Surveillance Programs Look Ahead as FBI Seeks to Overcome Past Criticism
The release of the 2010 budget request has shed more light on some FBI surveillance programs the bureau is currently developing and testing. While the FBI has been criticized at times for its slow reforms after the 9/11 attacks, which revealed the FBI did not have adequate computer resources, some of the new programs sound like something out of a high-tech cloak and dagger film. The budget request shows that the FBI is currently developing a new "Advanced Electronic Surveillance" program which is being funded at $233.9 million for 2010. The program has 133 employees, 15 of whom are agents. According to the budget documents released Thursday, the program, otherwise known as "Going Dark," supports the FBI's electronic surveillance intelligence collection and evidence gathering capabilities, as well as those of the greater Intelligence Community. "The term 'Going Dark' does not refer to a specific capability, but is a program name for the part of the FBI, Operational Technology Division's (OTD) lawful interception program which is shared with other law enforcement agencies," an FBI spokesman said.
posted: 10/4/10                   0       3
keywords: 9/11, Biometric Technology Center, Biometrics, Center For Democracy And Technology, DNA, Database, Going Dark, Intelligence, Internet, Interpol, Iraq, James Dempsey, Lockheed Martin, National Security Agency, Next Generation Identification, Police, Privacy, Project Vennlig, Terrorists, US Department Of Justice, United States, University Of West Virginia Add New Keyword To Link

5/9/2009  GCSE pupils 'brainwashed to support the MMR vaccine' (UK Daily Mail)
posted: 5/11/09                   6       38

5/9/2009  GCSE pupils 'brainwashed to support the MMR vaccine'
The Government has been accused of using a school exam paper to indoctrinate children about the controversial MMR vaccine
(UK Daily Mail)
posted: 8/3/09                   0       8

5/9/2009  Next step? No guns allowed for right-wing 'extremists'
Bill empowers attorney general to forbid firearms for those 'suspected dangerous'
(World Net Daily)
posted: 6/23/09                   1       18

5/9/2009  The danger of drugs ... and data
A fascinating court case in Australia has been playing out around some people who had heart attacks after taking the Merck drug ­Vioxx
(London Guardian)
posted: 5/11/09                   4       26
keywords: Australia, Big Pharma, Merck, United States, ­vioxx Add New Keyword To Link

5/9/2009  YAL Profile: HR 1207
Federal Reserve Transparency Act
(Young Americans for Liberty)
posted: 6/6/09      
4       21

5/8/2009  360 post-9/11 workers have died, including 80 of cancer, says state (New York Daily News)
posted: 8/27/09                   0       11

5/8/2009  CIA Says It Briefed Congressional Leaders
document appears to conflict with recent statements from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
(Wall Street Journal)
posted: 5/11/09                   4       28

5/8/2009  Democrats were routinely briefed on Bush 'torture' techniques, document shows
CIA has released a devastating document detailing the dates and explicit details of secret Congressional briefings
(The Raw Story)
posted: 5/11/09                   4       25

5/8/2009  Fusion Center Encourages Improper Investigations Of Lobbying Groups And Anti-War Activists
The ACLU has long warned that ambiguities regarding who controls these fusion centers and a complete lack of oversight over their intelligence activities would lead to violations like this
(Salem News)
posted: 6/15/09                   2       20

5/8/2009  Handwritten Notes Show Fed Oversight Bill Neutered On Senate Floor
Legislation to give Congress greater oversight of the Federal Reserve was severely watered down on the Senate floor Wednesday in private negotiations between two powerful Republican senators
(Huffington Post)
posted: 6/15/09                   1       19

5/8/2009  Patent for killer chip denied in Germany
A model B of the system would contain a poison such as cyanide, which could be released by remote control to "eliminate" people if they became a security risk
(Press TV)
posted: 5/19/09                   4       32
keywords: American Medical Association, Council On Ethical And Judicial Affairs, Database, Germany, Privacy, Rfid Microchips, Saudi Arabia, United States Add New Keyword To Link

5/8/2009  Probe confirms US raid targeted Afghan civilians
civilians including women and children were the victims of US air strikes earlier this week in Afghanistan
(Press TV)
posted: 5/8/09                   5       29

5/8/2009  Top Pelosi Aide Learned Of Waterboarding in 2003 (Washington Post)
posted: 5/11/09                   6       28

5/8/2009  Turley to Obama: "Do the right thing," prosecute torture
appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the Bush administration's torture program
(The Raw Story)
posted: 5/11/09                   3       29

5/7/2009  2 Billion Infected? WHO Stokes Swine Flu
Fear Disease Experts Say Dedicated Swine Flu Vaccine Is Becoming More Likely
posted: 5/8/09                   5       27

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