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12/29/2009  Detroit scare sparks debate on full-body scanners
Technology exists that might have detected explosives hidden in the underwear of a Nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a plane over Detroit, but cost and privacy worries have until now prevented its widespread use.
posted: 1/24/10                   0       16

12/17/2009  Mumbai terror suspect David Headley was 'rogue US secret agent'
A key terror suspect who allegedly helped to plan last year’s attacks in Mumbai and plotted to strike Europe was an American secret agent who went rogue, Indian officials believe. David Headley, 49, who was born in Washington to a Pakistan diplomat father and an American mother, was arrested in Chicago in October. He is accused of reconnoitring targets in India and Europe for Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), the Pakistan-based terror group behind the Mumbai attacks and of having links to al-Qaeda. He has denied the charges. He came to the attention of the US security services in 1997 when he was arrested in New York for heroin smuggling. He earned a reduced sentence by working for the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) infiltrating Pakistan-linked narcotics gangs. Indian investigators, who have been denied access to Mr Headley, suspect that he remained on the payroll of the US security services — possibly working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) — but switched his allegiance to LeT.
(London Times)
posted: 2/24/11                   0       4
keywords: Al-qaeda, Bollywood, Central Intelligence Agency, Chicago, Daood Gilani, David Headley, Denmark, Drug Cartels, Drug Enforcement Administration, European Union, Gopal Krishna Pillai, India, Jyllands-posten, Lashkar-e-taiba, Mumbai, Pakistan, Pakistani Army, Paul Gimigliano, Shiv Sena, Tahawwur Hussain Rana, Terrorists, US National Counterterrorism Centre, United Kingdom, United States Add New Keyword To Link

11/13/2009  Go forth and multiply a lot less
THOMAS MALTHUS first published his “Essay on the Principle of Population”, in which he forecast that population growth would outstrip the world’s food supply, in 1798. His timing was unfortunate, for something started happening around then which made nonsense of his ideas. As industrialisation swept through what is now the developed world, fertility fell sharply, first in France, then in Britain, then throughout Europe and America. When people got richer, families got smaller; and as families got smaller, people got richer. Now, something similar is happening in developing countries. Fertility is falling and families are shrinking in places— such as Brazil, Indonesia, and even parts of India—that people think of as teeming with children. As our briefing shows, the fertility rate of half the world is now 2.1 or less—the magic number that is consistent with a stable population and is usually called “the replacement rate of fertility”. Sometime between 2020 and 2050 the world’s fertility rate will fall below the global replacement rate.
(The Economist)
posted: 9/21/10                   0       2

8/27/2009  Four crucial resources that may run out in your lifetime
On the rebuttal side, there are people promoting the idea that oil isn't a fossil fuel, created by dead biomass buried beneath the Earth's surface. The Russian theory of "abiotic oil" that became popular in the 1950s claims that oil is produced from a monstrous reserve of hydrocarbons in the Earth's primordial core. Oil is created in the Earth's incredibly hot mantle layer, and pushed up into the crust, where gargantuan reserves are available to us if we just drill deep enough. But it's a scientifically unproven theory, promoted in recent times most strongly by one man, Thomas Gold, an astronomer who died in 2004. And the responding arguments for biogenic oil, from Petroleum Geologists, are very strong. So it looks fairly clear that sometime in the next few decades, oil production is going to start to fall, just as global demand is rising. Prices are forecast to skyrocket, and the effect on societies worldwide will reflect just how important fossil fuels are to us. Apart from oil control wars - which many would say we're already witnessing in the middle east - we can expect the industrial world to be turned on its head, starting with the economy and ending with a complete lifestyle revolution where food production, among other things, is brought right back into the backyard.
(Giz Mag)
posted: 6/18/10                   0       5

8/20/2009  Douglas Powell reveals Antigen Express Inc's rapidly created synthetic peptide vaccines at International Swine Flu Conference (International Swine Flu Conference)
posted: 8/27/09      
0       14
keywords: Africa, Antigen Express, Avian Flu, Big Pharma, Douglas Powell, European Union, France, H1N1, H5N1, International Swine Flu Conference, Lebanon, Mexico, Pandemic, South Africa, Spanish Flu, Swine Flu, United States, Vaccines Add New Keyword To Link

8/18/2009  Restrictions anger G-20 protest planners
Anger is rising among demonstrators denied permits to protest next month's Group of 20 economic summit
(Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)
posted: 8/27/09                   0       15

8/9/2009  Children could be given untested swine flu vaccine
The swine flu vaccine which will be offered to 12 million children in the UK may not have been tested on infants by the time the first batches arrive. Pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the jabs do not have any paediatric safety data for the drugs, which could be distributed to children in the autumn.
(UK Daily Mail)
posted: 8/27/09                   0       12

8/8/2009  Lording It Up At A Rothschild Mansion: The Man Who’s Supposed To Be Running The UK
The Business Secretary took over the reins of power from Harriet Harman – but refused to cut short his holiday with the rich and famous on the Greek island
(UK Daily Mail)
posted: 8/21/09                   0       12
keywords: European Union, George Osborne, Gordon Brown, Greece, Harriet Harman, Nathaniel Philip Rothschild, Oleg Deripaska, Peter Mandelson, United Kingdom Add New Keyword To Link

8/3/2009  Controlling the Global Economy: Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission and the Federal Reserve
Global Power and Global Government: Part 3
(Global Research)
posted: 8/21/09                   0       23
keywords: Ahmed Yamani, Allen Dulles, Anwar Sadat, Argentina, Arthur Miller, Augusto Pinochet, Bank For International Settlements, Bayless Manning, Belgium, Big Oil, Bilderberg Group, Brazil, British Petroleum, Carnegie Corporation, Central Intelligence Agency, Chile, Council Of The Americas, Council On Foreign Relations, Coup, Cuba, Cyrus Vance, David Rockefeller, Dollar, Doonie Edwards, Edmund Leopold De Rothschild, Etienne Davignon, Euro, European Central Bank, European Coal And Steel Community, European Economic Community, European Movement, European Parliament, European Union, Federal Reserve, Financial Crisis, Ford Foundation, France, Germany, Globalization, Harold Brown, Henry Kissinger, Houston TX, International Financial Institutions, International Monetary Fund, Iran, Israel, James Akins, Japan, Jimmy Carter, Joseph Nye, Joseph Stiglitz, Luxembourg, Mcgeorge Bundy, Mexico, Middle East, National Petroleum Council, Nelson Rockefeller, Netherlands, Office Of Strategic Services, Organization Of The Petroleum Exporting Countries, Paul Volcker, Richard Cooper, Richard Nixon, Robert Schuman, Rockefeller Foundation, Royal Dutch Shell, Russia, Salvador Allende, Samuel Huntington, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Total Sa, Trilateral Commission, US Department Of State, US National Security Council, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam War, Wall Street, Walter Bedell Smith, Walter Mondale, Warren Christopher, White House, William J Donovan, William Rogers, World Bank, World War II, Zbigniew Brzezinski Add New Keyword To Link

8/2/2009  Greece to vaccinate population for swine flu
Greece will vaccinate its entire population of 12 million against the H1N1 swine flu pandemic which has swept around the world in weeks, killing hundreds of people, the country's health minister said on Friday
posted: 8/7/09                   0       11

8/2/2009  Home Office: 'Support our wars or you'll be denied a UK passport'
New rules on citizenship could bar immigrants who use the ancient British right to protest
(The Independent)
posted: 8/7/09                   0       14

8/2/2009  Your request is being processed... The Leaf: Nissan Unveils New Electric Car
Nissan Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn drove quietly out of the Japanese automaker's soon-to-open headquarters Sunday in the first public viewing of its new zero-emission vehicle
(Huffington Post)
posted: 8/3/09                   0       12

7/30/2009  Wall Street Analysts Keep Telling Big Earnings Lie: David Pauly
At a time when the financial industry’s credibility is at an all-time low, you would think Wall Street’s finest would break their necks providing transparency
posted: 8/21/09                   0       16

7/28/2009  Ten Things You're Not Supposed to Know about the Swine Flu Vaccine
Let's not beat around the bush on this issue: The swine flu vaccines now being prepared for mass injection into infants, children, teens and adults have never been tested and won't be tested before the injections begin
(Natural News)
posted: 8/2/09                   0       9

7/26/2009  Fast-tracked swine flu vaccine will be safe, officials insist
EU accelerates approval process for treatment - WHO chief warns of dangers of untested jabs
(London Guardian)
posted: 8/1/09                   0       13

7/20/2009  Urge to merge: Obama playing name game? Hopes 'rebranding' will help Americans embrace Security and Prosperity Partnership (World Net Daily)
posted: 7/28/09                   0       15

7/16/2009  Max Keiser takes offense to Goldman Sachs story (2 of 2) (France 24)
posted: 7/21/09      
0       14

7/15/2009  Foreign Policy Address at the Council on Foreign Relations by Hillary Rodham Clinton
“We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.”
(Department of State)
posted: 7/20/09                   0       16

7/10/2009  Gore: U.S. Climate Bill Will Help Bring About 'Global Governance'
Gore touted the Congressional climate bill, claiming it “will dramatically increase the prospects for success” in combating what he sees as the “crisis” of man-made global warming
(Climate Depot)
posted: 7/17/09                   0       11

7/5/2009  McKinney released, returning to United States
“I would be more relieved when I know she’s on the flight,” Leola McKinney added. “But I am relieved that she’s away from there.”
(Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
posted: 7/6/09                   0       9

7/3/2009  Latvian Banker Taking Souls as Collateral
Clients have to sign a contract, with the words "Agreement" in bold letters at the top. The client agrees to the collateral, "that is, my immortal soul"
posted: 7/7/09                   0       9

7/1/2009  Bioterrorism Evidence
Evidence that an international corporate criminal syndicate, which has annexed high government office inside the United States, is intent on carrying out a mass genocide against the people of the United States by using an artificial (genetic) flu pandemic virus and a forced vaccination program to cause mass death and injury and depopulate America in order to transfer control of the United States to WHO, the UN and affiliated security forces (UN troops from countries such as China, Canada, the UK and Mexico etc)
(Jane Bürgermeister)
posted: 7/8/09                   0       19

7/1/2009  Cap and Trade and the Illusion of the New Green Economy
I don’t think Al Gore in his wildest dreams could have imagined how successful the “climate crisis” movement would become
(Dr Roy Spencer)
posted: 7/3/09                   0       13

7/1/2009  UK dumps plans for compulsory ID cards
The cards were due to be made compulsory for pilots and airside workers at Manchester and London City airports on a trial basis ahead of plans to roll them out to the wider population
(The Age)
posted: 7/2/09                   0       12

6/30/2009  The end of ID cards? Now Government reveals they WON'T be compulsory
Home Secretary Alan Johnson said that a trial scheme that was to force some airport staff to carry the controversial cards has been scrapped. The massive climbdown means that carrying an ID card will now never be made compulsory for members of the general public.
(UK Daily Mail)
posted: 7/2/09                   0       13

6/30/2009  Zelaya faces arrest in Honduras as protests rise
Attorney General Luis Alberto Rubi said Tuesday that Zelaya would "immediately" be arrested if he returned to Honduras, where legal officials have accused him of 18 crimes including "treason" and "abuse of authority."
(Agence France-Presse)
posted: 7/2/09                   0       15

6/25/2009  Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder - (Natural News)
posted: 7/8/09                   0       15

6/25/2009  MSPs get power to fine over climate change
Measures voted through by Parliament included the power to fine householders and companies if they do not take action to improve the energy efficiency of their houses and buildings
posted: 6/25/09                   2       17

6/25/2009  Web filters to censor video games
The Federal Government has now set its sights on gamers, promising to use its internet censorship regime to block websites hosting and selling video games that are not suitable for 15 year olds. Separately, the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, has been nominated by the British ISP industry for its annual "internet villain" award, competing alongside the European Parliament and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Australia is the only developed country without an R18+ classification for games, meaning any titles that do not meet the MA15+ standard - such as those with excessive violence or sexual content - are simply banned from sale by the Classification Board, unless they are modified to remove the offending content.
(Sydney Morning Herald)
posted: 11/2/10                   0       4
keywords: Australia, Colin Jacobs, European Parliament, European Union, France, Free Speech, George White, Interactive Entertainment Association Of Australia, Internet, Mark Newton, Net Neutrality, Nicolas Sarkozy, Ron Curry, Second Life, Stephen Conroy, UK Internet Service Provider Association, United Kingdom, Video Games, World Of Warcraft Add New Keyword To Link

6/23/2009  Social networking big boys must bow to EU data laws
The Fat Data Controllers
(The Register)
posted: 6/24/09                   2       17

6/22/2009  Iran raps Western interference in its affairs
While the dust from post-election unrest is settling in Iran, the Islamic Republic condemns foreign interference by certain Western states in the country's internal affairs
(Press TV)
posted: 6/23/09                   2       18

6/19/2009  Gordon Brown signs up to creation of new EU financial regulators
Gordon Brown looks to have surrendered significant powers over the City of London to new bodies of European Union financial regulators, according to a high-ranking Brussels official
(London Telegraph)
posted: 6/19/09                   4       18

6/19/2009  Minister proposes ban on chemicals used in kids' plastic products
Phthalates are chemical agents that make polyvinyl chloride - a type of plastic - flexible and help hold a perfume's scent
posted: 6/20/09                   4       13
keywords: Canada, European Union, George W Bush, Leona Aglukkaq, United States Add New Keyword To Link

6/19/2009  To fight deflation, abolish cash. Could Japan make reality of ‘science fiction’?
Other extreme ideas mooted by the financial authorities include a tax on physical currency or introducing one to operate alongside the yen
(London Times)
posted: 6/20/09                   4       15

6/18/2009  EC calls for one world internet governance
ICANN has oversight too?
(The Register)
posted: 6/19/09                   7       18

6/17/2009  Dollar drops on reserve currency doubts
The dollar fell against the euro and yen on Wednesday after major emerging economies cast doubt on its long-term future as the world's main reserve currency
(Agence France-Presse)
posted: 6/17/09                   4       23

6/17/2009  UK 'powerless' to stop EU regulation
A senior French official has confirmed Gordon Brown is almost powerless to stop the creation of a European regulatory machinery at today's EU summit, opening the way for a transfer of control over the City from London to Brussels
(London Telegraph)
posted: 6/19/09                   4       22

6/16/2009  House approves war bill with IMF funds
Down to the wire Tuesday, Obama and his top aides had to intercede to hold Democrats together in the face of anti-war liberal blogs and conservative attacks on new financing for the International Monetary Fund
posted: 6/17/09                   5       23

6/14/2009  Iran Clamps Down On Protests, Press
As Election Demonstrations Continue, Ahmadinejad Defends Vote As "Real And Free"; Gov't Blocks Web Sites, Text Messaging
posted: 6/15/09                   2       25

6/11/2009  The Great Unwinding
The ratio of debt-to-personal-disposable income was 55 percent in 1960. Since then, it has more than doubled, reaching 133 percent in 2007.
(New York Times)
posted: 6/12/09                   6       39

6/10/2009  EU calls on US to drop gambling ban
The EU says it could seek compensation from the World Trade Organization because the 2006 ban unfairly prevents foreign Internet gambling sites from operating in the United States
(Technology Review)
posted: 6/11/09                   7       28

6/9/2009  The Dollar is Doomed and the Fed's Days are Numbered (Bloomberg)
posted: 6/9/09      
8       33

6/4/2009  A Tale of Two Depressions
World industrial production, trade, and stock markets are diving faster now than during 1929-30
posted: 8/21/09                   0       15

6/2/2009  Dollar Declines as Nations Mull Reserve Currency Alternatives
The dollar weakened beyond $1.43 against the euro for the first time in 2009 on bets record U.S. borrowing will undermine the greenback, prompting nations to consider alternatives to the world’s main reserve currency
posted: 6/4/09                   4       23

6/1/2009  Bilderberg Agenda Exposed
a keen interest in persuading the United States to surrender sovereignty to the International Criminal Court, or ICC
(American Free Press)
posted: 5/22/09                   6       41

6/1/2009  UK chases Obama on cybersecurity: Officials aim to release strategy this summer
Security and intelligence officials plan to publish a UK version of Barack Obama's cybersecurity and defence review before the summer Parliamentary recess, according to sources close to the work. The US announced its new strategy on Friday following an intensive 60-day investigation of vulnerabilities in government and the private sector. Obama said computer networks would now be treated as a "strategic national asset" and announced a new senior post in his administration to oversee their defence. It was also reported - but not detailed in the published strategy - that a new arm within the Pentagon will conduct both offensive and defensive network warfare.
(The Register)
posted: 6/1/09                   6       25

5/30/2009  Lawrence Solomon: Enron's other secret -- In the climate-change debate, the companies on the ‘environmental’ side have the most to gain. First in a series.
We all know that the financial stakes are enormous in the global warming debate — many oil, coal and power companies are at risk should carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases get regulated in a manner that harms their bottom line. The potential losses of an Exxon or a Shell are chump change, however, compared to the fortunes to be made from those very same regulations. The climate-change industry — the scientists, lawyers, consultants, lobbyists and, most importantly, the multinationals that work behind the scenes to cash in on the riches at stake — has emerged as the world’s largest industry. Virtually every resident in the developed world feels the bite of this industry, often unknowingly, through the hidden surcharges on their food bills, their gas and electricity rates, their gasoline purchases, their automobiles, their garbage collection, their insurance, their computers purchases, their hotels, their purchases of just about every good and service, in fact, and finally, their taxes to governments at all levels. These extractions do not happen by accident. Every penny that leaves the hands of consumers does so by design, the final step in elaborate and often brilliant orchestrations of public policy, all the more brilliant because the public, for the most part, does not know who is profiteering on climate change, or who is aiding and abetting the profiteers. Some of the climate-change profiteers are relatively unknown corporations; others are household names with only their behind-the-scenes role in the climate-change industry unknown. Over the next few weeks, in an extended newspaper series, you will become familiar with some of the profiteers, and with their machinations. This series begins with Enron, a pioneer in the climate-change industry. - To magnify the leverage of their political lobbying, Enron also worked the environmental groups. Between 1994 and 1996, the Enron Foundation donated $1-million to the Nature Conservancy and its Climate Change Project, a leading force for global warming reform, while Lay and other individuals associated with Enron donated $1.5-million to environmental groups seeking international controls on carbon dioxide. The intense lobbying paid off. Lay became a member of president Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development, as well as his friend and advisor. In the summer of 1997, prior to global warming meetings in Kyoto, Japan, Clinton sought Lay’s advice in White House discussions. The fruits of Enron’s efforts came soon after, with the signing of the Kyoto Protocol. An internal Enron memo, sent from Kyoto by John Palmisano, a former Environmental Protection Agency regulator who had become Enron’s lead lobbyist as senior director for Environmental Policy and Compliance, describes the historic corporate achievement that was Kyoto. “If implemented this agreement will do more to promote Enron’s business than will almost any other regulatory initiative outside of restructuring of the energy and natural-gas industries in Europe and the United States,” Palmisano began. “The potential to add incremental gas sales, and additional demand for renewable technology is enormous.” The memo, entitled “Implications of the Climate Change Agreement in Kyoto & What Transpired,” summarized the achievements that Enron had accomplished. “I do not think it is possible to overestimate the importance of this year in shaping every aspect of this agreement,” he wrote, citing three issues of specific importance to Enron which would become, as those following the climate-change debate in detail now know, the biggest money plays: the rules governing emissions trading, the rules governing transfers of emission reduction rights between countries, and the rules governing a gargantuan clean energy fund.
(National Post)
posted: 3/14/11                   0       3
keywords: Al Gore, Big Oil, Bill Clinton, Carbon Dioxide, Clean Air Act, Climate Change, Coal, Denmark, Enron, Enron Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, European Climate Action Network, European Union, Exxon Mobil, German Watch, Greenhouse Gases, Greenpeace, James Hansen, John Palmisano, Ken Lay, Kyoto, Kyoto Protocol, Natural Resources Defense Council, Nature Conservancy, Ozone Action, Royal Dutch Shell, Sulphur Dioxide, The Climate Institute, US Climate Action Network, US Congress, United Kingdom, White House, World Resources Institute, World Wildlife Fund, Worldwatch Add New Keyword To Link

5/25/2009  Canadian singer kicked out of U.K. under new rules
All artists required to get Certificate of Sponsorship
posted: 5/26/09                   4       27
keywords: Biometrics, Canada, Certificate Of Sponsorship, European Union, Free Speech, United Kingdom Add New Keyword To Link

5/20/2009  Europe, Russia discuss 'orbital shipyard' plans
ISS to be replaced by Mars-ship docking facility?
(The Register)
posted: 5/21/09                   2       28
keywords: China, European Space Agency, European Union, International Space Station, Japan, Jean-jacques Dordain, Roscosmos, Russia Add New Keyword To Link

5/20/2009  Russia Today interviews Alex Jones: Bilderberg Club's plan (Russia Today)
posted: 5/20/09      
6       38

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