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9/21/2005  China admits women were forced to have abortions (The Independent)
posted: 5/5/09                   2       11
keywords: Abortion, China, Eugenics Add New Keyword To Link

9/21/2005  FEMA
The Secret Government - Executive Order Number 12148 created the Federal Emergency Management Agency that is to interface with the Department of Defense for civil defense planning and funding
(Free America and Harry V. Martin)
posted: 6/8/09                   1       25

9/21/2005  The Promise of Plug-In Hybrids
I am riding in a customized 2005 Toyota Prius traveling just under 35 mph, and the central display console shows were getting 99.9 miles per gallon. Were actually doing much better than that, but the Prius mileage monitor cant display anything more than three digits.
(Mother Earth News)
posted: 7/28/09                   0       10

9/20/2005  Iraq probe into soldier incident
The Iraqi government has launched an inquiry into the events that led the British Army to stage a dramatic rescue of two UK soldiers detained by police
posted: 6/24/09                   3       15
keywords: Ibrahim Al-jaafari, Iraq, John Reid, Military, Mohammed Al-waili, Police, United Kingdom Add New Keyword To Link

9/20/2005  Letter from 9/11 Commission to Arlen Specter
"The 9/11 Commission interviewed [Stephen Hadley's] boss, Condoleezza Rice, for 4 hours. She said nothing about a chart and mentioned nothing about the name Mohamed Atta on a chart."
(9/11 Commission)
posted: 5/17/09                   2       28

9/20/2005  Opec to increase oil production
Oil cartel Opec will release an extra two million barrels a day, some of the last spare oil production it has, in an effort to ease crude price pressures
posted: 5/19/09                   4       27

9/19/2005  Disaster relief? Call in the Marines
Bush suggests a broader domestic role for the military
(Christian Science Monitor)
posted: 5/16/09                   4       26

9/17/2005  Branson hopes to build refinery
Sir Richard Branson plans to hold talks with the government about paying for a new oil refinery
posted: 5/19/09                   5       28

9/17/2005  Historic changes possible in military's role in domestic emergencies
Bush's push to give the military a bigger role in responding to major disasters like Hurricane Katrina could lead to a loosening of legal limits on the use of federal troops on U.S. soil
(USA Today)
posted: 5/16/09                   4       26

9/15/2005  'Excuse me Condi, can I go to the bathroom?'
President Bush had a more pressing worry than terrorism or reforming the United Nations during a Security Counil meeting in New York yesterday - the leader of the world's only superpower wanted to go the loo
(London Times)
posted: 6/8/09                   3       25

9/15/2005  Adam Pearlman, al-CIA-duh Patsy
In the case of the CIA and Al-Qaeda, it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate the goals, strategies and even membership of these two groups, despite their alleged, bitter and mutual enmity
(The Scotsman)
posted: 5/16/09                   4       27

9/15/2005  EPA rule loopholes allow pesticide testing on kids (San Francisco Chronicle)
posted: 4/28/09                   2       10

9/15/2005  Federal troops should be first responders to natural disasters, experts say
Pentagon officials and military experts are war-gaming future domestic catastrophes with the full-time military playing an integral first-responder role - possibly as a police force - which is now illegal
(Gannet News Service)
posted: 5/16/09                   3       26

9/15/2005  Reuters carries Bush toilet break photo
World leaders are exploring ways to revitalize the United Nations at a summit on Wednesday but their blueprint falls short of Secretary-General Kofi Annan's vision of freedom from want, persecution and war.
posted: 5/16/09                   3       29

9/15/2005  Technical Conference on the Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster
Session VI - Structural Fire Response and Collapse Analysis - Observations for Structural Response - Structural and Fire Protection Damage Due to Aircraft Impact
(National Institute of Standards and Technology)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       25

9/14/2005  Clear Channel Radio's Multi-Market Spanish-language Programming Initiative Attracting Greater Share of Radio Listeners in 2005 (press release)
posted: 5/6/09                   2       13

9/13/2005  FEMA, La. outsource Katrina body count to firm implicated in body-dumping scandals
Kenyon is a subsidiary of Service Corporation International (SCI), a scandal-ridden Texas-based company operated by a friend of the Bush family
(The Raw Story)
posted: 5/16/09                   4       26
keywords: Citizens For Responsibility And Ethics, Eliza May, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Florida, George H W Bush, George W Bush, Georgia, Hurricane Katrina, Joe Allbaugh, Katherine Blanco, Kenyon International, Louisiana, Melanie Sloan, Menorah Gardens, Nancy Pelosi, New Orleans, Peter Hartmann, Rick Perry, Robert Waltrip, Service Corporation International, Texas, Texas Funeral Service Commission, Tri-state Crematory, US Department Of Homeland Security, United States Add New Keyword To Link

9/13/2005  Google Earth threatens democracy
Military hardware laid bare to Godless commies
(The Register)
posted: 5/16/09                   2       26
keywords: Australia, Australian Nuclear Science And Technology Organisation, Bangkok, China, Cold War, Google, India, Military, North Korea, Russia, Satellites, South Korea, Thailand, United States, Vietnam, Weapons Of Mass Destruction Add New Keyword To Link

9/13/2005  The beauty products from the skin of executed Chinese prisoners (London Guardian)
posted: 5/5/09                   2       12
keywords: China Add New Keyword To Link

9/12/2005  Doctors Euthanized Katrina Victims
With gangs of rapists and looters rampaging through wards in the flooded city, senior doctors took the harrowing decision to give massive overdoses of morphine to those they believed could not make it out alive
(Australian Daily Telegraph)
posted: 5/16/09                   5       26

9/12/2005  Mercenaries guard homes of the rich in New Orleans
After scenes of looting and lawlessness in the days immediately after Hurricane Katrina struck, New Orleans has turned into an armed camp, patrolled by thousands of local, state and federal law enforcement officers, as well as 70,000 national guard troops and active-duty soldiers now based in the region
(London Guardian)
posted: 5/16/09                   2       26

9/12/2005  New Orleans becomes federal city as recovery efforts grind on
A metropolis that once bustled with busy residents and tourists who partied on Bourbon Street is now occupied by U.S. military forces and a dozen federal agencies working side by side, street by street, with state and local authorities. It seems that every agency wants a piece of this action
(Government Executive)
posted: 5/16/09                   3       27

9/10/2005  Cheney quip adds fuel to Katrina politics
Dick Cheney became the latest high profile official to offer a soundbite about Hurricane Katrina, saying all evacuees he's met have been 'thankful,' adding to a spate of comments raising eyebrows regarding the Katrina disaster
(The Raw Story)
posted: 5/16/09                   4       26

9/10/2005  find standards in pdf:astm,iso,iec,bsi (Washington Post)
posted: 5/5/09                   2       11
keywords: Standard Add New Keyword To Link

9/9/2005  Glenn Beck called hurricane survivors in New Orleans "scumbags," said he "hates" 9-11 families
"I didn't think I could hate victims faster than the 9-11 victims."
(Media Matters)
posted: 5/16/09                   4       24

9/9/2005  Some Urge Greater Use of Troops in Major Disasters
The breakdown of local and state agencies that tried to respond to Hurricane Katrina has spurred fresh debate about whether disasters of such magnitude ought to be turned over to the U.S. military and other federal authorities to manage at the outset
(Washington Post)
posted: 5/16/09                   4       24

9/9/2005  Wife Says Criticism of Bush 'Disgusting'
"I think all of those remarks are disgusting, to be perfectly frank, because of course President Bush cares about everyone in our country," the first lady said
(Associated Press)
posted: 5/16/09                   5       24

9/8/2005  Mexican military enters Texas for first time since 1846
Mexican army convoys and a navy ship laden with food, supplies and specialists traveled to the United States Wednesday to help in the Hurricane Katrina relief effort
(Associated Press)
posted: 5/16/09                   4       26

9/8/2005  National Guard Confiscating Guns in New Orleans (ABC)
posted: 5/7/09      
1       15

9/8/2005  New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms as Water Recedes
No civilians in New Orleans will be allowed to carry pistols, shotguns or other firearms, said P. Edwin Compass III, the superintendent of police. "Only law enforcement are allowed to have weapons," he said.
(New York Times)
posted: 5/16/09                   2       28

9/8/2005  White House: Mrs. Bush Comment 'Personal'
Barbara Bush was making "a personal observation" when she said poor people at a relocation center in Houston were faring better than before Hurricane Katrina struck
(Associated Press)
posted: 5/16/09                   4       22

9/7/2005  Bingham v. United States Dep't of Justice
Affadavit, Declaration of Jacqueline Maguire - "The FBI located a CD-ROM that contains two time-lapse recordings made by security cameras located at a Pentagon parking lot."
(Federal Bureau Of Investigation)
posted: 5/17/09                   3       27

9/7/2005  Exclusive: The Hunt
SCOTLAND Yard launched Britain's biggest ever manhunt yesterday to catch the London bombers - vowing: "We will go to the ends of the earth to nail these coldblooded killers."
posted: 7/3/09                   0       10

9/7/2005  FEMA Chief Waited Until After Storm Hit
Michael Brown, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, sought the approval from Homeland Security Secretary Mike Chertoff roughly five hours after Katrina made landfall on Aug. 29
(Associated Press)
posted: 5/16/09                   3       30

9/7/2005  Internal Memos Show Oil Companies Intentionally Limited Refining Capacity To Drive Up Gasoline Prices
"To point to the environmental laws as the cause simply misses the fact that it was the major oil companies, not the environmental groups, that used the regulatory process to create artificial shortages and limit competition."
(Consumer Watch Dog)
posted: 5/19/09                   4       26

9/6/2005  Alex Jones Reports on Hurricane Katrina, interview with Aaron Broussard
posted: 5/7/09      
1       15

9/6/2005  FEMA Executive Orders Paved The Way For Emerging Police State Hell
New Orleans is just the first to fall - Executive Orders overview
(Prison Planet)
posted: 5/16/09                   2       28

9/5/2005  An Angry 'Times-Picayune' Calls for Firing of FEMA Chief and Others in Open Letter to President On Sunday (Editor and Publisher)
posted: 5/16/09                   3       24

9/4/2005  12 Lessons That South Carolina Can Learn From Katrina
In 2001, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ranked the most likely and deadly disasters that could befall the United States. The top three were: * a terrorist attack on New York * an earthquake in San Francisco * a hurricane in New Orleans The list was announced at a conference on Sept. 10. The next day was 9/11. Two of those three uber-disasters now have occurred, and emergency response to the catastrophes is being criticized as inadequate and, in some cases, such as housing refugees in New Orleans' Louisiana Superdome irresponsible. Friday, President Bush called the federal response to Hurricane Katrina "unacceptable."
(The State Newspaper)
posted: 4/3/11                   0       3
keywords: 9/11, Cathy Haynes, Charleston, Charleston County Emergency Preparedness Division, David Prevatt, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Florida, George W Bush, Georgia, Gulf Of Mexico, Houston, Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Floyd, Hurricane Georges, Hurricane Hugo, Hurricane Katrina, Jim Beasley, Joe Riley, Louisiana, Miami-dade County, Military, Mississippi, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, New York City, Police, Randall Webster, Red Cross, San Antonio, San Francisco, South Carolina, Superdome, Susan Cutter, Times-picayune, US Army Corps Of Engineers, US National Guard, United States, Walter Baumy Add New Keyword To Link

9/4/2005  La. Official: Feds 'Murdered' Flood Victims
"Bureaucracy has committed murder here in the greater New Orleans area, and bureaucracy has to stand trial before Congress now,"
posted: 5/4/09                   3       12

9/4/2005  One of the Worst Abandonments of Americans on American Soil Ever
"Bureaucracy has committed murder here in the greater New Orleans area and bureaucracy has to stand trial before Congress now." - "Yesterday yesterday FEMA comes in and cuts all of our emergency communication lines. They cut them without notice. Our sheriff, Harry Lee, goes back in, he reconnects the line. He posts armed guards and said no one is getting near these lines"
(Think Progress)
posted: 4/30/10                   0       1

9/3/2005  Failure on Every Front
Impeach Bush Now, Before More Die - Bush's single-minded focus on the "war against terrorism" has compounded a natural disaster and turned it into the greatest calamity in American history. The US has lost its largest and most strategic port, thousands of lives, and 80% of one of America's most historic cities is under water. If terrorists had achieved this result, it would rank as the greatest terrorist success in history.
(Counter Punch)
posted: 5/15/09                   2       27

9/3/2005  Friends claim Khan's statement was faked
Old and young refuse to accept youth worker's role in attack
(London Guardian)
posted: 7/3/09                   0       9

9/3/2005  Homeland Security won't let Red Cross deliver food
"The Homeland Security Department has requested and continues to request that the American Red Cross not come back into New Orleans," said Renita Hosler, spokeswoman for the Red Cross. "Right now access is controlled by the National Guard and local authorities. We have been at the table every single day [asking for access]. We cannot get into New Orleans against their orders."
(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       24

9/3/2005  Leader of Federal Effort Feels the Heat
"Paula," Mr. Brown replied unequivocally, "the federal government did not even know about the convention center people until today."
(New York Times)
posted: 5/16/09                   2       28

9/3/2005  Web, military technology aiding in storm recovery
Aerial drones, sonic 'lasers' join bloggers in relief effort - WND IN KATRINA'S WAKE Web, military technology aiding in storm recovery Aerial drones, sonic 'lasers' join bloggers in relief effort Posted: September 03, 2005 5:35 pm Eastern 2010 Amidst scenes of chaos in New Orleans and devastation across Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, an army of Internet bloggers as well as some of the most sophisticated military equipment used in the Iraq war have been marshaled to aid the recovery effort. With cell phone towers damaged and most land line telephones out of commission, local websites, run by individuals or businesses that still have power, have become one of the major lines of communication from many storm-stricken areas. E-mail and local blogs often provided news of real time conditions during the storm and now are assisting survivors with offers of material assistance, matching those without shelter to those offering to open their homes, and maintaining contact lists to reunite separated families. Sites like, an online community that began in the Bay Area but spread to cities across the U.S., has emerged as a key site for those seeking missing friends and family.
(World Net Daily)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       26

9/3/2005  Why did help take so long to arrive? Communication breakdown and lack of National Guard blamed for slow response (London Guardian)
posted: 5/16/09                   1       28

9/2/2005  Bomber video 'points to al-Qaeda'
A video statement from one of the London suicide bombers Mohammad Sidique Khan strongly suggests a link between the bombers and al-Qaeda, which has not been established before
posted: 7/3/09                   0       9

9/2/2005  Gazing at Breached Levees, Critics See Years of Missed Opportunities
Alfred C. Naomi, a senior project manager in the New Orleans district of the corps, said the New Orleans protection system was a vexing mix. It met the standards that were agreed on long ago, but was known to be inadequate. "This storm was much greater than protection we were authorized to provide," Mr. Naomi said.
(New York Times)
posted: 5/15/09                   2       26

9/1/2005  Executive Summary Extracted from
NIST NCSTAR 1-3 (Draft) - Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster - Mechanical and Metallurgical Analysis of Structural Steel (Draft)
(National Institute of Standards and Technology)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       30

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