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11/7/2001  World Trade Center Task Force Interview Captain Karin Deshore (New York Times)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       24

11/6/2001  Has someone been sitting on the FBI?
This document is marked "Secret". Case ID - 199-Eye WF 213 589. 199 is FBI code for case type. 9 would be murder. 65 would be espionage. 199 means national security. WF indicates Washington field office special agents were investigating ABL - because of it's relationship with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, WAMY - a suspected terrorist organisation. ABL is Abdullah Bin Laden, president and treasurer of WAMY.
posted: 5/31/10                   0       12

11/4/2001  A Nation Challenged: The Intelligence Agency; Secret C.I.A. Site in New York Was Destroyed on Sept. 11
The C.I.A.'s undercover New York station was in the 47-story building at 7 World Trade Center, one of the smaller office towers destroyed in the aftermath of the collapse of the twin towers that morning.
(New York Times)
posted: 5/18/09                   2       29

11/2/2001  FBI: We Know Who Hijackers Were
FBI Says It Has More Than 400,000 Leads - The FBI has resolved questions about the identities of the 19 hijackers involved in the Sept. 11 attacks and has discovered places outside the United States where the conspiracy was planned, FBI Director Robert Mueller said Friday. Saudi Arabian officials and others have questioned whether some of the hijackers identified by the FBI in the weeks after the attacks used stolen identifications. Mueller said those questions have been answered. "We at this point definitely know the 19 hijackers who were responsible," he said. "We have been successful in working with our foreign counterparts in identifying places where the conspiracy we believe was hatched as well as others who may have been involved in the conspiracy." Mueller provided no new information on the hijackers' identities beyond his statement at a briefing Friday for reporters. Neither did he name any of the places abroad where authorities now believe the conspiracy was initiated, or any of the other conspirators.
posted: 5/14/09                   3       27

11/2/2001  The CIA met Bin Laden while undergoing treatment at an American Hospital last July in Dubai (Global Research)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       24

11/2/2001  Treasure found in World Trade Center rubble
Over $230 million in gold and silver was recovered from a delivery tunnel beneath 5 World Trade Center Wednesday. Canada's Bank of Nova Scotia stored over $200 million in gold and silver in their vaults under the building
posted: 5/14/09                   2       30

11/1/2001  CIA agent alleged to have met Bin Laden in July
French report claims terrorist leader stayed in Dubai hospital - Two months before September 11 Osama bin Laden flew to Dubai for 10 days for treatment at the American hospital, where he was visited by the local CIA agent, according to the French newspaper Le Figaro. The disclosures are known to come from French intelligence which is keen to reveal the ambiguous role of the CIA, and to restrain Washington from extending the war to Iraq and elsewhere.
(London Guardian)
posted: 5/13/09                   1       33

11/1/2001  Crushed towers give up cache of gold ingots
RECOVERY workers at Ground Zero have discovered hundreds of gold ingots, part of a billion dollar cache which was lost when the twin towers fell. Workers clearing rubble in a service tunnel underneath one of the collapsed World Trade Centre buildings found themselves surrounded by more than 100 armed FBI and secret service personnel, who had been tipped off by the owners where the gold was buried. The collapsed buildings contained a number of vaults and strongrooms, but the police were not saying who owned the gold. The Comex metals trading division of the New York Mercantile Exchange kept 3,800 gold bars — weighing 12 tonnes and worth more than $100 million (£70 million) — in vaults in the building’s basement. Comex also held almost 800,000 ounces of gold there on behalf of others with a value of about $220 million. It also held more than 102 million ounces of silver, worth $430 million.
(London Times)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       28

11/1/2001  Final Contact
Will rules change concerning wireless calls on planes? Early Sept. 11, airline passengers all over the country boarded their flights like any other day. Many chatted on their wireless phones. As the doors closed and the pilots prepared the planes for take-off, flight attendants asked passengers to turn off their wireless phones until the planes had landed at their destinations. But on four flights, these phones would offer the last contact passengers would have with their loved ones. They would be using their wireless phones to say goodbye. - “On land, we have antenna sectors that point in three directions — say north, southwest, and southeast,” she explained. “Those signals are radiating across the land, and those signals do go up, too, due to leakage.” From high altitudes, the call quality is not very good, and most callers will experience drops. Although calls are not reliable, callers can pick up and hold calls for a little while below a certain altitude, she added. Brenda Raney, Verizon Wireless spokesperson, said that RF signals actually can broadcast fairly high. On Sept. 11, the planes were flying low when people started using their phones. And, each call lasted 60 seconds or less. “They also were digital phones, and there's a little bit more leeway on those digital phones, so it worked,” she said.
(Telephony Online)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       30

10/31/2001  Bin Laden 'met CIA agent before terror attacks'
A French newspaper claims a US intelligence agent met Osama bin Laden in a Gulf hospital two months before the terror attacks on New York
posted: 5/8/09                   1       16

10/31/2001  Cache of gold found at WTC Two truckloads retrieved through tunnel in rubble
It wasn't immediately clear how much gold was buried under the complex after the Sept. 11 attacks. But the Toronto-based Bank of Nova Scotia has said its vault with more than $200 million in gold and silver was buried under what had been 4 WTC.
(New York Daily News)
posted: 5/14/09                   1       30

10/31/2001  CIA agent 'met Bin Laden in July'
in a Gulf hospital as recently as last July and received "precise information" about an imminent attack on the US
(Associated Press)
posted: 5/15/09                   3       29

10/31/2001  Report: bin Laden treated at US hospital
A CIA agent allegedly met with suspected terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden in July, while the Saudi underwent treatment for kidney problems at an American hospital in Dubai
(United Press International)
posted: 5/8/09                   2       17

10/28/2001  Flight 93: Forty lives, one destiny
Late. They were late. United Airlines Flight 93 had been scheduled to take off at 8:01 a.m. Now it was sitting on the tarmac, waiting for clearance to depart for San Francisco. Tucked into a flatland from which the New York skyline shone in the distance, Newark International Airport was ringed with new construction. Two days earlier, a fire had started at one of the sites, briefly closing the airport. Flights already delayed by construction around an overtaxed airport had backed up even further. The Flight 93 passengers had walked down the concourse of Terminal A, where they breezed past the security gate, then walked the 100 yards to a long circular hallway from which the boarding ramps jutted out like spokes. - "No. I'm on United Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco. The plane has been hijacked. We are in the air. They've already knifed a guy. There is a bomb on board. Call the FBI."
(Pittsburg Post-Gazette)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       32

10/25/2001  Florida under martial law? Rumors persist despite official denial from Jeb Bush administration
through Executive Order 01-261, had activated units of the Florida National Guard on Sept. 7
(World Net Daily)
posted: 5/12/09                   2       21

10/24/2001  "Get These Planes on the Ground"
Air Traffic Controllers Recall Sept. 11 - "The speed, the maneuverability, the way that he turned, we all thought in the radar room, all of us experienced air traffic controllers, that that was a military plane," says O'Brien. "You don't fly a 757 in that manner. It's unsafe."
posted: 5/14/09                   2       23

10/23/2001  White House Mail Machine Has Anthrax
At least some White House personnel were given Cipro six weeks ago
(Washington Post)
posted: 5/8/09                   2       18

10/22/2001  Some Survivors Say 'Bombs Exploded Inside WTC'
The mainstream media is ignoring eyewitness accounts of bombs that exploded inside the World Trade Center before the collapse of the Twin Towers.
(American Free Press)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       24

10/21/2001  Mystery of terror 'insider dealers'
Share speculators have failed to collect $2.5m (£1.7m) in profits made from the fall in the share price of United Airlines after the 11 September World Trade Centre attacks
(The Independent)
posted: 5/12/09                   2       22

10/17/2001  Armed Forces Radio And Television Service (AFRTS) Interview General Richard B. Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, with Petty Officer Quinn Lyton, USN
posted: 5/8/09                   2       18

10/16/2001  A Careful Sequence of Mundane Dealings Sows a Day of Bloody Terror for Hijackers
United Flight 175 hijacker Hamza Alghamdi - the Days Hotel guest watched a pornographic movie on the in-house video system
(Wall Street Journal)
posted: 5/17/09                   3       26

10/15/2001  Cracking The Terror Code
"Nobody ever saw them at mosques," said the city's mayor, Marty Barnes. "But they liked the go-go clubs."
posted: 5/17/09                   3       25

10/12/2001  Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with Parade Magazine
"There were lots of warnings. The intelligence information that we get, it sometimes runs into the hundreds of alerts or pieces of intelligence a week"
(Department of Defense)
posted: 5/13/09                   2       22

10/12/2001  Still Alive? FBI Mixed Up on True Identities of Perpetrators
At least six men the FBI says were part of the ring of 19 hijackers who seized passenger jets with box cutters on Sept. 11 and crashed them into the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon are "alive and well," report Mideast officials. Information Times, an on-line publication, reported that Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal told the Arabic Press after meeting with President George W. Bush on Sept. 20: "It was proved that five of the names included in the FBI list had nothing to do with what happened." According to The Orlando Sentinel, the Saudi Arabian embassy confirmed that four of the five mentioned by Al-Faisal -Saeed Alghamdi, Mohand Alshehri, Abdul aziz Alo mari and Salem Alhazmi-are not dead and had nothing to do with the heinous terror attacks in New York and Washington. Saudi officials at the embassy were un able to verify the whereabouts of the fifth accused hijacker, Khalid Al-Mihdhar. However, Arab newspapers say Al-Mihd har is still alive.
(American Free Press)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       26

10/12/2001  Trade Center warning baffles police
An 'urban myth' turns out to be true, but what does it mean?
posted: 5/11/09                   2       19

10/11/2001  Police: Student spoke of attacks before Sept. 11
"There have been leads where someone has alleged to have heard someone else boasting about how the attack was going to happen before it happened"
(The Journal News)
posted: 5/11/09                   1       19

10/10/2001  Dismissed ISI chief linked to mastermind of U.S. attacks
U.S. authorities sought his removal after confirming that $100,000 had been wired to Mohammed Atta, the mastermind of the September 11 attacks, from Pakistan by Ahmad Umar Sayed Sheikh at the instance of Gen Mahmoud Ahmed
(Times of India)
posted: 5/18/09                   3       22

10/9/2001  Suppressed Details of Criminal Insider Trading Lead Directly into the CIA's Highest Ranks
CIA Executive Director "Buzz" Krongard Managed Firm That Handled "Put" Options On UAL - Until 1997 A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard had been Chairman of the investment bank A.B. Brown. A.B. Brown was acquired by Banker's Trust in 1997. Krongard then became, as part of the merger, Vice Chairman of Banker's Trust-AB Brown, one of 20 major U.S. banks named by Senator Carl Levin this year as being connected to money laundering. - The levels of put options purchased above were more than six times higher than normal.
(From the Wilderness)
posted: 5/31/10                   0       10

10/8/2001  Bush brother declares martial law in Florida
"hereby declare that a state of emergency exists in the state of Florida..." - Jeb Bush
(Idaho Observer)
posted: 5/12/09                   0       21

10/8/2001  What Went Wrong
The C.I.A. and the failure of American intelligence - "Whatever trail was left was left deliberately—for the F.B.I. to chase."
(The New Yorker)
posted: 5/17/09                   3       24

10/5/2001  Why was Russia's intelligence on Al-Qaeda ignored? Back in March Moscow's Permanent Mission at the UN submitted to the UN Security Council an unprecedentedly detailed report on Al-Qaeda's terrorist infrastructure in Afghanistan, but the US government opted not to act (Jane's International Security News)
posted: 5/11/09                   1       19

10/5/2001  The investigation and the evidence
If the US is to maintain international backing for its war on terrorism, the strength of evidence linking Osama Bin Laden and his al-Qaeda organisation to the attacks is crucial. Much of this evidence is not yet in the public domain. BBC News Online looks at the investigation to date and considers the information that has emerged. - Within hours of the attacks, the Federal Bureau of Investigation launched what has become the biggest manhunt and investigation in US history.
posted: 8/26/10                   0       3

10/4/2001  Mohammed Atta's Last Will & Testament
suspected ringleader of the Sept. 11 attacks who is believed to have piloted the first plane that struck the World Trade Center
posted: 5/17/09                   2       26

10/2/2001  Bin Laden's Relatives Evacuated From NYC
"In the first days after the attacks on Sept. 11, the Saudi Arabian ambasador to Washington, Prince Bandar ibn Sultan, supervised the urgent evacuation of 24 members of Osama bin Laden's extended family from ther United States fearing they might be subjected to violence."
posted: 5/8/09                   2       16

9/30/2001  A Nation Challenged: The Family; Fearing Harm, Bin Laden Kin Fled From U.S. (New York Times)
posted: 5/8/09                   3       17

9/30/2001  Bin Laden Family Evacuated
Private Chartered Plane Took Family Back To Saudi Arabia
posted: 5/8/09                   2       18

9/28/2001  Landing by remote control doesn't quite fly with pilots
The military has been flying planes and landing them safely by remote control for years, but airline pilots say questions about security must be answered before that technology is used aboard commercial jetliners to thwart hijackers
(Chicago Tribune)
posted: 5/12/09                   1       20

9/27/2001  Bin Laden's trail
Rushdie's air ban - believes that US authorities knew of an imminent terrorist strike
(London Times)
posted: 5/8/09                   2       18

9/27/2001  The FBI releases 19 photographs of individuals believed to be the hijackers: American Airlines #11
Boeing 767, 7:45 a.m. Departed Boston for Los Angeles, 8:45 a.m. Crashed into North Tower of World Trade Center
(Federal Bureau of Investigation)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       33

9/27/2001  The FBI releases 19 photographs of individuals believed to be the hijackers: American Airlines #175
Boeing 767, 7:58 a.m. Departed Boston for Los Angeles, 9:05 a.m. Crashed into South Tower of World Trade Center
(Federal Bureau of Investigation)
posted: 5/14/09       2       33
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9/27/2001  The FBI releases 19 photographs of individuals believed to be the hijackers: American Airlines #77
Boeing 757, 8:10 a.m. Departed Dulles for Los Angeles, 9:39 a.m. Crashed into Pentagon
(Federal Bureau of Investigation)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       33

9/27/2001  The FBI releases 19 photographs of individuals believed to be the hijackers: American Airlines #93
Boeing 757, 8:42 a.m. Departed Newark for San Francisco 10:03 a.m. Crashed in Stony Creek Township
(Federal Bureau of Investigation)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       31

9/26/2001  Relocation of SEC Northeast Regional Office
The replacement space for the SEC office, formerly located at 7 World Trade Center and destroyed in the September 11th attack, will be located in the historic Woolworth Building at 233 Broadway
posted: 5/14/09                   2       26

9/25/2001  American Flight 77 victims at a glance
The plane was carrying 58 passengers, four flight attendants and two pilots
(USA Today)
posted: 5/14/09                   2       23

9/25/2001  United Flight 93 victims at a glance
A Boeing 757 en route from Newark, N.J., to San Francisco was carrying 37 passengers, two pilots and five flight attendants. It crashed southeast of Pittsburgh
(USA Today)
posted: 5/14/09                   3       30

9/24/2001  Bush: 'We're At War': As the deadliest attack on American soil in history opens a scary new kind of conflict, the manhunt begins. (Newsweek)
posted: 5/8/09                   2       18

9/24/2001  FBI finished with Pennsylvania crash site probe
The FBI announced Monday that its investigation of the site where a hijacked jet slammed into a field here is complete and that 95 percent of the plane was recovered. The federal investigation into the September 11 terrorist attacks continues. Evidence-gathering was halted Saturday afternoon and the pieces of United Airlines Flight 93 that had been recovered were turned over Sunday to the airline, with the exception of the flight data recorder and the voice recorder, which are being held and analyzed by the FBI, according to FBI agent Bill Crowley. Crowley said the biggest piece of the plane that was recovered was a 6-by-7-foot piece of the fuselage skin, including about four windows. The heaviest piece, Crowley said, was part of an engine fan, weighing about 1,000 pounds.
posted: 5/14/09                   2       28

9/24/2001  Questionable Ties
Tracking bin Laden's money flow leads back to Midland, Texas
(In These Times)
posted: 5/8/09                   2       18

9/24/2001  Top Pentagon Officials Cancel Flights On September 10, 2001
a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly canceled travel plans
posted: 5/13/09                   2       21

9/23/2001  Hijack 'suspects' alive and well
Another of the men named by the FBI as a hijacker in the suicide attacks on Washington and New York has turned up alive and well. The identities of four of the 19 suspects accused of having carried out the attacks are now in doubt. Saudi Arabian pilot Waleed Al Shehri was one of five men that the FBI said had deliberately crashed American Airlines flight 11 into the World Trade Centre on 11 September. His photograph was released, and has since appeared in newspapers and on television around the world. Now he is protesting his innocence from Casablanca, Morocco. - Abdulaziz Al Omari, another of the Flight 11 hijack suspects, has also been quoted in Arab news reports. He says he is an engineer with Saudi Telecoms, and that he lost his passport while studying in Denver.
posted: 5/12/09                   0       37

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