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5/31/2009  New border rules create 'invisible Berlin Wall': mayor of Sarnia, Ontario
New U.S. rules on cross-border travel that take effect Monday represent a "heightened militarization" that will hurt the traditionally close relationship between border communities
posted: 6/3/09                   2       22

5/31/2009  Obama administration sides with Saudis on 9/11 suit
Members of 9/11 victims’ families, who filed a lawsuit seeking to pin blame on the Saudi royal family for financing attacks against the United States, just acquired a significant new opponent: the Obama administration
(The Raw Story)
posted: 6/1/09                   3       25

5/31/2009  The Trauma of 9/11 Is No Excuse
"Unless you were there, in a position of responsibility after September 11, you cannot possibly imagine the dilemmas that you faced in trying to protect Americans," Condoleezza Rice
(Washington Post)
posted: 6/10/09                   3       27

5/31/2009  WeAreChange: New York Senator Gillibrand Supports New 9/11 Investigation (We Are Change)
posted: 6/1/09      
4       23

5/30/2009  Brave New World: Film, Lit and the NWO
In this installment of "Film, Literature and the New World Order," The Corbett Report explores Aldous Huxley's classic work of science-fiction, Brave New World. Brave New World is a dystopic vision of a nightmare future in which worker drones are engineered from birth to perform slave labour for a world dictatorship. Even more frighteningly, the workers have even been engineered to love their servitude. Most frightening of all, Huxley's own family background and experience might show that Brave New World is not so completely fictional as we would like to believe...
(Corbett Report)
posted: 12/26/10      
0       3

5/30/2009  Getting the whole story
The case of 16-year-old Ashton Lundeby, taken from his Oxford house by federal agents in March and accused of making a bomb threat, became an Internet sensation this month
(The News & Observer - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX)
posted: 6/18/09                   3       21

5/30/2009  Justice Dept. Backs Saudi Royal Family on 9/11 Lawsuit
The Justice Department, in a brief filed Friday before the Supreme Court, said it did not believe the Saudis could be sued in American court over accusations brought by families of the Sept. 11 victims that the royal family had helped finance Al Qaeda
(New York Times)
posted: 6/29/09                   1       16

5/30/2009  Lawrence Solomon: Enron's other secret -- In the climate-change debate, the companies on the ‘environmental’ side have the most to gain. First in a series.
We all know that the financial stakes are enormous in the global warming debate — many oil, coal and power companies are at risk should carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases get regulated in a manner that harms their bottom line. The potential losses of an Exxon or a Shell are chump change, however, compared to the fortunes to be made from those very same regulations. The climate-change industry — the scientists, lawyers, consultants, lobbyists and, most importantly, the multinationals that work behind the scenes to cash in on the riches at stake — has emerged as the world’s largest industry. Virtually every resident in the developed world feels the bite of this industry, often unknowingly, through the hidden surcharges on their food bills, their gas and electricity rates, their gasoline purchases, their automobiles, their garbage collection, their insurance, their computers purchases, their hotels, their purchases of just about every good and service, in fact, and finally, their taxes to governments at all levels. These extractions do not happen by accident. Every penny that leaves the hands of consumers does so by design, the final step in elaborate and often brilliant orchestrations of public policy, all the more brilliant because the public, for the most part, does not know who is profiteering on climate change, or who is aiding and abetting the profiteers. Some of the climate-change profiteers are relatively unknown corporations; others are household names with only their behind-the-scenes role in the climate-change industry unknown. Over the next few weeks, in an extended newspaper series, you will become familiar with some of the profiteers, and with their machinations. This series begins with Enron, a pioneer in the climate-change industry. - To magnify the leverage of their political lobbying, Enron also worked the environmental groups. Between 1994 and 1996, the Enron Foundation donated $1-million to the Nature Conservancy and its Climate Change Project, a leading force for global warming reform, while Lay and other individuals associated with Enron donated $1.5-million to environmental groups seeking international controls on carbon dioxide. The intense lobbying paid off. Lay became a member of president Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development, as well as his friend and advisor. In the summer of 1997, prior to global warming meetings in Kyoto, Japan, Clinton sought Lay’s advice in White House discussions. The fruits of Enron’s efforts came soon after, with the signing of the Kyoto Protocol. An internal Enron memo, sent from Kyoto by John Palmisano, a former Environmental Protection Agency regulator who had become Enron’s lead lobbyist as senior director for Environmental Policy and Compliance, describes the historic corporate achievement that was Kyoto. “If implemented this agreement will do more to promote Enron’s business than will almost any other regulatory initiative outside of restructuring of the energy and natural-gas industries in Europe and the United States,” Palmisano began. “The potential to add incremental gas sales, and additional demand for renewable technology is enormous.” The memo, entitled “Implications of the Climate Change Agreement in Kyoto & What Transpired,” summarized the achievements that Enron had accomplished. “I do not think it is possible to overestimate the importance of this year in shaping every aspect of this agreement,” he wrote, citing three issues of specific importance to Enron which would become, as those following the climate-change debate in detail now know, the biggest money plays: the rules governing emissions trading, the rules governing transfers of emission reduction rights between countries, and the rules governing a gargantuan clean energy fund.
(National Post)
posted: 3/14/11                   0       3
keywords: Al Gore, Big Oil, Bill Clinton, Carbon Dioxide, Clean Air Act, Climate Change, Coal, Denmark, Enron, Enron Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, European Climate Action Network, European Union, Exxon Mobil, German Watch, Greenhouse Gases, Greenpeace, James Hansen, John Palmisano, Ken Lay, Kyoto, Kyoto Protocol, Natural Resources Defense Council, Nature Conservancy, Ozone Action, Royal Dutch Shell, Sulphur Dioxide, The Climate Institute, US Climate Action Network, US Congress, United Kingdom, White House, World Resources Institute, World Wildlife Fund, Worldwatch Add New Keyword To Link

5/30/2009  Obama’s new war doctrine: ‘Cyber dominance’
The US military is moving ahead with plans to create its first “cyber command” designed to bolster America’s potential to wage digital warfare as well as defend against mounting cyber threats
(Agence France-Presse)
posted: 6/1/09                   4       26

5/30/2009  Troopers involved in scuffle identified
Two troopers and two paramedics were involved
(Tulsa World)
posted: 6/1/09                   4       21

5/30/2009  US warns North Korea amid reports of rocket test
Unfazed by international anger at its second nuclear bomb test, a defiant North Korea was said Saturday to be preparing to launch a long-range missile
(Agence France-Presse)
posted: 6/1/09                   3       25

5/30/2009  Zoellick Warns Stimulus ‘Sugar High’ Won’t Stem Unemployment (Bloomberg)
posted: 6/4/09                   3       25

5/29/2009  ADL Director Publicly Denounces Free Speech
"A May 16 editorial, 'Dangers of hate,' was right to point out that freedom of speech does not extend to racist groups, nor give their supporters the right to threaten and intimidate others or commit acts of violence"
(Midwest Free Press)
posted: 6/29/09                   2       16

5/29/2009  Call for inquiry into Abu Ghraib 'rape' photographs
A leading human rights group has called for a full inquiry into allegations of rape and sexual abuse at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq
(London Telegraph)
posted: 6/1/09                   1       29

5/29/2009  Chinese ships shunning waters near Korea amid tensions (Yonhap News)
posted: 5/29/09                   4       27

5/29/2009  Cookies, not torture, convinced al Qaeda suspect to talk, FBI interrogator says (The Raw Story)
posted: 5/29/09                   5       24

5/29/2009  Fed’s Role in AIG May Be First Target of GAO Audit
Congressional auditors may soon examine the Federal Reserve’s role in the U.S. bailout of American International Group Inc. after gaining authority to review Fed documents under a law that took force last week
posted: 6/4/09                   1       21

5/29/2009  Lawmakers Praise Obama’s Moves to Beef Up Cybersecurity
Calling the vulnerability of U.S. computer infrastructure “one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation,” President Obama announced plans Friday to expand the White House’s role in cybersecurity, saying that a cyber czar will lead the way. “Because of the critical importance of this work, I will personally select this official,” Obama said. “I’ll depend on this official in all matters relating to cybersecurity, and this official will have my full support and regular access to me as we confront these challenges.”
(CQ Politics)
posted: 6/1/09                   3       31

5/29/2009  Massive ID fraud and cheque scam busted in NYC
Impersonation scheme sees 18 bank workers pinched
(The Register)
posted: 6/3/09                   1       24

5/29/2009  Microcredit in America
Sunshine Best immigrated to Chicago with no American credit history, little spare cash and a decidedly unglamorous digestive disorder. In short, she was no bank’s dream candidate for a small-business loan. Not helping matters was that the business in question was a bakery that would exist only online, and exclusively sell desserts made without gluten, an elastic protein found in wheat and completely indigestible for Best and others who suffer from Celiac disease. After being turned away by bank after bank, Best resigned herself to a grim routine of working two jobs and racking up credit card debt. Then a friend told her about a low-interest credit builder loan being offered by an organization called Accion Chicago. Two years and one $1,000 Accion loan later, Rise & Shine Desserts is a flourishing small business specializing in gourmet gluten-free treats. A former computer programmer raised in Toronto by parents who emigrated from Barbados, Sunshine Best isn’t exactly the type of person Nobel Peace Prize-winning microcredit pioneer Muhammad Yunus had in mind when he began, in the 1970s, to lend small sums of money to poor women in Bangladesh. But these days, Best’s one-woman enterprise represents not only a piece of the multi-billion dollar international microfinance market, but a critical part of what urban economic development is shaping up to look like in President Barack Obama’s America. Widely recognized as one of the 20th century’s most powerful innovations, microcredit is the practice of extending small loans at low interest rates to poor entrepreneurs who generally live in the developing world and lack access to conventional bank loans. By lending a beggar as little as $10 to buy, for instance, a loom to make textiles or a cow to make milk, microcredit bankers like Yunus are revolutionizing the way poor people, especially women, sustain themselves in some of the world’s hungriest places.
(Next American City)
posted: 7/2/10                   0       5
keywords: Accion International, Ann Dunham, Arkansas, Barack Obama, California, Chicago, Good Faith Fund, Grameen America, Grameen Bank, Health Care, Hillary Clinton, Illinois, Indonesia, Maria Otero, Mary Houghton, Microcredit, Microcredit Enterprises, Muhammad Yunus, Nebraska, New York City, North Carolina, Shore Bank, Small Business Administration, Stimulus Package, US Department Of State, United States, Vidar Jorgensen, White House Add New Keyword To Link

5/29/2009  North Korea fires short-range missile off east coast: source (Yonhap News)
posted: 5/29/09                   5       24

5/29/2009  North Korea warns of further 'self-defense measure' should U.N. punish its nuclear test
(Yonhap News)
posted: 5/29/09                   5       24

5/29/2009  North Korea will take 'self-defence measures' against Security Council
6th missile fired from east coast
posted: 6/3/09                   0       24

5/29/2009  Obama creates top job for guarding online security
President Obama announced Friday he is creating the post of cyber security coordinator to oversee "a new comprehensive approach to securing America's digital infrastructure." The president said he will personally select the person who takes on that post. "I'll depend on this official in all matters relating to cyber security, and this official will have my full support and regular access to me as we confront these challenges," he said. The economic crisis cannot be tackled without ensuring the safety of the nation's online activities, Obama said. "America's economic prosperity in the 21st century will depend on cyber security," he said.
posted: 6/1/09                   4       27

5/29/2009  Pentagon plans new cyberspace war command: report
The military command will complement a civilian effort President Barack Obama plans to announce on Friday that will overhaul the way the United States safeguards its computer networks
posted: 5/29/09                   4       25

5/29/2009  Photos of US soldiers' alleged rape, sexual abuse in Iraq (Press TV)
posted: 5/29/09                   4       24

5/29/2009  Researchers identify new deadly virus in Africa
A deadly newly identified virus that causes bleeding like Ebola has killed four of the five people it has infected, researchers say
posted: 6/3/09                   2       19

5/29/2009  Sgt. Klay South Talks About Mancow's "Waterboarding" (
posted: 6/3/09                   2       21

5/29/2009  The Bogus Torture Coverup
The Pentagon is denying the facts: Photographs of Abu Ghraib torture are even more sexually explicit than first reported, including rape and sodomy
(The Daily Beast)
posted: 5/29/09                   4       27

5/29/2009  US violated Geneva Conventions, Bush Iraq commander says (The Raw Story)
posted: 6/1/09                   4       20

5/28/2009  Abu Ghraib abuse photos 'show rape'
Photographs of alleged prisoner abuse which Barack Obama is attempting to censor include images of apparent rape and sexual abuse, it has emerged
(London Telegraph)
posted: 5/28/09                   5       25

5/28/2009  Active and retired top military brass met to discuss what really happened on 9/11 (Wayne Madsen Report)
posted: 5/28/09                   4       30

5/28/2009  Dragon Lady
By now you've surely seen the story, splashed by Drudge, of Nancy Pelosi letting a certain nasty little kitten out of the bag with "Every aspect of our lives must be subject to inventory" in the fight against Man-made global warming. In China, no less, so talk about preaching to the choir. Ms. Pelosi justified her curious priorities of going to China to talk about that pressing issue -- and possibly a mutual defense pact against Spectre, the Loch Ness Monster and Rodin -- at the expense of peripheral issues like human rights in her trademark say anything style. She simply asserted that, by hectoring on global warming -- which all draft international and domestic enterprises demand that it be mostly the U.S., with no meaningful sacrifice by world's-largest CO2 emitter China, that's supposed to sacrifice in order to pretend we're controlling the weather -- she is talking about human rights. Tell that to the prisoners, ma'am.
(American Spectator)
posted: 11/2/10                   0       3

5/28/2009  First Acoustic Superlens
This represents a significant step toward creating high-resolution ultrasound images and cloaking devices capable of hiding ships from sonar
(Technology Review)
posted: 6/3/09                   1       24
keywords: Military Add New Keyword To Link

5/28/2009  Flashback: Torture photos depict ‘rape and murder,’ Sen. Graham said in 2004 (The Raw Story)
posted: 5/29/09                   3       27

5/28/2009  Korean War Vets Say War is Likely (R News)
posted: 5/29/09                   1       28

5/28/2009  Pelosi appeals for China's help on climate change
'Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory'
(Associated Press)
posted: 5/28/09       2       28
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5/28/2009  Pentagon denies report Iraq prison photos show rape
"That news organization has completely mischaracterized the images"
posted: 5/28/09                   4       26

5/28/2009  Secret cables may show doctors monitored CIA torture (The Raw Story)
posted: 5/28/09                   5       25

5/28/2009  Witness Says Trooper May Need Anger Management
"I was horrified," she says. "I couldn't believe it."
posted: 6/1/09                   4       20

5/27/2009  EMT In Confrontation With Trooper Speaks Out (ABC)
posted: 5/28/09                   6       26

5/27/2009  Great Australian Firewall may be optional
Oz comms chief ponders 'voluntary' filtering
(The Register)
posted: 5/27/09                   5       29

5/27/2009  Homegrown terror threat still real, Van Loan warns
Canadians would be naive to think the threat of terrorism is behind them
posted: 5/31/09                   5       23

5/27/2009  North Korea preparing to fire missiles from west coast: source
North Korea detonated a nuclear device on Monday and has since fired five short-range missiles off its east coast
(Yonhap News)
posted: 5/27/09                   4       30

5/27/2009  North Korea Threatens Armed Strike, End to Armistice
threatened a military response to South Korean participation in a U.S.-led program to seize weapons of mass destruction
posted: 5/27/09                   5       24

5/27/2009  North Korea Threatens to Attack US Warships
raising the specter of a naval clash just days after the regime's underground nuclear test
posted: 5/31/09                   5       27

5/27/2009  North Korea: No longer bound by 1953 truce
North Korea threatened military action Wednesday after South Korea joined a U.S.-led effort to limit the trafficking of weapons of mass destruction
posted: 5/27/09                   5       28

5/27/2009  Obama Touts Clean Energy at Nellis AFB (
posted: 5/31/09                   6       23

5/27/2009  OHP Trooper Scuffle Caught On Videotape (News On 6)
posted: 5/28/09                   2       25

5/27/2009  Russia fears Korea conflict could go nuclear
Ifax - Russia is taking security measures as a precaution against the possibility tension over North Korea could escalate into nuclear war
posted: 5/27/09                   4       26

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