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4/8/2013  As marijuana goes legit, investors rush in
Pot entrepreneurs have high expectations for a future market in legalized marijuana. - Medicinal marijuana markets: For the first time, a majority of Americans now support legalizing marijuana. Commercial marijuana sales are estimated at $1.5 billion today which could quadruple by 2018. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia currently allow its medical use. - Brendan Kennedy and Michael Blue are nice boys. Really. They're bankers. Yale MBA classmates. Wearers of ties. And, if luck and changing laws cooperate, they'll be drug barons of a certain kind. Kennedy, 40, and Blue, 34, are in the vanguard springing up to seize the market for legal marijuana, which is accelerating with last fall's legalization of most personal pot consumption in Colorado and Washington state. They're running a Seattle private-equity fund, Privateer Holdings, designed to buy up the smaller marijuana-related businesses to create one bigfat one. After Washington and Colorado, the pot business is, if not mainstream, at least ready to push toward it. Advocates hope to legalize personal use in another 14 states by 2017, mostly among the 16 states besides Washington and Colorado where medical pot is legal (it's also legal in Washington, D.C.). Industry estimates say today's $1.5 billion legal market could quadruple by 2018. The public is trending toward legalization. In a Pew Research Center poll released Thursday, a majority of Americans (52%) favored legalization, the first time that threshold has been reached since polling on the issue began in 1969.
(USA Today)
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4/6/2013  First magic mushroom depression trial hits stumbling block
The world's first clinical trial designed to explore using a hallucinogen from magic mushrooms to treat people with depression has stalled because of British and European rules on the use of illegal drugs in research. David Nutt, president of the British Neuroscience Association and professor of neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London, said he had been granted an ethical green light and funding for the trial, but regulations were blocking it. "We live in a world of insanity in terms of regulating drugs," he told a neuroscience conference in London on Sunday. He has previously conducted small experiments on healthy volunteers and found that psilocybin, the psychedelic ingredient in magic mushrooms, has the potential to alleviate severe forms of depression in people who don't respond to other treatments. Following these promising early results he was awarded a 550,000 pounds ($844,000) grant from the UK's Medical Research Council to conduct a full clinical trial in patients.
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4/2/2013  Conspiracy Theory Poll Results
On our national poll this week we took the opportunity to poll 20 widespread and/or infamous conspiracy theories. Many of these theories are well known to the public, others perhaps to just the darker corners of the internet. Heres what we found: - 37% of voters believe global warming is a hoax, 51% do not. Republicans say global warming is a hoax by a 58-25 margin, Democrats disagree 11-77, and Independents are more split at 41-51. 61% of Romney voters believe global warming is a hoax - 6% of voters believe Osama bin Laden is still alive - 21% of voters say a UFO crashed in Roswell, NM in 1947 and the US government covered it up. More Romney voters (27%) than Obama voters (16%) believe in a UFO coverup - 28% of voters believe secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government, or New World Order. A plurality of Romney voters (38%) believe in the New World Order compared to 35% who dont - 28% of voters believe Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks. 36% of Romney voters believe Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11, 41% do not
(Public Policy Polling)
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3/20/2013  Sandy Hook truthers are not giving up ~ Meet Brendan Hunt, a 20-something NYC resident with a video camera. He and his movement are on a mission
Brendan Hunt is nothing like the other Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists weve encountered. Yes, he thinks the December shooting was a kind of hoax to help the government seize power. But hes not some right-wing gun nut. Hes not a militia member. And hes not middle-aged and living in the middle of the country. Hunt is in his 20s and lives in New York City, where he is an actor, musician, artist and independent journalist. Hes starred in Shakespeare plays and independent films and written books and news reports. His roots arent in the radical-right or libertarian movements, but on the left side of the political spectrum, where hes aligned himself with Occupy Wall Street and says hes produced segments for WBAI, a well-known public radio station in New York affiliated with the proudly radical left-wing Pacifica network. Social scientists have used the term fusion paranoia to describe the merging of the radical left and right into a common concern about the government and centralized power to a point where they are almost indistinguishable on many issues. A British study released last year found that many conspiracy theories are pushed by core groups of people who are prone to believe in conspiracies of all kind even contradictory ones. And this isnt Hunts first conspiracy rodeo. He has an e-book positing that Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain did not commit suicide, but was in fact murdered, and a movie about the Illuminati.
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3/9/2013  Living With Less. A Lot Less.
I LIVE in a 420-square-foot studio. I sleep in a bed that folds down from the wall. I have six dress shirts. I have 10 shallow bowls that I use for salads and main dishes. When people come over for dinner, I pull out my extendable dining room table. I dont have a single CD or DVD and I have 10 percent of the books I once did. I have come a long way from the life I had in the late 90s, when, flush with cash from an Internet start-up sale, I had a giant house crammed with stuff electronics and cars and appliances and gadgets. Somehow this stuff ended up running my life, or a lot of it; the things I consumed ended up consuming me. My circumstances are unusual (not everyone gets an Internet windfall before turning 30), but my relationship with material things isnt. We live in a world of surfeit stuff, of big-box stores and 24-hour online shopping opportunities. Members of every socioeconomic bracket can and do deluge themselves with products. There isnt any indication that any of these things makes anyone any happier; in fact it seems the reverse may be true. For me, it took 15 years, a great love and a lot of travel to get rid of all the inessential things I had collected and live a bigger, better, richer life with less.
(New York Times)
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3/9/2013  Maryland Medical Marijuana: O'Malley Administration Withdraws Opposition To Bill
Gov. Martin O'Malley's administration withdrew its opposition to legislation allowing doctors and nurses to dispense medical marijuana to patients through academic medical centers, raising prospects for passage this year. Dr. Joshua M. Sharfstein, the state secretary of health and mental hygiene, said Friday that the administration could support the bill but only if it gave the governor the "flexibility" to suspend the program if the federal government threatened legal action over what it still classifies as an illegal drug. "If it's clear it's not something that's going to bring prosecution on state employees, we can go forward," Sharfstein told members of the House Government Operations and Judiciary committees, who held a joint hearing on the issue. Under what Sharfstein called a "yellow-light approach" to medical marijuana, the bill would allow dispensing the drug to patients with cancer, intractable pain and other conditions. O'Malley had threatened to veto medical marijuana legislation last year, saying that U.S. attorneys in Delaware and Washington had warned that those states' employees would not be immune from prosecution and that possession or distribution of marijuana remained illegal under federal law, regardless of what state laws say. Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler also expressed concerns.
(The Baltimore Sun)
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3/7/2013  Would you call for help if your friend overdosed?
One evening, a student at Ithaca College overdosed on heroin. His friend immediately called for help, and paramedics arrived just in time to save the students life. Would you have made that call? For many years, calling 911 or campus safety hotlines in a drug or alcohol overdose situation could result in disciplinary action for the student in trouble, the student who called and other students in the group. However, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), an organization gaining ground on campuses across the United States, is fighting to change that.
(USA Today)
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3/6/2013  Cuddle therapy may have health benefits
Scientific research shows that a good hug can be a great benefit and it may not make any difference whether the hug comes from a friend or a stranger. "We are not here just to do this for just one another. We're here to learn how to do this with anyone," said Travis Sigley. Sigley runs Cuddle Therapy -- a service specializing in private and group cuddling sessions, which he started four years ago. "A hug can do a world of difference if you're just feeling terrible. Giving a big hug, or laying down and cuddling with someone for a while I think will just totally change how you feel," said Sigley. The rules are clear: no nudity and no sex. Cuddlers must respect one another's boundaries and communicate any discomfort or unwanted advances. The workshops start with a discussion about why people are in the cuddle class. Then participants pair up and cuddle.
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2/27/2013  'Marijuana cannon' used to fire drugs over US border seized in Mexico
Compressed-air gun mounted on truck could throw 13-kilo packets over fence into California US drugs prosecutors switch sides to defend accused Colombian traffickers - Police in the border city of Mexicali say they have recovered a powerful improvised cannon used to hurl packets of marijuana across a border fence into California.
(London Guardian)
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2/27/2013  Uzbeks Sentenced For Fundamentalism
A court in Uzbekistan has handed prison sentences to people deemed to have been members of an Islamic fundamentalist group. A law-enforcement official said on February 27 that 11 members of the organization known as Jihadism received prison terms of between five and 12 years. The group was operating in the country's eastern region of Namangan in the restive Ferghana Valley, which is shared with neighboring Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Uzbek officials say the Jihadism group has been spreading radical Islam in the region since the early 1990s.
(Radio Free Europe)
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2/26/2013  AKEL wastes no time in slamming PfP proposal
COMMUNIST AKEL yesterday censured President-elect Nicos Anastasiades for his stated intent to apply for Cypriot membership of the NATO-affiliated Partnership for Peace. A party spokesman warned such a move would backfire on the divided island. It was the first skirmish between the soon-to-be opposition AKEL and the Anastasiades government which takes power in a few days. In announcing plans to join the Partnership for Peace (PfP), Anastasiades has manifested a major foreign policy shift from the outgoing administration of President Christofias. AKEL is strongly opposed to any links with NATO, holding it responsible for what it says was a conspiracy to split the island in 1974. Through its spokesman, AKEL reiterated yesterday that joining PfP would constitute a major strategic and diplomatic blunder. The move would cast doubt on the Greek Cypriot sides commitment to demilitarising the island subsequent to a political settlement, Giorgos Loucaides said. In addition to undermining Cyprus credibility, he said, the move would play into the hands of Turkish diplomacy by taking the spotlight off Ankara.
(Cyprus Mail)
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2/25/2013  Tony Rooke at the Magistrates' Court -- BBC TV license
Tony Rooke's Court hearing on not paying his TV license at the Magistrates' Court in Horsham, 25 February 2013. Tony Rooke, Tony Farrell, Ian Henshall and Peter Drew share their insights and opinions on today's verdict.
posted: 9/23/13      
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2/20/2013  Cannabinoids Ameliorate Impairments Induced by Chronic Stress to Synaptic Plasticity and Short-Term Memory
Repeated stress is one of the environmental factors that precipitates and exacerbates mental illnesses like depression and anxiety as well as cognitive impairments. We have previously shown that cannabinoids can prevent the effects of acute stress on learning and memory. Here we aimed to find whether chronic cannabinoid treatment would alleviate the long-term effects of exposure to chronic restraint stress on memory and plasticity as well as on behavioral and neuroendocrine measures of anxiety and depression. Late adolescent rats were exposed to chronic restraint stress for 2 weeks followed each day by systemic treatment with vehicle or with the CB1/2 receptor agonist WIN55,212-2 (1.2 mg/kg). Thirty days after the last exposure to stress, rats demonstrated impaired long-term potentiation (LTP) in the ventral subiculum-nucleus accumbens (NAc) pathway, impaired performance in the prefrontal cortex (PFC)-dependent object-recognition task and the hippocampal-dependent spatial version of this task, increased anxiety levels, and significantly reduced expression of glucocorticoid receptors (GRs) in the amygdala, hippocampus, PFC, and NAc. Chronic WIN55,212-2 administration prevented the stress-induced impairment in LTP levels and in the spatial task, with no effect on stress-induced alterations in unconditioned anxiety levels or GR levels. The CB1 antagonist AM251 (0.3 mg/kg) prevented the ameliorating effects of WIN55,212-2 on LTP and short-term memory. Hence, the beneficial effects of WIN55,212-2 on memory and plasticity are mediated by CB1 receptors and are not mediated by alterations in GR levels in the brain areas tested. Our findings suggest that cannabinoid receptor activation could represent a novel approach to the treatment of cognitive deficits that accompany a variety of stress-related neuropsychiatric disorders.
posted: 8/1/13                   0       5

2/15/2013  After 6 years, University of Maryland finally approves Good Samaritan policy for all drugs ~ Four generations of SSDP activists' work results in victory
Yesterday, I returned to the University of Maryland, my alma mater, to attend a University Senate (the governing body comprised of 90% faculty and staff, and 10% students) meeting where members voted 81-2-1 in favor of an important life-saving overdose prevention policy. The Diamondback reports: After proposing a measure nearly six years ago that would protect dangerously drunk students or students on drugs from university sanctions if they call 911 for themselves or a friend, the University Senate voted overwhelmingly yesterday to approve an all-inclusive Good Samaritan policy. The policy first passed the senate in 2011, when it was amended to only include alcohol. But activists quickly mobilized to push for a policy that included all drugs, leading former undergraduate senator Brandon Levey to propose all-inclusive legislation more than a year ago. Now, after the senates 81-2 vote with one abstention, the measure will go to university President Wallace Loh for his signature.
(Students for Sensible Drug Policy)
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2/15/2013  Crystal Varkalis testifies at University of Maryland Senate on Call 911 Good Samaritan Policy
The University Senate voted yesterday to approve an all-inclusive Good Samaritan policy, which would protect students from university sanctions if they called 911 in the event of a drug or alcohol overdose. Four generations of Students for Sensible Drug Policy activists enjoy finally achieving their goal!

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2/12/2013  David Cosner testifies for SB297 in Maryland Senate Judiciary Proceedings
Entitled: Criminal Law ~ Possession of Marijuana ~ De Minimis Quantity Sponsored by: Senator Zirkin ~Status: In the House - Hearing 3/28 at 1:00 p.m. ~ Synopsis: Altering the penalty for use or possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana; making the violation a civil offense punishable by a fine not exceeding $100; etc.

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2/12/2013  Future Radioheads
Few subjects manage to pull our critique trigger as handsomely as Western celebrities on an Africa related mission. But when a rock star gets it right and decides to do some awesome stuff during his first-ever visit to the continent and proves deserving of praise, were the first one to crack the nod. So when Radioheads Colin Greenwood went on a 10-day radio tour in South Africa in January and recorded some audio in studios across the country, we were all ears. As it turns out, he spent the lions share of his tour in the studio. But instead of his usual companions Thom Yorke, Philip Selway, Ed OBrien and Jonny Greenwood, he shared the space with children. He wasnt there to record tracks with them, nor did he flood them with ideas or insights about rockstardom, music or politics. Instead, he was there to listen and learn from his young hosts, who, as trained reporters, showed him how they produce their weekly talk radio shows for their community radio stations.
(Africa is a Country)
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2/12/2013  NASA Satellites Find Freshwater Losses in Middle East
A new study using data from a pair of gravity-measuring NASA satellites finds that large parts of the arid Middle East region lost freshwater reserves rapidly during the past decade. Scientists at the University of California, Irvine; NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.; and the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., found during a seven-year period beginning in 2003 that parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran along the Tigris and Euphrates river basins lost 117 million acre feet (144 cubic kilometers) of total stored freshwater. That is almost the amount of water in the Dead Sea. The researchers attribute about 60 percent of the loss to pumping of groundwater from underground reservoirs. The findings, to be published Friday, Feb. 15, in the journal Water Resources Research, are the result of one of the first comprehensive hydrological assessments of the entire Tigris-Euphrates-Western Iran region. Because obtaining ground-based data in the area is difficult, satellite data, such as those from NASA's twin Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites, are essential. GRACE is providing a global picture of water storage trends and is invaluable when hydrologic observations are not routinely collected or shared beyond political boundaries. "GRACE data show an alarming rate of decrease in total water storage in the Tigris and Euphrates river basins, which currently have the second fastest rate of groundwater storage loss on Earth, after India," said Jay Famiglietti, principal investigator of the study and a hydrologist and professor at UC Irvine. "The rate was especially striking after the 2007 drought. Meanwhile, demand for freshwater continues to rise, and the region does not coordinate its water management because of different interpretations of international laws."
(National Aeronautics And Space Administration)
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2/7/2013  Christopher Dorner Manhunt: Police Search For Ex-Los Angeles Officer In Alleged Murder, Cop Killing
A fired police officer who threatened to bring "warfare" to the Los Angeles Police Department went on a shooting rampage that left a policeman and two others dead and set off an extraordinary manhunt that had three states and Mexico on alert for much of Thursday. The search for Christopher Dorner led hair-trigger officers to mistakenly shoot at innocent citizens and forced police to guard their own. But the focus of police efforts shifted Thursday afternoon to the snowy mountains around Big Bear Lake, about 80 miles east of Los Angeles, where police found Dorner's burned-out pickup truck and tracks leading away from the vehicle. San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon said 125 officers were going door to door and attempting to track the suspect, and that a SWAT team was providing added security to those in the community. Schools were put on lockdown while investigators examined the vehicle and spread out across the area.
(Huffington Post)
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2/1/2013  LAPD Sgt. Confirms Dorner's Accusations of Racism, Tells Dorner to Call Media Before Surrendering
An African-American LAPD officer who is still on the force has reached out to ex-LAPD cop Chris Dorner, confirming some of Dorners accusations of racism, and guiding Dorner on how best to turn himself in without being harmed. Sgt. Wayne K. Guillary posted a message on the website of Earl Ofari Hutchinson in which he details how being outspoken has negatively impacted his time in the force: Theres still much work to be done Some may say that nothing has changed with the leadership in the LAPD. Trust me I have been in the fight with the organization regarding social and racial injustice within the LAPD. Currently, I am the only out spoken African American within the organization that possesses the moral courage to confront and ask questions unflinchingly about race, racism and discrimination in the LAPD. Yet still, I have paid a humiliating price inside the LAPD for preserving and believing in the importance of I have a Dream.
(Your Black World)
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2/1/2013  Sneak Peek Inside DC Medical Marijuana Dispensary [Video]
Beth Parker gets a preview of Capital City Care, one of D.C.'s first medical marijuana dispensaries.
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1/29/2013  Op-ed: A Chuck Hagel for Our Time -- The nations first openly gay ambassador, James Hormel, explains why he now supports the Senate confirmation of a man who helped block his own confirmation.
In 1997, when Chuck Hagel took his seat as a newly elected member of the United States Senate, our country was a less friendly place. The U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Bowers v. Hardwick, which held that private, consensual homosexual acts violated sodomy laws, was still in effect. The malevolent "don't ask, don't tell" military regulations had been in force for three years. The so-called Defense of Marriage Act, a 20th-century variation on the Dred Scott case, had just been enacted by Congress and signed by President Clinton. Many states still applied criminal laws to homosexual acts. What a difference 16 years can make! In 2003, Lawrence v. Texas overturned the Hardwick ruling and invalidated all state sodomy statutes. That same year, the Massachusetts Supreme Court acknowledged the right of same-sex couples to marry. In 2011, "don't ask, don't tell" was repealed.
posted: 1/29/13                   0       10

1/27/2013  Quantum biology: Do weird physics effects abound in nature?
Disappearing in one place and reappearing in another. Being in two places at once. Communicating information seemingly faster than the speed of light. This kind of weird behaviour is commonplace in dark, still laboratories studying the branch of physics called quantum mechanics, but what might it have to do with fresh flowers, migrating birds, and the smell of rotten eggs? Welcome to the frontier of what is called quantum biology. It is still a tentative, even speculative discipline, but what scientists are learning from it might just spark revolutions in the development of new drugs, computers and perfumes - or even help in the fight against cancer. Until recently, the delicate states of matter predicted by quantum mechanics have only been accessed with the most careful experiments: isolated particles at blisteringly low temperatures or pressures approaching that of deep space.
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keywords: Albert Einstein, Birds, Cancer, DNA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, European Science Foundation, European Union, Evolution, Fleming Institute, Germany, Greece, Health Care, India, Jim Al-khalili, John Morton, Luca Turin, Magnetic Fields, Plants, Quantum Mechanics, Richard Cogdell, Royal National Throat Nose And Ear Hospital, Simon Gane, US Department Of Defense, United States, University College London, University Of Glasgow, University Of Surrey Add New Keyword To Link

1/24/2013  Burning Man Vs. Superstorm Sandy
Union Beach, New Jersey, like much of the state, is a mess thanks to Superstorm Sandy. Its residents who are sticking it out and hoping to rebuild have to figure out a way to clear their lots of debris and condemned structures. Regular relief groups dont provide aid for this kind of work, and contractors arent going to cut a break for flood victims. It has left an altruistic void, one that has been filled by a bunch of people who are stereotypically known for heading out every year to the middle of a desert in Nevada to do a bunch of drugs, dress up like gay aliens, and light a bunch of shit on fire. Yes, a small group of Burning Man enthusiasts have formed what appears to be an extremely efficient charitable organization that helps people in ways more bureaucratic organizations cant. Just because the typical view of Burners is that they're computer programmers who fantasize all year about wearing furry purple pants while tripping on 2CT7 and convulsing to dubstep, it doesnt mean they dont know their way around a construction site. These same people spend months and even years constructing elaborate psychedelic mutant robo-vehicles atop of which they party for a week like the world is going to end. And they really love demolition. Going to Burning Man is like boot camp for disaster relief, said Tom Price, one of several cofounders. "Dealing with food, water, and shelter in a harsh environment and building a community from scratch isn't a challenge, it's what we do for vacation."
posted: 2/7/13                   0       18

1/23/2013  Scientists to resume work with lab-bred bird flu
International scientists who last year halted controversial research with the deadly bird flu say they are resuming their work as countries adopt new rules to ensure safety. The outcry erupted when two labs in the Netherlands and the U.S. reported they had created easier-to-spread versions of bird flu. Amid fierce debate about the oversight of such research and whether it might aid terrorists, those scientists voluntarily halted further work last January and more than three dozen of the world's leading flu researchers signed on as well. On Wednesday, those scientists announced they were ending their moratorium because their pause in study worked: It gave the U.S. government and other world health authorities time to determine how they would oversee high-stakes research involving dangerous germs.
(Associated Press)
posted: 1/25/13                   0       14

1/22/2013  'Naked' airport scans could undergo revamp
Canadian airports are still using the so-called naked full body scan images being removed from airports in the United States because the three-dimensional images are considered too revealing. But that could eventually change, said Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) spokesman Mathieu Larocque. CATSA is currently testing automated target recognition software on the scanners, he said. "It essentially generates just a stick man image that will highlight an area of the body that could need more inspection, like the ankle, for example, or the elbow," said Larocque, who is based in Ottawa. "We don't have a specific timeline for potential deployment, but this is something that were looking at," he said.
posted: 1/25/13                   0       16

1/22/2013  'Privacy visor blocks facial recognition software'
A pair of glasses dubbed a "privacy visor" has been developed to thwart hidden cameras using facial-recognition software. The prototype spectacles have been designed by scientists at Tokyo's National Institute of Informatics. The glasses are equipped with a near-infrared light source, which confuses the software without affecting vision. Law enforcers, shops and social networks are increasingly using facial-recognition software. Prof Isao Echizen said: "As a result of developments in facial recognition technology in Google images, Facebook et cetera and the popularisation of portable terminals that append photos with photographic information [geotags]... essential measures for preventing the invasion of privacy caused by photographs taken in secret and unintentional capture in camera images is now required."
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1/22/2013  End the self-destructive war on drugs
Congratulations to Bob Ehrlich for pointing out that the United States, the supposed "land of the free," is now the largest jailer nation in the world ("Obama's unpardonable neglect of clemency," Jan. 13). This country is using its own legal system to tear itself apart, and for what? It's a word no one dares use, but it's what we have here in America prohibition, also known as the "war on drugs." And I applaud Mr. Ehrlich for pointing in the right direction, but tinkering with parole and pardons is little more than arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
(Baltimore Sun)
posted: 1/23/13                   0       15

1/22/2013  Insight: Evidence grows for narcolepsy link to GSK swine flu shot
Emelie is plagued by hallucinations and nightmares. When she wakes up, she's often paralyzed, unable to breathe properly or call for help. During the day she can barely stay awake, and often misses school or having fun with friends. She is only 14, but at times she has wondered if her life is worth living. Emelie is one of around 800 children in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe who developed narcolepsy, an incurable sleep disorder, after being immunized with the Pandemrix H1N1 swine flu vaccine made by British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline in 2009. Finland, Norway, Ireland and France have seen spikes in narcolepsy cases, too, and people familiar with the results of a soon-to-be-published study in Britain have told Reuters it will show a similar pattern in children there. Their fate, coping with an illness that all but destroys normal life, is developing into what the health official who coordinated Sweden's vaccination campaign calls a "medical tragedy" that will demand rising scientific and medical attention.
posted: 1/25/13                   0       16
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1/22/2013  Marijuana Class I Appeal Rejected By Federal Court, Still Dangerous With No Accepted Medical Use
A federal appeals court Tuesday rejected a petition to reclassify marijuana from its current federal status as a dangerous drug with no accepted medical use. The appeals court panel denied the bid from three medical marijuana groups, including Americans for Safe Access, and several individuals. In 2011, the Drug Enforcement Administration had rejected a petition by medical marijuana advocates to change the classification. In his majority opinion Tuesday, Judge Harry T. Edwards wrote that the question wasn't whether marijuana could have some medical benefits, but rather whether the DEA's decision was "arbitrary and capricious." The court concluded that the DEA action survived a review under that standard.
(Associated Press)
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1/22/2013  The War on Drugs Is a "Miserable Failure"
A large crowd packed the pews of the historic Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. After a deacon introduced such VIP guests as Representatives Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and John Lewis (D-Georgia), the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and actor Danny Glover, Pastor Wallace Charles Smith set the stage for the afternoon's program. "One of the biggest problems facing this nation and much of the world is the drug epidemic," said Smith. "It doesn't seem like this nation has made it a real priority. As long as there is the demand there will be someone who will supply it." Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki (Why We Fight, Freakonomics) told the crowd that he considers the War on Drugs a "primary human rights issue." On hand to screen an abridged version of his 2012 film The House I Live In (which took the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at Sundance), Jarecki said the days program was "bookended by two momentous occasions, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday and Barack Obama's inauguration, which includes a swearing in on Dr. Kings bible." Jarecki added, "I consider [the War on Drugs] the unfinished work of the Civil Rights Movement." "Amens" rang out from the crowd. "The Drug War and its extraordinary injustice to people of color must end," said Jarecki. "I dont just want it on the radar, I want it flashing defcon red. The War on Drugs as we know it has failed so miserably that who can defend it?"
(National Geographic)
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keywords: Baltimore, Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, California, Charles Ogletree, China, Civil Rights, Cocaine, Danny Glover, David Simon, Education, Eugene Jarecki, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Gabor Mate, Harvard University, Health Care, Jeremiah Wright, Jim Crow Laws, John Legend, John Lewis, Martin Luther King Jr, Maxine Waters, Michelle Alexander, Opium, Paul Robeson, Pew Research Center, Police, Prison-industrial Complex, Richard Nixon, Robert Scott, Russell Simmons, US Congress, United Kingdom, United States, Veterans, Vietnam War, Wallace Charles Smith, War On Drugs, Washington DC Add New Keyword To Link

1/22/2013  TSA removes body scanners from airports ~ The TSA has finally abandoned the controversial practice of making passengers go through full-body X-rays
The Transportation Security Administration will remove all X-ray body scanners from airports, Bloomberg News reports. The reason: Software couldnt be developed by a congressionally mandated deadline to automatically detect suspicious items on the body. Instead, TSA officers viewed images of passengers naked bodies to see if they were carrying weapons or other contraband, a process that privacy advocates have dubbed a virtual strip search. Privacy had not been the only concern dogging the scanners. A ProPublica investigation found that the TSA had glossed over the small cancer risk posed by even the low doses of radiation emitted by X-ray scanners. The stories also showed that the United States was almost alone in the world in X-raying passengers and that the Food and Drug Administration had gone against its own advisory panel, which recommended the agency set a federal safety standard for security X-rays. In addition, ProPublica reported that, outside airports, other security agencies are exposing people to radiation in more settings and in increasing doses.
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1/20/2013  End The Fed, Or Celebrate Its Existence? Reflections On Our Central Bank's 100th Anniversary (Op/Ed)
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve System. There will be many events commemorating the signing of the Federal Reserve Act in December 1913. Many of those events will be occasions for celebrations by Fed officials and staff, but should the public celebrate a century of central banking? At the annual meeting of the American Economic Association in San Diego earlier this month, Harvard economist Kenneth Rogoff told a large audience that the Fed has been a "remarkably successful institution." During Q & A, Mark Skousen, author of The Making of Modern Economics, asked why the Fed failed to predict the financial crisis and the Great Recessionbut Rogoff failed to answer. Later in that session, Donald Kohn, former vice chairman of the Fed, acknowledged that the Fed had made mistakes and should exercise humility. Yet, he is a firm believer in discretion rather than rules. In another session, Allan H. Meltzer, the world's leading authority on the Federal Reserve, and a long-time proponent of a rules-based approach to monetary policy, was highly critical of the Fed's expansion of its power since 2007 under Ben Bernanke. "No group," said Meltzer, "should have unrestrained power that the Fed has taken for itself."
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keywords: Allan Meltzer, American Economic Association, Anna J Schwartz, Ben Bernanke, Cambridge University, Cato Institute, Council Of Economic Advisers, Dollar, Donald Kohn, F A Hayek, Federal Reserve, Financial Crisis, George Selgin, Gold, Great Depression, Harvard University, James Buchanan, James Dorn, Kenneth Rogoff, Lawrence H White, Mark Skousen, Martin Feldstein, Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize, Richard Nixon, Richard Timberlake, Ron Paul, Ronald Reagan, San Diego, Thomas Sargent, US Congress, US Constitution, US Supreme Court, United States, Wall Street, Wall Street Journal, William Lastrapes, World War I Add New Keyword To Link

1/19/2013  Montana's Proposed 2014 Ballot Issues
Ballot Issue #1 (Status current as of 1/19/2013) Subject: Establish a right for adults to purchase, produce and consume marijuana without criminal penalties. Contact Person: Chris Lindsey Sponsor: Barb Trego Type: Constitutional amendment by initiative Received by SOS: November 16, 2012 Status: Reviewed by Legislative Services Division. Next Step: Sponsor has the opportunity to respond to Legislative Services.
(State of Montana)
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1/19/2013  UPDATED: 5 People Shot At 3 Different Gun Shows On Gun Appreciation Day
If the gun advocates behind this years inaugural Gun Appreciation Day had hoped to use the days festivities to build support for their anti-regulation platform, they are going to have to wait another year. Emergency personnel had to be called to the scene of the Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh, North Carolina after a gun accidentally discharged and shot three people at the shows safety check-in booth just after 1 pm. Both victims were transported to an area hospital, and the Raleigh Fire Department announced that the show would be closed for the rest of the day.
(Think Progress)
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1/18/2013  Nokia Releases 3D Print Files For Lumia 820 Smartphone. Got A 3D Printer? Custom Print Your Own Removable Shell
Now this is cool: mobile maker Nokia has released 3D print files for one of its smartphones so owners of 3D printers can custom print their own removable shell. Nokia already sells different colour shells for the handset in question, the Lumia 820 which has a removable backplate along with shells that add wireless charging to the device or offer a bit more protection to standard plastic shells. But the company has decided to spice things up further by releasing a 3D template so people can print their own custom designs. It's calling this a 3DK for short see what they did there? Writing in a blog post on Nokia Conversations, Nokia says: "We are going to release 3D templates, case specs, recommended materials and best practices everything someone versed in 3D printing needs to print their own custom Lumia 820 case. We refer to these files and documents collectively as a 3D-printing Development Kit, or 3DK for short."
(Tech Crunch)
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1/18/2013  Sonoma County leads in 'spare the air' complaints
Sonoma County apparently is the biggest wood-burning air polluter in the Bay Area during no-burn days, and this year the regional air quality police is cracking down more than ever. Last year, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District received 409 wood-burning complaints from Sonoma County neighborhoods. Inspection patrols, many stemming from such complaints, resulted in 110 wood-burning violations, the most of any county in the nine-county district, officials said. Patrick Oster of Buck Pools and Spas in Santa Rosa is reflected in the glass front of a gas fireplace, Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat) Across the Bay Area district, there were 3,777 complaints and 346 violations, with most violators receiving a warning letter. But this winter, the district is no longer issuing warnings. Instead, first-time violators will be given the option of paying a $100 fine or taking a smoke awareness course online or by mail.
(Watch Sonoma County)
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1/17/2013  Architect aims to 3D print an endless house
Though 3D printers arent exactly a common consumer product, theyve been on the rise for a few years now. The objects they print are becoming more complex, and more useful from smartphone cases to working gun parts. Now, dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars plans to build an entire house with a 3D printer, and an endless one at that. Dubbed the Landscape House, Ruijssenaars has designed the building to be one piece, which could be a little misleading. Rather than a 3D printer creating a building in one go, separate pieces will be printed out, which will then interlock and create the full structure. Each piece is planned to measure in at 19.6 x 29.5 feet (6 x 9 meters), and printed with the large D-Shape 3D printer, which is said to be able to build full-size sandstone buildings without human intervention. Inventor of the D-Shape printer, Enrico Dini, suggested that Ruijssenaars only print out the frame of the building, then fill it with fiber glass and concrete in order to increase the strength of the structure.
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1/16/2013  Culture and Agriculture ~ Sue Spaid looks at farming as art
Rirkrit Tiravanijas Untitled (bicycle shower), one of the BMAs new acquisitions, might seem a bit out of place in the formal halls of the museum. Thats because Tiravanija designed it to actually function as a shower for the land, an experimental art/farming/political compound he founded in Thailand in 1998. According to Sue Spaids new book Green Acres: Artists Farming Fields, Greenhouses and Abandoned Lots, it is becoming increasingly common to see such works at museums. The book accompanies a show at Cincinnatis Contemporary Arts Center, which will come to the area this summer, but Spaid will facilitate a conversation about art and farming at Red Emmas on Friday, Jan. 18. Before Spaid came to Baltimore to take over the directorship of the Contemporary Museum in 2010a position she held until the museum suspended operations and let her go last Mayshe worked as curator at Cincinnatis Contemporary Arts Center, where she co-curated Ecovention: Current Art to Transform Ecologies, which led, a decade later, to Green Acres.
(Baltimore City Paper)
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keywords: Alternative Energy, Amy Lipton, Baltimore Development Cooperative, Carbon Dioxide, Cincinnati, Climate Change, Community Gardens, Germany, Joseph Beuys, New York City, Permaculture, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Sue Spaid, Tattfoo Tan, Thailand, United States, Water Add New Keyword To Link

1/16/2013  French campaign in Mali escalates into ground war
France's campaign in Mali has escalated into a ground war when troops fought to prevent al-Qaeda and its allies from striking deep inside territory previously under government control.
(London Telegraph)
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keywords: Africa, Al-qaeda, Al-qaeda IN The Islamic Maghreb, Bamako, Diabalay, France, Hostages, Idrissa Traore, Libya, Mali, Markala, Military, Mopti, Niono, Sahara Desert, Segou, Timbuktu, United Kingdom, War On Drugs Add New Keyword To Link

1/16/2013  Idle No More protests, blockades spread across country
Protests prompted by first-nations frustration with the federal government flared in at least six provinces Wednesday. The day of action began quietly, but by lunchtime police in Windsor blocked one of two access roads to the Ambassador Bridge, which is the major trade crossing from southern Ontario to the United States, as protesters massed. A spokesman said the closing should not last long as natives were soon moving to a nearby parking lot. A CN rail spokesman confirmed reports that protesters had blocked the main line in Manitoba, near Portage la Prairie. We have stopped train traffic in the immediate area, and have obtained a court injunction, Jim Feeny said. A small group of people identified as members of the American Indian Movement were photographed blocking the CN rail line in Manitoba. Some members of the AIM, a militant group involved in the 1973 standoff at Wounded Knee, do not recognize the U.S.-Canada border.
(The Globe and Mail)
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keywords: Alberta, Algonquins, Allan Adam, American Indian Movement, Arthur Manuel, Assembly Of First Nations, Association Of Iroquois And Allied Indians, Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Attawapiskat, Bella Bella, Belleville, Big Oil, British Columbia, Canada, Candace Paul, Chipewyan First Nation, Chris Lewis, Cn Rail, David Johnston, Edmonton, First Nations, Fort Mcmurray, Frank Brown, Fredericton, Gitxsan Warriors, Gordon Peters, Graydon Nicholas, Heiltsuk First Nation, Idle No More, Imperial Oil, Indigenous Peoples, James Bay, Jim Feeny, Jim Flaherty, Jody Wilson-raybould, Kingston, Kitwanga, Manitoba, Marysville, Moose Cree First Nation, Neskonlith, New Brunswick, Nipigon, Norm Hardisty, Ontario, Ottawa, Ottawa River, Police, Portage LA Prairie, Protests, Quebec, Rosalie Chum, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Saskatchewan, Shawn Atleo, St Marys First Nation, Stephen Harper, Theresa Spence, Trains, Trans-canada Highway, Tsawout, Tyendinaga Mohawks, United States, Vancouver, Victoria, Windsor, Wounded Knee Add New Keyword To Link

1/16/2013  Militants Seize Americans and Other Hostages in Algeria
The French military assault on Islamist extremists in Mali escalated into a potentially much broader North African conflict on Wednesday when, in retribution, armed attackers in unmarked trucks seized an internationally managed natural gas field in neighboring Algeria and took at least 20 foreign hostages, including Americans. Algerian officials said at least two people, including a Briton, were killed in the assault, which began with a predawn ambush on a bus trying to ferry gas-field workers to an airport. Hundreds of Algerian security forces were sent to surround the gas-field compound, creating a tense standoff, and the countrys interior minister said there would be no negotiations. Algerias official news agency said at least 20 fighters had carried out the attack and mass abduction. There were unconfirmed reports late on Wednesday that the security forces had tried to storm the compound and had retreated under gunfire from the hostage takers.
(New York Times)
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keywords: Adam Nossiter, Africa, Airports, Al Mulathameen, Al-qaeda, Al-qaeda IN The Islamic Maghreb, Alan Cowell, Algeria, Algerian Army, Bamako, Barack Obama, Barclays, Bard Glad Pedersen, Big Oil, British Petroleum, Clifford Krauss, Daho Ould Kablia, Elisabeth Bumiller, European Union, Extremists, France, Franois Hollande, Helima Croft, Hostages, Houston, IN Amenas, Intelligence, Italy, Japan, Leon Panetta, Libya, Mali, Military, Mohamed Chafik Mesbah, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, Morocco, Natural Gas, New York City, Nigeria, Norway, Organization Of The Petroleum Exporting Countries, Paris, Reuters, Rick Gladstone, Rome, Russia, Sahara Desert, Sahara Media Agency Of Mauritania, Scott Sayare, Sonatrach, Spain, Statoil, Steven Erlanger, Terrorists, Trains, Turkey, US Department Of Defense, United Kingdom, United States, World War III Add New Keyword To Link

1/15/2013  'Gates of Hell': France upping military presence in Mali conflict
France is sending more troops to Mali to fight against al-Qaeda-linked militants. Paris claims the move is short-term, but delays to the deployment of an African security force have raised fears the conflict could spill over into neighboring nations. The French government issued a statement that it would send 2,500 troops to support Malian government soldiers in the conflict against Islamist rebels. France has already deployed around 750 troops to Mali, and French carriers arrived in Bamako on Tuesday morning . French president Francois Hollande hailed the latest overnight airstrikes on rebel targets as achieving their goal, but said that assembling an African force to reinforce French troops could take a good week.
(Russia Today)
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1/15/2013  Burgeoning native protests shake Canadian establishment and official native leadership
Idle No More, the burgeoning grassroots native Indian movement, is continuing its campaign of protests against Canadas Conservative government, which is seeking to pave the way for capitalist resource development by weakening and ultimately extinguishing collective native land rights. Marches, flash mobs, round dances and rallies were held this past weekend in dozens of cities from coast to coast, as well as on the many aboriginal reservations located in more isolated parts of the country. In addition, First Nations chiefs from Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have called for a day of action this Wednesday, including a stepped-up campaign of road and rail blockades. In previous weeks, aboriginals and their supporters have blocked international bridge and border crossings, strategic rail lines and major highways nation-wide, as well as mining and logging roads in Canadas north. For their own part, Idle No More leaders have called for a global Day of Action on January 28. The escalation of Idle No Mores fight against chronic native poverty, inequality, the abrogation of treaty rights and environmental degradation comes in the wake of a series of events last week that have brought to the fore issues surrounding the historic oppression and dispossession of Canadas native peoples, a renewed push by big business to develop huge northern fossil fuel and mineral deposits, and the growing social stratification amongst the native population itself.
(World Socialist Web Site)
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keywords: Assembly Of First Nations, Attawapiskat, Big Oil, Canada, Canadian Armed Forces, Christie Blatchford, David Brown, David Johnston, Derek Nepinak, Education, First Nations, Flash Mobs, Gambling, Health Care, Idle No More, Indigenous Peoples, James Bay, Manitoba, Medicare, National Post, Natural Gas, Ontario, Ottawa River, Pam Palmeter, Police, Protests, Royal Military College, Sarnia, Saskatchewan, Shawn Atleo, Stephen Harper, Terrorists, The Calgary Herald, Theresa Spence, Tobacco, Trains, Veterans Add New Keyword To Link

1/15/2013  Feds won't stop targeting medpot outlets
Though San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has ordered city officials to stop targeting medical marijuana outlets for prosecution and code compliance, dont expect federal authorities to take the same position. U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said Tuesday that while she is open to meeting with the new mayor on the subject, selling marijuana remains illegal under federal law. I take my guidance from the attorney general of the U.S., and he from the president, Duffy said during an interview with the U-T San Diego editorial board. And thus far, that direction is, we are going to enforce the Controlled Substances Act. That law classifies marijuana as an illegal drug. Duffys comments came five days after Filner ordered city code enforcement officers to halt actions against medical marijuana dispensaries and for police to stop referring such cases to city prosecutors.
(San Diego Union-Tribune)
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1/15/2013  Make Your Own Products: 3D Printing Reaches Consumers
Adore your Shih Tzu? Now its possible to create a tiny replica of Fluffy in figurine form for your office. You could also create customized jewelry or an iPhone case. What might be called extreme personalization is moving closer to mainstream consumers who don't want to invest in an industrial 3D printer themselves. This is all thanks to a number of companies whose mission is to give everyone access to high-end 3D technology normally used by large corporations to create product prototypes. Using their services, you can go online to design and order custom products, whether you want to add your face in relief to a coffee mug or design your own iPhone case using intuitive 3D software. You simply download the free software on your computer, or in some cases even as an application for your phone, customize your product, and upload the digital file for the company to print. Or for more complicated projects, like creating a real-life action figure of your dog or yourself, you can visit a number of companies. Direct Dimensions, for instance, will do a full body scan called a ShapeShot for around a hundred dollars using a $60,000 handheld industrial video scanner to circle around you as it captures your 3D image. The company can then put together your digital file to print your real life action figure.
posted: 1/17/13                   0       19
keywords: 3d Printing, 3d Systems, Andrew Krabeepetcharat, Belgium, Cell Phones, Chelsea Downs, Direct Dimensions, Ibis World, Internet, Laura Parker, Michael Bloomberg, Netherlands, New York City, New York Toy Collective, Open Source, Peter Weijmarshausen, Shapeways, Staples, Stratasys, United States, Vaccines Add New Keyword To Link

1/15/2013  NBC Admitted: No 'Assault Rifle' Used in Newtown Shooting
When the president surrounds himself with children while giving his announcement that reasonable gun control measures are necessary, bear in mind that those assault rifles the government is sure to be going after were not even used in the Newton, Connecticut elementary shooting. As NBC admits in the video above, four handguns were used to carry out that despicable atrocity. This directly contradicts other reports. Pete Williams, who is NBCs chief Justice correspondent, reported the following in the video posted above: This continues to be a very complex investigation and there is a lot of contradictory information out there, but we have some new information this morning (one month ago) from a couple of federal officials and state officials. They say now that there were actually four handguns inside the school, not just two as we were initially told. Four handguns and apparently only handguns that were taken into the school.
(Independent Journal Review)
posted: 1/17/13                   0       21

1/15/2013  Panetta: No US Troops to Mali
U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says the United States is not considering sending ground troops to Mali to work with French forces that began an assault on militant Islamist rebels in the country last Friday. But during a visit to Portugal he said the U.S. military will help the French in other ways. Panetta commended France for sending troops to try to prevent al-Qaida's North African affiliate from establishing a base of operations in Mali. But he indicated there is a limit to the help the United States will provide. "There is no consideration of putting any American boots on the ground at this time," said Panetta. Foreign Troop Commitments to Mali...
(Voice of America)
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1/15/2013  The Filabot will revolutionise the home 3D-printing market
Got any spare Lego? Invention by American college student recycles plastic household scrap into 3D-printing material - DIY desktop 3D-printers may be taking off, with basic flatpack models available for as little as 250, but the printing material itself still has a hefty price tag. A 1kg spool of plastic filament which is heated then squeezed out in layers like icing to create objects costs around 50, keeping it in reach of only the most enthusiastic hobbyists. But the home-printing revolution may now be on its way, thanks to an invention by American college student Tyler McNaney. The Filabot brings a miniature industrial recycling plant to your desktop, grinding down everyday plastic waste and transforming it into ready-to-use printing material. Everything from water pipes to drinks bottles, plastic wrappers and Lego bricks can be fed into the contraption which grinds, melts and extrudes the plastic into a filament of either 3mm or 1.75mm diameters. It can also melt down failed or broken 3D prints, allowing for increased trial and error, or the ability to upgrade redundant parts.
(London Guardian)
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1/14/2013  Native rights protest draws thousands in Canada
Thousands of people have held a protest rally in Edmonton, the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta to show their support for the rights of indigenous people in the country. Chanting slogans and hitting drums, the protesters packed into West Edmonton Mall late Sunday to signal that they would continue protests in solidarity with the native rights movement "Idle No More". Organizers of the rally said that more than 2,500 people participated in the protest. "It's beautiful. It's a way for us to showcase our traditions, and our spirituality and our realities to the rest of people who occupy what is now Canada," said Quetzala Carson, a Native Studies student at the University of Alberta.
(Press TV)
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