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5/26/2009  Showdown Looming On 'State Secrets'
Judge Threatens To Penalize U.S. In Wiretap Case
(Washington Post)
posted: 5/26/09                   3       27

5/26/2009  State recruits an army of snoopers with police-style powers
Under a Home Office-run scheme, people such as park wardens, dog wardens, car park attendants and shopping centre guards receive the powers if they undergo training, and pay a small fee to their local police force
(UK Daily Mail)
posted: 5/26/09                   5       23
keywords: Community Safety Accreditation Scheme, Jacqui Smith, Police, Police Reform Act 2002, UK Home Office, United Kingdom Add New Keyword To Link

5/26/2009  Supreme Court rules police can initiate suspect's questioning
police, under certain circumstances, can initiate an interrogation of a suspect without the defendant's lawyer being present (!!!!!)
posted: 5/26/09                   5       25

5/26/2009  The Inner Worlds of Conspiracy Believers
A report scheduled to appear in an upcoming Applied Cognitive Psychology offers a preliminary psychological profile of people who believe in 9/11 conspiracies
(US News & World Report)
posted: 5/27/09                   3       30

5/26/2009  Thousands of Canadians taxed on 'phantom income'
Employees who lost on stock options face bankruptcy over huge tax bills
posted: 5/26/09                   6       25

5/26/2009  Wishful Thinking and Indecisive Wars
Ralph Peters says "The point of all this is simple: Win. In warfare, nothing else matters. If you cannot win clean, win dirty. But win. Our victories are ultimately in humanityís interests, while our failures nourish monsters"
(Journal of Internation Security Affairs)
posted: 5/27/09                   4       27

5/25/2009  'Turning Point 3' Ė War Simulation Starts May 31
The five-day drill, to be coordinated by the Defense Ministry together with the Home Front Command, is intended to test Israel's preparedness at all levels, from the government down to the citizen in the street
(Israel National News)
posted: 7/2/09                   0       13

5/25/2009  Canadian singer kicked out of U.K. under new rules
All artists required to get Certificate of Sponsorship
posted: 5/26/09                   4       27
keywords: Biometrics, Canada, Certificate Of Sponsorship, European Union, Free Speech, United Kingdom Add New Keyword To Link

5/25/2009  Couple: County Trying To Stop Home Bible Studies (10 News)
posted: 6/3/09                   2       24

5/25/2009  Israel views DPRK nuclear test with "extreme gravity" (Xinhua)
posted: 5/26/09                   5       24

5/25/2009  On memorial day I and the rest of The Phoenix Revolution took a road trip to honor the people that have supposebly died so we would NOT have to go throught checkpoints
posted: 6/5/09      
2       22

5/25/2009  On memorial day I and the rest of The Phoenix Revolution took a road trip to honor the people that have supposebly died so we would NOT have to go throught checkpoints
Part 2

posted: 6/5/09      
2       24

5/24/2009  Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation
America's richest people meet to discuss ways of tackling a 'disastrous' environmental, social and industrial threat
(London Times)
posted: 5/25/09                   7       23

5/24/2009  FBI Ďlured dimwitsí into terror plot
The arrest of petty crooks over a plan to target Jews has put the use of sting operations under fire
(London Times)
posted: 5/26/09                   4       27

5/24/2009  Informant Offered Liver Transplant For Bronx Terror Suspect's Brother, Sez Mom (NY Daily News)
posted: 5/28/09                   1       24

5/24/2009  The Liberty Rider has begun his ride across the USA (Ride For Honesty)
posted: 5/25/09                   5       24
keywords: Ride For Honesty, United States Add New Keyword To Link

5/23/2009  'Jihad' Girlfriends: FBI Snitch Used Gifts To Trick Our Men
A slick FBI informant roped four Muslim converts into a horrific terror plot to blow up synagogues and military jets by handing them piles of cash and gifts and even bags of weed
(New York Post)
posted: 5/28/09                   2       26

5/23/2009  Ex-South Korean president dies after fall in mountains; suicide note found (CBC)
posted: 5/23/09                   4       24

5/23/2009  Federal judge threatens to sanction Obama administration over secrecy
Al-Haramain v. Obama (see also: Al-Haramain V. Bush), springs out of a government mistake in which a secret document detailing the wiretapping of calls between attorneys and Saudi charity Al-Haramain was turned over to the charityís counsel
(The Raw Story)
posted: 5/26/09                   4       25

5/23/2009  Helicopters land in Staten Island's Clove Lakes Park
Two helicopters carrying visiting U.S. Marines landed in Staten Island's Clove Lakes Park this afternoon, as two additonal choppers circled, for a simulated raid as part of Fleet Week festivities
(Staten Island Advance)
posted: 6/4/09                   1       22

5/23/2009  SB S787
Clean Water Restoration Act - Congressional water grab, "To amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to clarify the jurisdiction of the United States over waters of the United States."
(Campaign for Liberty)
posted: 5/23/09                   1       24

5/23/2009  U.S. Relies More on Aid of Allies in Terror Cases
relying heavily on foreign intelligence services to capture, interrogate and detain all but the highest-level terrorist suspects seized outside the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan
(London Telegraph)
posted: 5/26/09                   3       25

5/23/2009  Venezuelan diplomat defends probe of anti-government TV station (CBC)
posted: 5/24/09                   5       23
keywords: Free Speech, Hugo Chavez, Organization Of American States, Roy Chaderton, Venezuela Add New Keyword To Link

5/22/2009  40,000 lbs of guns melted down by LAPD
LAPD Implies Owning Guns Is Illegal
posted: 5/25/09      
3       25

5/22/2009  Bush criticized by former 9/11 commission member
In "The Emperor's New Clothes: Exposing the Truth from Watergate to 9/11," Richard Ben-Veniste writes that CIA analysts told Bush that bin Laden was determined to strike inside the United States, "yet the president had done absolutely nothing to follow up."
(Associated Press)
posted: 5/25/09                   4       28

5/22/2009  Camera grid to log number plates
A national network of cameras and computers automatically logging car number plates will be in place within months, the BBC has learned
posted: 5/26/09                   5       26
keywords: Association Of Chief Police Officers, Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras, Closed Circuit Television, Jacqui Smith, Privacy, Richard Thomas, Scotland, UK Terrorism Act, United Kingdom, Wales Add New Keyword To Link

5/22/2009  Conspiracy Theorists Examined
Few things are as tiresome as listening to people rant about their conspiracy theories
(New York Times)
posted: 5/21/09                   4       38

5/22/2009  Dennis Kucinich: They represent Wall Street interests who have long looked at exporting jobs out of USA (CSPAN)
posted: 5/26/09      
6       27

5/22/2009  Fear of prosecution caused Cheney to speak out, daughter says (The Raw Story)
posted: 5/22/09                   6       32

5/22/2009  Google Develops Celebrity Face Recognition For YouTube
Researchers have developed an automated technique to associate faces detected in an image with people's names found in Web pages text or tags
(Information Week)
posted: 5/26/09                   2       30
keywords: Face Recognition, Free Speech, Google, Privacy, You Tube Add New Keyword To Link

5/22/2009  Informerís Role in Bombing Plot
Everyone called the stranger with all the money ďMaqsood"
(New York Times)
posted: 5/28/09                   3       25

5/22/2009  Man-made star to unlock cosmic secrets
When the world's most powerful laser facility flicks the switch on its first full-scale experiments later this month, a tiny star will be born on Earth
posted: 5/26/09                   5       24
keywords: Alternative Energy, California, National Ignition Facility, United States Add New Keyword To Link

5/22/2009  Obama Endorses Indefinite Detention Without Trial for Some
President Obama acknowledged publicly for the first time yesterday that some detainees at Guantanamo Bay may have to be held without trial indefinitely, siding with conservative national security advocates on one of the most contentious issues raised by the closing of the military prison in Cuba
(Washington Post)
posted: 5/22/09                   2       32

5/22/2009  Obama orders Gates to update plan for Iran strike
American defense secretary tells NBC television president has instructed him to refresh plans for military action against Tehran prepared during Bush era. 'Presidents always ask their military to have a range of contingency plans available to them,' he says
(Y Net News)
posted: 7/6/09                   0       11

5/22/2009  Obama signs U.S. credit card reforms into law (CBC)
posted: 5/24/09                   4       24
keywords: Barack Obama, Canada, Financial Crisis, Jim Flaherty, United States, US Credit Card Accountability Responsibility And Disclosure Act Add New Keyword To Link

5/22/2009  Police Raid Apartment, 2 In Custody
"The police was so crowded, you couldn't even walk past"
posted: 5/28/09                   2       26

5/22/2009  Supermax Prisons in U.S. Already Hold Terrorists (Washington Post)
posted: 5/26/09                   2       35

5/22/2009  U.S. to Steer GM Toward Bankruptcy
Filing Expected as Chrysler Set to Emerge
(Washington Post)
posted: 5/22/09                   8       33

5/22/2009  Video shows arrest that left man in coma
wrongly arrested this month, and all signs point to it as a "tragic accident"
(Associated Press)
posted: 5/26/09                   6       22

5/22/2009  WHO to consider severity of flu before declaring pandemic
Until now, the UN health agency's six-point scale only considered the way a virus is spreading, but not its severity
posted: 5/24/09                   3       25

5/22/2009  Zelikow Caught in a Whopper; Made False Statements to Author about Criminal Referral for NORAD, FAA (History Commons Group)
posted: 5/25/09                   6       28

5/21/2009  A Drug-Dispensing Lens
A startup company is developing contact lenses that deliver medications directly to the eye
(Technology Review)
posted: 5/31/09                   3       24

5/21/2009  Army Burned Confiscated Bibles (
posted: 5/21/09                   6       28

5/21/2009  Army Terminators Walk Like Men
it works well, which is why the military has sent thousands of Ďem over to Afghanistan and Iraq
posted: 5/26/09                   4       25

5/21/2009  Asian markets fall after U.S. Fed predicts deeper slowdown (CBC)
posted: 5/21/09                   4       34

5/21/2009  Breaking Web Browsers' Trust
Researchers reveal a flaw with the way most Web browsers treat secure connections
(Technology Review)
posted: 5/21/09                   6       26

5/21/2009  Dollar Is Dirt, Treasuries Are Toast, AAA Is Gone: Mark Gilbert (Bloomberg)
posted: 5/22/09                   7       26

5/21/2009  Ex-inmate recalls days of abuse at Abu Ghraib
The pain of the past few years is clearly etched on the man's face and equally obvious as he talks
posted: 5/22/09                   3       30

5/21/2009  FCC can search homes without a warrant, agency says
Unlicensed advocates disagree
(The Raw Story)
posted: 5/21/09                   7       29

5/21/2009  FCCís Warrantless Household Searches Alarm Experts
"Anything using RF energy - we have the right to inspect it to make sure it is not causing interference"
posted: 5/21/09                   4       31

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